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  1. Agree with this comment the red star bay platforms at Chester General were cluttered with Brutes in fact I seem to remember hiding behind several when train spotting in the early seventies as the end of the parcels platform were out of bounds to spotters at that time
  2. Nice bridge I don’t know what you intend for the embankment to the left but I would install two or three culverts within the embankment would make a nice scenic addition
  3. Really coming together now I like the new retaining wall excellent …
  4. Could make a couple of removable cassettes for any short freight workings that you change as the moods take you Andy
  5. Have to say the back scene behind the estuary gives the scene some depth of field Andy excellent
  6. Oh no another freight train to take away any chance of any passenger trains……think the platforms are getting greener by the day …….extra flocking needed Andy I can see those station buildings being boarded up by next week and not a bogcat in sight
  7. See you have a better class of driver than scruffy lot employed by the previous owner nicely turned out complete with a tie must have been the effect of moving Lazy Joe from the site.
  8. Blimey six weeks and your going to hit page 40 !!!!!!!!.
  9. That must be Smuggler Lazy Joe and Captain Cut throat Peters ………..I bet you smuggled plenty of Model Railway contraband into to the POD over the last month …….
  10. Arrrrr the Smuggles Arms ……rum a plenty for those dare brave the ripe tides to land contraband
  11. you know the answer George now the freight bug has totally taken over I think Andy likes his passengers strapped to a pallet so it’s ‘grass’ for the platforms
  12. At today’s timber prices I wonder what it would cost to build that ark today
  13. oh no not another white van man on the road getting in the way of proper truckers
  14. Cracking video Andy really starting to get the Cornish freight scene now. Like the way you have done the control panel switches ie wiring them before setting them into the panel ….crafty bu99er ….must save a lot of fiddling about with the panel board getting tangled with the trailing wires ……not just a handsome face Sir
  15. Wow wow wow what a thread I’ve just spent an hour and a half reading through it and like many others am blown away by the magnificent skill and scale of this project. I have never in all the years that I’ve been on RMweb hit the craftsman/ clever button some many times . I would hate to think of the costs involved but it would be interesting
  16. Evening Mr P sorry to disturb your modelling time .......grumpy .....excellent video update Andy like the signals and the control panel. Interesting the Class 67 start off under load you'll have to explain that as it sounds very real .....keep up the good work
  17. He’s checking out the HP payments on the loan to buy that Andy like most of us are
  18. What a cracking display
  19. Very nice layout / stabling point developing here and as been said green period which isn’t modelled that often. Don’t make apologise for it being another stabling point to many of us locos are the main area of interest and a layout like this shows them off in all their glory
  20. Enjoyed the first running session Andy you really are an amazing person to have things up a running so quickly Not sure that all the modern stuff is quite my thing but that’s just personal , and if we were all like me they’d never be a layout built
  21. You been mixing with the wrong sort George ....again that Peter's fellow from Ampshire To be fair if your hearts not into the subject move on ...NEXT...look forward to be new adventure
  22. More like ‘Spiders from Mars’
  23. Cracking idea George makes sense to me
  24. I bet you got your £60 quids worth of tea and biscuits Mr Peter’s Our happy band of modellers with no subscription for membership are going to the Liverpool Show today and being extremely brave / foolhardy and going by train as it usually a good show . Last show was Glasgow 18 mths ago so looking forward to seeing real live layouts and traders
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