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  1. Last week off for a while so cracking on whilst the sun has disappeared and the rain comes down. The TMD has had a few oil drums and barrels weathered, road numbers added amongst other things. The upper shed has had a pile of hedgerow dumped on top (though not yet stuck down) to give an overgrown look but actually it's to disguise the small gap in the backscene sky join. I've been weathering some stock recently including the old Dapol Mk2D TSOs and BSO, as well as renumbering and weathering a BG NDV today (80710). Just need to do the roof on the BG now. A few images on shed today 50028, 47500, 50020 & 33025 BG 80710 in the stock sidings Hidden round the back of the depot, some non WR traction awaiting removal home for repairs and the like Still waiting for the bricksheet that never comes to re-do the printed retaining walls of the depot. Cheers, Stu
  2. Off next week Ian, then back for 3 weeks in August before another 2 weeks as holidays so would be good to bring a few vacs over to Exford and see how it's all coming along mate. Let me know when you're free or having the next get together. Cheers.
  3. Couldn't resist the new Bachmann 117 in Blue/Grey. L426 has arrived. Never know if they will sell out and become rare and more expensive so took the plunge whilst stocks are good. Have to say I am very impressed with this model, although coupling the thing up and getting it on the rails was a mission in itself, eventually done upside down in the six foot to get the pin couplings aligned properly which connect the internal lighting. Just couldnt seem to get along with the coupling assistance tool but now it's on the rails I won't be removing it again, maybe to detail the fronts and remove the couplings. I now have a Bachmann 117, Dapol 121 , with the Heljan DPU 128 in the DMU fleet as well as the old Lima 117 which will be semi retired now. L426 on running in turn The new DMU order on Acton Green out in force Cheers, Stu
  4. Not much to report the last 4 weeks or so. But I'm going to be back in the garage this week and hoping to have a new arrival on the rails although I don't know how long it will be before my brick sheets arrive. Will be back on next week after some work has been done.
  5. Nearly the end of another round of furlough and most of the TMD is now done. All of the passenger services for the timetable have been added although I don't have headcodes for all of the HST services or any of the DMU ones. The sidings ballast is currently drying. Still waiting on brick sheets to finish the scenics, but some mountboard has arrived courtesy of Mrs.P visiting hobbycraft yesterday so I can complete the shed roof. A few photo's this time no loco's but just of the empty TMD section. You can see the storage roads for Acton Green beneath in this shot. Cheers, Stu
  6. Went up in the loft and retrieved the last remnants of the used flexible track from Westquay which has been cleaned and painted ready to be laid to finish the sidings on the TMD. On a heavier note my brain is fried as I have decided to put together the passenger timetable for Acton Green as planned for the Summer 1987 timetable period, with loco diagrams (but by gum not for HSTs or DMUs as don't have the diagram data and don't own enough stock ! ) 2 days spent rummaging through the BR Passenger timetable which has seen better days and is missing a critical page from Table 116 and from Table 135 although I have enough data to piece together the missing HST workings I think. Split in to 3 sections, (Mon-Fri, SO and SUN) the spreadsheet is growing. So far I have all HST and Loco Hauled passenger workings for all days, as well as DMU workings on the Down line for Mon-Fri. When it's finished I will post a copy of the spreadsheet if anyone's interested. As a bit of licence I have moved some of the Ealing Broadway to Greenford services to start at Acton Green, just those that leave at xx:25 and will do the same on the return trips. Don't know if I'll ever run a full day but my idea is that if I have a working TT I can dip in and out some hours when the trains are run. Hope to have more pics of the TMD in next day or two once final tracklaying is done. Cheers, Stu
  7. Whilst tidying up the garage yesterday I came across a box which had a strip of backscene from Westquay rolled up inside it. Almost enough to cut down and use as a backdrop for the TMD, just a gap to fill above the shed which I'm sure I can construct something to hide or paint the join. As there's no sign of the materials for the retaining walls yet I've decided to make the backdrop a little more rural even though the TMD is set at the London end. Just waiting for some more track to lay and complete the last 2 sidings now. I also have finished the fuel office and added a little bit of growth to the open area where the depot emerges from the scenic break. Added another few bits to the TMD roof as well. For the large retaining wall by the fuel point I will use the printed brickwork I made for now, with a view to covering with the Wills brickwork when it arrives. A couple of pics of the recent efforts 50024 about to go on the fueller Morning duties awaited for a small stable of locos today Aerial view of pretty much the whole TMD layout Meanwhile on Acton Green after many trains yesterday a quiet morning. 33004 has replaced the 31 on station/yard pilot duties. I'm hopefully off to the loft later to find the old Summer 1987 timetable so I can start updating the times the UP passenger services would be due through Acton. Cheers, Stu
