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  1. ovbulleid

    New Hornby Rocket

    Can anyone confirm- was Rocket a one-off design or were others made in the class? I was wondering about the feasibility of renaming one to a sister engine if they existed.
  2. I’m planning on going for the Youchoos offering on a MX659 chip https://www.youchoos.co.uk/Index-Shop.php?L1=Project&Item=BRJ94
  3. You might struggle to see but this is 195 hauling my not inconsiderable train of LMR wagons. It had about an hour each way of running in then I chipped it. What does this have which it’s predecessors doesn’t? A next 18 socket hidden behind the smoke box door which extends to maybe 2/3 of the water tank, I was worried about space before but I’ll comfortably get a sound chip and stay alive in there- there’s wires to the bunker for a speaker (like the O2 and others). I’ve put off chilling my Hornby austerities as I know how hard they will be to get sound in, this has it designed in from day 1. I’d be tempted to say that the others are high standard toy trains, whereas this is a good model. Hornby’s offering is good, but it really belongs in the railroad section now.
  4. I was going to start a ‘now we know who to pester, can you make your next Ltd Ed the following...’. However it’s much more fun looking at the stock page on Chris’s website and seeing what is on there which isn’t RTR: Ironclad carriages LSWR H16 WD 2-10-0 (guaranteed at least one LMR version) Urie G16 Marsh I3 Billington K Maunsell Z so which can we expect to be announced first.....
  5. Has anyone taken a look ‘under the bonnet’ to see if the fitting of DCC (or even sound) would be possible?
  6. Hi All i recently came across this item on eBay but decided not to pursue it: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254642969026 I searched for the website online but only came across this link: Does anyone know what else they do and whether they are still trading? Many thanks
  7. Should I assume from the lack of recruitment on this forum that there will be no series 3 of GMRC later this year? Given it would have been filming at the moment, it looks like the next series will have to wait until the autumn of 2021.
  8. At the rush the best bet would be a SECR C class sound file, as they have the same designer and nearly same size cylinders. I’m sure the manufacturers of sound files will create one by combining the sound files for the N, H and C classes (which of course have all been taken from live recordings).
  9. Also if Heljan and RoS pull this off I think it won’t just win diesel/ electric model of the year, but herald a new interest in pre-1947 d&e traction and railcars in the same way the Beattie well tank kick-started all the manufacturers to produce more small take engines. All of the big 4 and most of the pre-grouping had them, just with varying degrees of success
  10. I’ve got 3171 on order now to go with my J72 and G5. How are Heljan preparing it for DCC operation- will it have a socket and space for a speaker? With such large windows it is crying out for passengers and a driver to be fitted. Can anyone confirm whether the trailer was painted in NER maroon or the same Carmine and custard of the autocar? From a brand perspective I’d have expected the NER to paint them to match.
  11. ovbulleid


    Does anyone know what work would be required to backdate one of these into an NER T2? I wouldn’t plan to repaint one into NER green (I thought their freight engines were black anyway), just want to know what would be required beyond renunbering and rebranding.
  12. Many thanks to you both as you’re correct they are Pressfix. Just getting to grips with the process, it would have been nice if they supplied more ‘guard’ and ‘luggage’ signs, but I should have started with the numbers I guess. Final question- are pressfix strong enough to weather and varnish? Many thanks
  13. Hi All I’m nearly finished with my Ratio Bogie B van so it can (incorrectly) run as a tool can with my crane but I’ve hit a snag. The pack of transfers which came with it I assumed acted like normal transfers in that I skied them in water and they would separate from their backing paper. However this didn’t happen despite me leaving one in for an hour. Can anyone advise where I’m going wrong? I was going to use my HMRS sheet but they don’t have the right words in the gold font. Thanks Oli
  14. Does anyone know if the Southern used Borail wagons with cranes for placing loads on? If so I’ll make a train for mine using a Cambrian kit and a Ratio Bogie B utility van. Ps- when typing Borail in with my phone, the only alternative word my phone could think it was was Anorak. Clearly Apple bias against railways!
  15. While these engines are undoubtedly stunning examples of what can now be achieved in OO, I felt that none of them appealed to me as a pre-nationalisation modeller. One quasi-accurate GWR option wasn’t going to appeal to everyone, so when half the engines belonged to nationalised industries they were doomed to gain many admirers and fewer buyers. Hornby’s model of releasing 3-4 per year might have helped create a sense of urgency in buyers rather than flooding the market in one go.
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