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  1. Firstly I'm very impressed and encouraged to try... Secondly why is it leaking AC through to the track, is it intrinsic to the design or what? I'm mostly useless with electricity so please keep it simple! Thanks for the inspiration to try, in awe... Ralf
  2. Now there's quite a plan! If I wasn't over committed with project I'd jump at a 3 sided 4ft x 2ft excuse for a layout... Where is the plan from? Can we see the text referred too? I'm eager and curious but I must remember this could only be a pipe dream... Keep up the thinking! Ralf
  3. Now there's a question, AFAIK and I've been into the yard during cab rides etc from the cement works it's operated by the cement company and NR locos come in to do their work - ie collect and deposit trains... All overseen by the NR Signalbox I think the branch radios for permission to enter the yard, guess NR is similar? Ralf
  4. Ah... I'm so glad you're paying attention @SteveyDee68... The way I'm going to cut out a double sized XL Door in the front of the warehouse which if I'm honest I don't think will be large enough to S bend the track through in a suitable manner! Hmmmm yes I see your point, it'll become very obvious when there's not a wagon in the way that the back of the warehouse is feet away... Drat! The nice man from Ikea is coming tomorrow with a giant Kallax unit to free up lots of space and generate much tidiness and efficiency into my modelling area - so have plenty of time to think while I turn the room upside down moving furniture. Cheers Ralf
  5. Crickey me this Scalescenes warehouse is taking me an eternity to build, I love the part that I can re-print, re-place and re-do things unlike with a plastic kit but the time involved is HUGE. Maybe I only get a hour most days but there's seemingly very little to report. More soon hopefully...
  6. How did I miss this layout, awesome stuff, feeling very inspired. Any news @TechnicArrow?? How did you do the infilling? Scalescenes print out on card cut to fit? I've loads to do but was planning on the DAS clay route... Cheers Ralf
  7. Thanks all for the input, the main focus seems to be a) stand up, b) work at a suitable height not just that of the table chosen! I suspect my "work bench" is actually far too big as it's made of two square tables which are 800mm square but about only 800mm from the floor, so I can't easily reach things on the far wall / edge nor is it high enough... Also it's c1600mm wide which is actually more space than required and thus fills with clutter, Cheers Ralf
  8. Hi Folks, Recently have been struggling with my shoulders not enjoying the amount of hunching over my workbench that I've been doing and it's now impacting on life things hurting that shouldn't etc etc... So how do you avoid it? Raising the work surface looks like it'll help but you still need to lean forward over the bench and indeed have it low enough to exert force when cutting for example... All thoughts very welcome - anything to avoid the shoulder pain... Thanks Ralf
  9. Well the Scalescenes warehouse has been extracted from it's box and work has recommenced - trying to make it 3 sections long x ½ section deep, so a whole kit should suffice with bits left over - isn't there always with DIY! Think I'm right saying there's 2 joist joiners per joist one either side but not on the underside? Audio amusement from John Cougar Mellencamp this evening so the session was 4 sides of vinyl long! Cheers Ralf
  10. Thanks Ian, that's certainly worth a look and as I don't get on with using the magnified I could have straight stripes across the lamp... Good point, well made. Sadly that's the way of Iife these days, I just want a new bulb not to chuck away and buy a new one... Think I will try some tape that Ian mentioned, otherwise it's Hello to Mr Amazon! Thanks Ralf
  11. Thanks Kris, I think there's a lot of things I don't know / understand about modern lights etc. I just want to be able to connect 2 wires and have it light up! Any idea either what would happen with no data feed OR how I would find out - short of buying one and trying it! Thanks Ralf
  12. Hi Folks, After around 50% of the LEDs failing in my LED workbench light I want to replace the LED strips - see below. Does anyone know where I'd get something similar if not the same? The segments solder together, there's 48 x 12v LEDs on a strip that's around 12mm wide and 175mm external diameter... I have contacted Clarke with no response and the manual on their website says the item has a fluorescent tube which it clearly doesn't anymore! Had a quick google and not done very well, I suspect if I knew what these items were called I'd succeed... I was amazed googling LH-802-2835 didn't help at all! Thanks Ralf
  13. Hi all, New to the world of motor bogies etc etc and have a kit which is designed around a 26mm wheelbase (max) Tenshodo Spud, but I understand that quiet and slow aren't their biggest strengths... So what options are available for slow reliable running to fit in a similar space? I've had a look around and my options seem, erm, limited... Many thanks Ralf
  14. Looking really good, and don't worry it's not just you procrastinating, most of my modelling time goes that way Ralf
  15. Quite agree, esp 1 of the front left sidings... I wonder could you make some of the warehouse sidings through roads into the edge of the fiddle yard perhaps? Leave other warehouse doors closed and have short sidings but allow the front and rear-most sidings to be far longer and shunt deep into each warehouse? Ralf
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