  8. Coming along very nicely mate. Hope the Z21 programming all goes well, looks like you've got it covered Cheers, Stu
  9. It's looking good Rob. I like the pipework from the tanks. Looking forward to seeing 31413 when she's done too. Cheers, Stu
  10. Right then. Lockdown savings duly spent now. First job was to get a 6 function Imperium decoder for the new 121. This is now running so much better at slow speeds and has full lighting functionality so very happy on that front. Also I couldn't resist to purchase 33025 from Kernow with an ESU Loksound v5.0 SWD Sound decoder. I know it's the old Heljan body but it will do for me and my layout. This evening I finished off lightly weathering the bits of the white roof that have not been done at the factory to give it a better look. I also managed to fit the small speaker in to the top of the loco body behind the No.1 cab so no need for drilling and soldering. Getting used to the many sound functions although a fault with my Prodigy unit (from birth) has been no shift functions so only have f1 to f9 for now. Also got a Mk2A FK and Mk1 BSK in NSE Livery and another Blue/Grey Mark 2A TSO so have a nice "NSE" rake for the Padd-Oxfords. I've also nearly finished the fuel tanks for the fueller and have a new hut under construction. A few pics. A nicely running and lit 121 W55020 on a Slough-Paddington service The new kid in town on the fuel point with its sister loco. W55991 and a few vacs on shed The fuel tanks from the air. The hut will be situated in front of these. Cheers, Stu
  11. Progress on the fuelling point so far. Structures similar to the Bachmann Kit I have on the main layout, but all made from old bits of card, plastic strip, copper pipe, wood and a bit of Wills corrugated sheet. Not the best pics but it's coming along. Need to finish off the fuel hut and storage tanks now. Fuel point has dual fuel points for 2 locos if needed. Cheers, Stu
  12. Hi Rob, Sorry to hear there's not likely to be a job to go back to. My company is running furlough teams doing 3 weeks on/off at a time so I hope as the year goes on there is still a job in the future for me. It's been a bit of fun having some time to do some modelling as supplies have been limited I'm glad I never chucked out the offcuts box for sure !! Hope things pan out OK mate. Cheers, Stu
  13. Some ballast has arrived this week enabling me to complete the ballasting of the lower level of the TMD. Just need to grime up the 4 foot on the last lines down there now. I've also been continuing painfully slowly with the TMD roof and also started a template to scratchbuild a fuel point, but to be honest once the weather turned this week and being back on furlough , just ran a few trains around Acton Green. Which can be a terrible thing as it gives me too much time to think and contemplate things, but for now I'm pressing ahead whilst there is plenty to still do on this layout. I've always loved trying to run realistic operations to timetables and diagrams, which for a layout like this is just not feasible due to the sheer amount of stock (and storage roads !!) that would be needed. Some of the older loco's I hard wired are beginning to show their age so have been consigned to the stored unserviceable (U) back of the cupboard. Also not particularly impressed with the new 121 but until I can get a 5 function decoder holding court on whether its the DCC chip or the Dapol motor. So the operational fleet is dwindling and in need of reinforcements. So to keep me going at the moment I am putting together the data for loco hauled services that ran into/out of Paddington in the Summer 1987 timetable (and believe me I was on plenty of them) so I know what the diagram requirements would be to run full days timetable of Loco hauled services. Of course HST, DMU, Freight and possibly Parcels would be ad-hoc. Hope to have some more pics of the TMD later Cheers, Stu
  14. I guess so. LOL. That reminded me of something I did once also. Just looked it up in one of my books. March 17th 1987 must have done a 17 to Reading West to do 50043 on the 06:50 Westbury-Padd from reading West to Reading then a 33 back to school !! Was my first recorded run behind 43 as well.
  15. Cheers Western Aviator. They were good old days. Often I'd leg it home from school , get changed and jump on either the 17 or 33 in to town. If I had the money I'd jump on the 16:00 Oxford-Padd (if it was a Vac of course) to see what Old Oak was turning out on the commuters.
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