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  1. I use one of these magnifying LED lamps from Machine Mart. It's ok I happened on an ex display one at a bargain price! I don't use the magnifier and if I try the lid keeps flapping closed at the wrong moment! - https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-sam127-desk-mounted-magnifying-led-lamp/ Curious to see what others use... Ralf
  2. So very little to report, I'm ordered SEEP point motors and Peco points from Hattons but the Peco points are out of stock and on back order - and were most places I looked so that's a waiting game. On with the Scalescenes warehouse but blimey cutting these joists out of 2mm greyboard was an epic task! - Not that it looks it now they're done! One thing I have learnt - cut the first cut through the sticky covering label with a very sharp scalpel then use the snap off knife to motor through the greyboard it saves the label wrinkling up slightly which it does when hacked at with a less then 100% new wider snap off blade... Cheers Ralf
  3. Looks like very enthralling viewing, looking forward to some updates! Cheers Ralf
  4. So enough procrastination and stalled progress, I don't think as my first serious layout I'm going to battle and go down the PCB custom track route... Partially I leapt into PCB because I thought I could / would during lockdown and because it allows so much flexibility in design... - BUT the stark truth is that my slightly increased modelling time has resulted in almost no track work being done in 3 months only excuses being made and fears not being challenged and I've millions of other things to tackle, learn and deal with. Also I realised tonight that actually short radius Peco can be used and almost straight away fits the track plan with very little messing - see below, so that's probably the final nail in the coffin so PCB track - this time.
  5. So here goes - yet more progress. Slight problem with the water tank, 99.9% certain my fault esp as I had some kit bits left over which I've omitted to photograph. Doesn't matter all fits now and left hand door and internal wall have been cut out so it's currently floating loose pending re-glueing in place. Except doors both structures now complete. I really ought to think about some track building but then that's way out of my comfort zone and don't really want to venture down that road but it need doing eventually!
  6. So here's how it's coming on - slowly but surely! The doorways are definitely in the wrong place, I suspect I will crudely hack the door into supposedly being those trifold ones that fold flat against the wall... Thus enlarging the doorways!
  7. Structure C - about finished and in approx position on the layout... Then it's on to Structure A which seems much simpler - which I suppose it is without the openings and hoist to worry about... Quite rapid progress laminating the main structural bits - which isn't very evident in the photo never mind! Structure A is the corner one that sits behind Structure C and against the back scene, so once that's done I'll know where Structure C sits and what needs thinking about re: lining up the doors and the trackplan! Cheers Ralf
  8. National Library Scotland - https://maps.nls.uk similar to Old Maps but includes older stuff and more of it AFAIK, although I've never worked out where to find what... Ralf
  9. Hi Bit more info, do remember the trains are (were for sure) operated that the empties were propelled into the docks as 1 long rake, the loaded wagons return split into shorter trips due to their weight... In 2009 the main road crossing has automatic full barriers on one side and a man in orange walking in-front of the loco on the other. Here's some photos of D3871 / 08704 shunting working the train all taken from public places in 2009. I have more of 09022 taken in 2016 and 2018 which I sadly cannot share online. Cheers Ralf
  10. There's the main road level crossing which I doubt would yield any photographs up to much and then the dock embankment which on one side you can view the level crossing then looking over the harbour the swing-bridge. There's nice side on shots to be had with the stump in the background... Not been for a couple of years mind you... Ralf
  11. Some more progress on my mirrored version of Structure C... Not a lot to report except the windows in the hoist were rather problematic due to my own stupidity! First attempt I put them in without the sills, second time the sills were on the tops of the windows (thankfully everything is on sticky labels not glued so it peeled off ok), third time sills correct but incorrect windows used, forth time lucky! Phew got away with it... Must pay more attention! The roof tiling has also been done but isn't pictured here - next time don't worry! Ralf
  12. A smidge more progress with the kit, I'm sure I've printed some sheets more than twice already - the usual way round and mirrored, of course reading the labels for the parts etc isn't simple and having multiples of some sheets lying around the bench is just untidy and things get overlooked. Next time I'll print the whole shooting match mirrored and be done with it! Purchased some clamps t'other day and aren't they handy! What did I do before... Cheers Ralf
  13. So actually more progress to report, I admit I had some of the kit glued up before I quite realised in concept how the structure was going together and what needed reversed, but thanks to my Mac having a very simple 'flip horizontal' option on printing (from the Preview app) PDF's a couple of reprinted sheets and it's getting there - although as you can see the front is simply propped up for now! The doorways etc under the building may need some adjusting although I had only planned on using the left hand (as you look at my model) aperture but thinking that's not the way forward... So who knows what'll happen tomorrow... Ralf
  14. Yes that'd be a cunning plan, it allows a limitless extension to the loop without really altering the plan but having kinda moved away from the Rice theme and layout I shall persevere as planned (he says). Meanwhile I've been very busy making the most of the sun photographing wildlife rather than actually doing any modelling, but with imending less sunny weather to occupy my time it's Scalescenes Canal Wharf Box File Kit Structures A & C building time... C being the scenic break on the right hand end of the layout - except it's designed for the left hand end of a layout but surely it cannot be difficult! (ha ha ha! Keep your eyes peeled folks!) Here's structure C, printed on A4 labels and stuck onto card of the relevant thicknesses... Ralf
  15. Which one did you plump for and why? - Be as brief as you like I don't want to hijack this into an airbrush thread but I'm persuading myself it won't be a nightmare and actually I could do with one... Ta Ralf
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