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  1. Progress hampered by the fact I need to re-assemble my Vee with the Wing Rails however my 0.4mm Copper Clad PCB from a popular internet auction site is actually 1.5mm so procrastinating over that currently, if to go ahead and try and cut strips of that, or wait until the postman brings me the correct stuff. Hmmmm Ralf
  2. So where has the time gone? Anyway, work bench expanded greatly and lots of Hobbyzone storage constricted and I've been shopping with the Scale Four Soc and ModelU... So work has recommenced making amends this time and including having a set in the curved stock rail which I think I've got shaped pretty accurately - much easier on a duplicate template without the timbering sat on it! So straight stock-rail in place, next it's the crossing vee and the curved stock rail. Thanks Ralf
  3. It strikes me that actually I could remove the BR line and 'simply' have the line to the exchange sidings without the LH rear exit which would save a fiddle yard / stick, brake van issues and those cumbersome BR locos... Then move the engine shed to the back left corner and provide two roads of accommodation, which means it's further justification to have locos sitting around to admire! Regarding shunting through the washery I plan to shove them through by hand or possibly hidden locomotive - either way it'll be an attempt at modelling gravity / rope / capston movement. Somehow my imagination doesn't allow gravity to be used through the washery, how were wagons stopped reasonably precisely - although I suppose you're only moving a wagon length at a time... I shall try playing around with bits of card as Gordon suggests and see how I get on. I don't think I do, was firmly planning on mixed Steam & Diesel NCB - BUT I'm open to being tempted if you've any stunningly suitable prototypes please do share them here or by PM... OR I could create something suitable for pre-grouping prototypical operation and then I can always run NCB era stock - after all Rule 1* will apply... (* it's my train set etc etc) Many thanks for all the input folks... Ralf
  4. Ok, thanks for all the responses folks, so I've misplaced my memory stick to transfer files from my windows laptop (Templot only) to my Mac, never mind I've bodged the plan around badly in a word processor to try and modify things more in line with the suggestions / comments above. I've taken the idea Ruston proposed about this being the end of the BR line and the associated exchange sidings, the loco shed has swapped sides and will be squashed in with the pit prop yard, the washery enlarged to use 4 roads. As I know see things it seems to work and wagons can be weighed using a single weigh bridge on arrival into the washery yard and again on their return to the BR exchange sidings. How's it looking? I know there's a strange kink on the arrival to the BR Sidings that's just poor editing, the next proper Templot version will not have that 'feature'. Many thanks Ralf
  5. You can't have too many Industrial locos - can you? I'd go for two... Ralf
  6. Thanks all, some early responses and an upgraded plan below to try and clarify things... Yes I think so, not massively familiar with the prototype but think I agree he says reaching for "Modelling aspects of the coal industry Vol 1& 2"... Ah, no that's a very good point (parking loads and empties), loads would be simply infront of the washery as shown on the plan. Empties vanish off scene down the headhunt to re-appear as loaded wagons through the washery. Apologies it wasn't obvious (except to me) the washery IS run through with wagons appearing from the RH side as presented - see much improved / clarified plan below. Ah, now there's a challenge or a reason to attempt something else for my first serious venture into actually modelling! Many thanks Ralf
  7. Hi all, Have been thinking and sketching and sketching and thinking for a while now about colliery layouts and never really being happy with anything I've either found prototypically or dreamt up / tweaked or fiddled with then I was re-reading Ian Rice's errrr Book (I forget which one) whose style I do find very appealing and there was his take on a small Colliery layout... I've broadly re-created it in Templot using for OO-SF with 1:6 GWR old-type 9ft heel switches and it fits broadly into a space of 2 ½ x 6ft, planned train lengths are loco + 10 x 16 ton Minerals and a Brake Van (to be left in exchange siding. Has anyone got any wise words they'd like to share with me regarding the plan below, any glaring prototypical problems - I know Rice warns of modelling the model (so doubt he has) but you never know... Seems that in a larger space than I'd planned I can have lots and lots of operating potential and somewhere to play with my ever growing fleet of industrials. Planning on modelling it in South Wales around 1980... A recent trip to big pit (during which I was astonished by it's smallness) will certainly be a contributing factor to the yet unexplored NG elements. Thanks Ralf
