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  1. Ruston on Cement...
    Peckett B2 - what to do? Layout ideas

    How about doing part of a cement works? Westminster is an actual cement works engine and even comes with APCM logo. You could have a working tippler for incoming coal in 16-T mineral wagons, which adds a lot of interest to operation. Presflos for outgoing cement and various styles of internal use wagons for the carriage of chalk (contractor's type wagons, home-converted tipplers, V-tippers) and flat wagons for the carriage of bagged cement. If you use internal use tipplers for the chalk you could even have a working tippler to unload them.


    Have the scenic section between two fiddle yards with an exit through a chalk tunnel, as per Swanscombe, to the chalk quarry and the other to BR going behind a large building/pipe bridge, whatever. Lots of operating potential, BR and internal traffic, actually shunting for a real purpose, dusty locos... What's not to like?



  2. Weathering 16 Ton
    The R & J Colliery Ltd. 130x45cm cabinet.

    Hi Ed7,



    Depending on the type and amount of rust or corrosion I'm using a 5 or 3 step process.


    39950268813_4e7cfb78d7_b.jpgUsed paints. Ammo / Mig by Robbert Jan., on Flickr


    The wagon shown above is wheathered using the bottles displayed, using them in order from

    right to left, applying the light rust first and working my way towards the darker tones.


    31973948097_301c0f7b0b_b.jpgUsed paints. Ammo / Mig by Robbert Jan., on Flickr


    The color numbers that I used are shown above, these are all Mig / Ammo colors.


    If you do not wat to make the wagons with the amount of rust that I applied but just prefer

    to give them a more subtile look with wheathered spots the light rust colors should not

    be applied and the brown tones will do nicely, applied light to dark that is.


    46968935731_4131a65072_b.jpgBauxite wheathering by Robbert Jan., on Flickr


    Shown above are a couple of Bauxite colored wagons, these do not recieve a rusty look but just

    wheathered on top of the existing wheathering, using just 3 shades of brown rust tones.


    40004350083_9eb23be2c3_b.jpgBauxite wheathering by Robbert Jan., on Flickr


    I've also used one of the brown tones to repaint some wagon sides where the sheet metal was replaced.


    46244655004_7178ee3fac_b.jpgWheathered coal wagons by Robbert Jan., on Flickr


    Using dots and smaller blobs of paint the result will be most satisfying, I've not got a great set of different wagons

    that will look the part on my new layout. (and that is not shown above, this is my Dutch layout without the backscene)


    46244654124_0515bffb85_b.jpgWheathered coal wagons by Robbert Jan., on Flickr


    46244652224_86e53608f9_b.jpgWheathered coal wagons by Robbert Jan., on Flickr



    Hope you enjoy!




    Robbert Jan.





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