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  1. Good evening all Little bit of help/advice required My dad picked up a second hand Hornby black 5 at a swapmeet. It is the latest release of 44871 in plain black. we have the separate brake rigging for it but we have no cylinder drain cocks. Question 1: Are they supplied with them fitted or as extras? Question 2: Judging by the lack of mounting holes in the bottom of the cylinders were there any to be fitted at all in the first place? Question 3: if there never were any in the first place is there anybody who produces such things? many thanks for your help
  2. Many thanks for all your suggestions people some interesting stuff to think about Matt
  3. Good evening all I have been away from modelling for a good number of years (Apart from the occasional purchase that sits on the shelf not doing much) I have finally got time, space and a tiny amount of disposable income and have laid the foundations of a small shunters only layout. Part of this layout is a small 2 road shed area with a pit on one road and plain line on the other. I want to create a concrete hardstanding for the whole area including shed apron. However being at least 10 years out of touch not sure of the best way to go about it. I do know im reluctant to use filler because ill make an almighty mess. Im also not a completely authentic kind of person and im not looking to exhibit the layout so anything functional will do for me. any and all help appreciated Matt
  4. Hi people Ive just aquired an old bachman 03 which was reputed to be dead, however following a thorough motor cleaning and oiling round the chasis, with a bit of running in it seems to have alot of life in it yet. I bought it more out of boredom and fancied a bit of a project. body wise its not brilliant but more than salvageable. its been renumbered 03073 on one side (hense my interest as this is the loco i regularly drive at Crewe Heritage Centre) I want to restore it to 03073s early 90's condition with red buffer beams, red rods, and cast double arrows on the side. So here are my questions its missing amongst other things an air tank off the front of the cab, air horns, and a futher cast double arrow on the other side yet to be renumbered. Does anyone know where to obtain replacements? doesnt matter if they are white metal, resin or brass. Also the original bachman model never had an exhauster box on the right hand side, does anyone know if anyone makes one? many thanks in advance Matt
  5. As a visitor/staff its actually quite off putting and i firmly believe sound is fine at home but not on the exhibition circuit. Several shows I have been to recently have had issues, the halls/rooms where the layouts are are noisy enough with people milling chatting and enjoying the show. Several operators who have sound are forced to turn the sounds up on there layouts, this in turn forces people to talk louder, so the operators turn up the volume even more . . . . . . . and so it goes on. Also with more and more depot layouts making it on to the exhibition circuit having 20-30 diesel engines all sat there idling makes quite a racket. Its probably not a problem at the NEC but in small school rooms/village halls and the like it does create problems. Certainly at the exhibition that I help out at every year the organisers have already placed a no DCC sound rule. Now of course im the first to say what an innovation sound is and I quite like it on my stuff at home (the wife is another matter) but when you walk into a room with 6 depot layouts and more than 60 engines all idling at once, it does get a bit repetative
  6. Actually I beg to differ on that. 08934 (former works shunter now owned by HNRC) was given a full top end overhaul in 2003 and technically the last "locomotive" to have attention at the works was ironically the CO-BO at the works open weekend in 2005. It underwent a bogie lift and had some attention.
  7. Crewe Works you are correct didnt have 25kv supplies. However there was/is still a 25kv test pen situated outside the front of 10 shop (errecting shop). It could only be accessed from the Traverse. It is long enough to accomodate 2 electric locomotives and served the purpose of load banking the locomotives before they left the works complex. Staple motive power around the works at that time were the 08s some privately owned by BREL/Adtranz/Bombardier (and the many other companies who have owned the works.) Could be an interesting diorama in its own right, pLenty of small brick buildings containing the test equipment as well as a larger one for the substation. Its surrounded by a high security fence and gated. Plenty of warning signs and of course has a length of OLE. These days i believe its used to store whats left of the works internal user wagon fleet. I may possibly be able to persuade my contact who works in the works to get some photos of it. PM me if interested
  8. Have you intentionally left out the ETH jumpers?
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