  8. Crickey that's some 'mock up' of the Youth Hostel! My mock ups tend me be far far far more basic! Good luck with those figures! Ralf
  9. Fab many thanks, I seem to have a bag full on their way! Out of curiosity I had a look at how much the scale difference would make as I had no idea but suspected it'd be imperceptible... The results 6ft person in 1:76 = 24.1mm tall, same person in 1:75 would be 24.4mm so the ones I've bought will be strictly speaking taller than they should be but not by any appreciable margin! Thanks for the tip-off! Ralf
  10. Fantastic work, I'm impressed! Where did you source your figures from? - Don't say China! Have looked at a certain internet auction site without finding anything as cheap nor all standing up... Look really good painted I'm very impressed. Thanks Ralf
  11. Like the look of this and tempted with something similar myself, are you 'knocking through' between the two box files or having a scenic break? Also what about the front of the boxes? Think the earth / ash base would be more suited to your time frame. Keep it up Ralf
  12. My fault I think guys… SO what I was trying to say is this: On the diverging road the roller gauge and with a little persuasion a 1mm plasticard shim runs through - NO PROBLEM. On the straight road the roller gauge sticks as shown below - the 'flange' being c0.88mm on the gauge, whereas my 1mm shim of plasticard sticks much much earlier… Sadly they're not taking orders or reading e-mails from 3rd June - 15th July - anywhere else stock them? Have tried the re-opened EMGS Store but no luck there. Think I'd best go and buy some more chairs and soon try again using the knowledge gained here to my second one which will include making my own crossing and wing rails then I can only blame myself for the shortcomings! Many thanks Ralf
  13. Thank you Martin, you're right about filing both sides although I had no intention of doing so - but at least I've only done it on one blade! DOH! Your quite right about the 'set' too, diagrams make perfect sense thank you. Any simple bodge - guessing it's possible by releasing the chairs on the toe end of the curved stock rail and employing some pliers? Or indeed filing the profile away edge of the stock rail. The insulating fishplates are Marcway insulating rail joiner chopped down as they're very long and fowl the chairs otherwise. The common crossing was included in a OO-SF B6 kit. A slice of 40 thou plasticard (1.016mm) will pass through between the common crossing and the wing rail on the diverging road but not on the straight road. So something seems slightly awry…
  14. Hi all, No news from Phil @ C&L re: missing points blades but have been successfully to Marcway and armed myself with lots of bits and bobs for adventures in PCB turnout manufacture but of course a quantity of rail too. So having read what Mr Rice has to say on the subject managed to produce two adequate looking point blades (adequate IMHO) and have mostly finished this turnout. Thank heavens though I invested in 3 Valorbe 6" files - bliss! I never knew that's how easy filing was supposed to be. Check rail bends were unexpectedly easy having cut too far through with the razor saw but never mind. The only issue I'm having is the roller gauge is tight between the common crossing and the wing rail when going straight ahead through the turnout - see later pictures which is where the roller sticks. I've only tried 2 random Bachmann wagon wheel sets - 1 fine, 1 won't go at all! Having played with my digital vernier it's more like 0.7mm flangeway rather than 1.0mm I think I was aiming at. BUT as it's C&L silver soldered one it pains me to alter it. Any thoughts anyone? For now I think I shall finish off the slides chairs, tidy up the check rails etc and most likely move on to a Marcway style turnout until I can somehow choose and determine a master wheelset / wagon to try with...
  15. Thanks for the input folks, wing rails trimmed and tidied up. Have also glued the toe toe end and curved stick rail at both ends being happy with its alignment. Maybe I haven’t yet seen the pitfall but it felt like progress. Check rails have been cut and will be fitted and shaped next time. Then it’ll be switch blades time once either Phil has got back to me or I’ll been back to Marcway during their revised opening hours! Thanks Ralf
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