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  1. Looks like a fab project I shall be following. How did you simulate the concrete roughcast? It looks bang on IMHO.... Ralf
  2. A very nice lamp it looks too! Certainly looks the part and does the job! Ralf
  3. Well I've got an worn out dart board and a circular Lindt chocolate box of similar diameter and a couple of Ruston 48DS's, I wonder what I might create!! Ralf
  4. Hi Folks, Getting back into modelling and using 3mm / Finescale Sprat & Winkle couplings and have a couple of questions... - Why do they use both 26swg Nickel Silver Wire and 28swg Brass Wire?? Going to buy some straight wire to make staples but surely 1 type of wire would do? - Planning on making a jig to improve consistency like this one (see link) - any thoughts / feedback / tips on jigs... https://cpineroad.blogspot.com/2017/03/sprat-winkle-coupling-jig.html and presumably also need a fitted height checker like the one Phil Parker has here: http://philsworkbench.blogspot.com/2019/03/fitting-sprat-winkle-couplings.html Many thanks Ralf
  5. Give us a clue to the date? Have tried the railways website but no 2020 dates yet... Keen to see this and BSC River Don Works in the flesh! Ta Ralf
  6. Thanks Mike, still couldn't get plenty of them in and eventually when it slipped or the crimp bent started ripping droppers off! Found a couple of Scotch Lock types knocking around - more en route! Ralf
  7. I’d love to give it a good home if it’s still available.... ta Ralf
  8. Some slow progress made, 1 set of points and 2 sidings relayed just awaiting some glue but all done electrically. But why is it every surface available soon looks like this: And I never knew that any Germany breweries got Ruston 48DS's!! lol
  9. Hi Folks, Dusted off the remains of an Express Models Solder Free DCC wiring kit - (see link https://www.expressmodels.co.uk/catalogue/dcc-no-solder-power-bus-kit/dcc-no-solder-power-bus-kit-detail ) for rewiring and relaying my HO layout https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/150385-uerdinger-modernising-erdinger-cm-sept-2014/ BUT I'm having problems... Namely getting the Crimp Blades into the Blade Splices... Even if I try them and 'wear them in' a bit before installation by the time they're upside down under the board no amount of swearing, cursing etc etc gets the beggars in - well some go in but only maybe 50/50... What am I doing wrong? What can I use instead? I love the idea but just cannot force the crimp blades in and believe me I'm trying pretty hard - I wouldn't describe myself as having little power / grip in my hands.... Many thanks Ralf
  10. Rather that than my tart smelling like a warehouse... (no matter the sort of tart)... Liking the look of the warehouse @DanielB have been tempted with the warehouse kit myself but think I'll stick with SMS laser cut affairs. Ralf
  11. Hi Folks, Having a clear out of accumulated junk treasure and mainly putting it on Ebay but here's something someone here might want but I don't know what it is... Its obviously a coach kit (½ a GWR B-Set maybe?) that's been started by my father I'd think at least 35-40 years ago. Some seats loose, 1 bogie frame broken in two - see pics. In later pics I've placed seats, vestibule etc in approx position to show what's what. The first pic is literally the bits you'll receive. Any questions please ask but it's free to a good home if someone is willing to collect from central Derby or PayPal me £2.90 for postage... First come first served be it via PM or reply here. Thanks Ralf
  12. Hi All, Have leapt into the world of actually doing some modelling during my recent Cake Box - see below: I've decided to uncover and progress with my HO German layout Erdinger which was built by Roger Nicholls and I purchased at Derby Exhibition in 2015. It has since lain dormant after some half hearted attempts to convert point operation from the rear to the front of the layout. Also the removal of the over centre spring for tortoise operation but this wasn't pursued and ruined the reliabillity of the Code 100 Switch blade electrical connection... So the layout was left in a corner and abandoned. Well not any more, actual serious modelling has begun and with no current project now the cakebox is done it's time to modernise Erdinger - which will be getting: Code 75 Electrofrog points with tortoise motors DCC Opperation S&W Couplings Maybe some hand built track A new name (Urdinger - as in the railbus and gin brand) to differentiate from the original layout which none of which was my own work and the upgraded / bodged around with by me layout!) Who knows what else will occur / happen / change on the journey but thought I'd start a thread to share with you my trials and tribulations of the track re-laying. The project is being regarded as a practise / training run for a 70s UK quarry at some far off point but for now here goes... Of course each section / building / element will potentially altered / modified / upgraded, trying to view the project as tiny jobs that don't ruin the whole layout I can just chip-away at it slowly... Thanks Ralf This highlights the differences between Code 100 and 75... Seeing as the sidings will need droppers adding to the track it was decided to lift them and re-lay rather than regret packing the Code 75 up with card at a later date... The pair of Y points behind the signal box will be replaced with a single slip which is a little shorter but much easier for DCC operation... A quick play with an Exactoscale insulating rail joiner - before the rail ends were cleaned up (well it hasn't happened yet but it will)
  13. Thanks Kevin, had submitted my rambling words and a final photographs to Phil for the competition. The loco never did get it's handrails! Ralf
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