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  1. Now resolved though not clear how but in any event worth the wait. Magnificent video with 25 (26?) on around Little Bytham. Worth the subscription for that alone.
  2. Thanks, I have tried that and downloaded a "new" copy and whilst the page order has been corrected, the Hornby Duchess video still isn't playing. I've also tried to view it on my laptop using the Pocketmags App and it wouldn't play that way either. All the other videos play without issue. Can I ask, have you tried to play that video and did it work?
  3. Thanks for the response Debbie but still not working. There doesn't seem to be a way tin the Pocketmags app to delete the faulty copy and download a new version. I've contacted their helpline.
  4. I'm a digital subscriber. There seems to be something wrong with the latest edition. When I play the video on the page next to the "see the Hornby Duchess in action on Little Bytham, it's actually a video of Andy interviewing the Bachmann boys about the Class 47 and when I try to play the video of the "first look at the Bachmann Class 47" I get a message saying video unavailable. Is it just my download that's the problem? How do I fix it? My subscription is thru' pocketmags.
  5. Received mine on Saturday but only got round to running it yesterday evening. All intact and ran beautifully straight out of the box, crawling along at speed step 1 of 128 and negotiated cross overs and reverse curves without hesitation. Factory fitted sound functions all first class tho' I may turn the volume down a little, the turbine sounds like the real thing was parked up on my drive. Absolutely beautiful model in original black and silver livery. With factory fitted sound, this is the most I've ever spent on a single model in 4mm and worth every penny in my opinion. Well done Heljan and Rails of Sheffield. Top job.
  6. I believe I'm correct in saying Maunsell introduced the simplified Wainwright livery soon after his appointment as CME in 1913 and the grey loco livery during the war. The N class was painted grey from introduction in 1917 so it seems to be established practice at least by then. If your entirely plausible analysis holds true then there is a window of opportunity from 1913 to around 1921 when it may have been possible to see all three liveries co existing. On that basis, the median point, say around 1916 / 1917, can reasonably be assumed to offer a higher probability of that beIng the case. My logic may well be flawed but it gives me the justification I need to feel less guilty about ordering all these SECR livery wagons to add to my kit built stock and to run them behind my Wainwright livery locos. Thank you. The irony here is that Maunsell's simplified Wainwright livery isn't available RTR.
  7. So I guess the same argument applies in that situation. Is it possible to suggest a range of dates when each of the Maunsell liveries were introduced and when they disappeared? The sweet spot, of course would be any years when those periods overlapped and you might reasonably have seen Maunsell complex livery alongside Maunsell simple alongside Maunsell grey.
  8. I confess to knowing very little about the history of the SECR and whilst I have joined the excellent SECR Society in an effort to learn more, my motivation is solely to be able to run appropriate stock behind all those lovely Wainwright liveried locos that I've invested so much of the hard earned in. So here's the thing. My understanding is that Maunsell introduced the grey livery during the early years of the war but what I've never been able to find out is how long did it take to repaint the entire locomotive stock, if indeed they ever managed to do so? Given the constraints of wartime, I can quite imagine the two liveries living alongside each other for some little time at least. I have no basis for that fond hope but it would give me the excuse I need. Can anyone educate me?
  9. I am fortunate to have loco crew painted by Claudia and they are superb and amazing value for money but that photographer with the green rucksack with tan leather trim is outstanding. She is super talented.
  10. Have to say mine doesn't look at all like that even under a magnifying glass. It is most "visible" under the fingertip when the texture imparted by the printing process can be felt and underneath where the print lines are very obvious to the eye. Agree the roof could sit better but is easily rectified. All in all, absolutely delighted with this model and looking forward to the others I have on order. Well done Rails and Dapol.
  11. There's no "looks like" about it. The Alexandra (Newport and South Wales) Docks and Railways had two and the Brecon and Merthyr had one handing them over to the GWR and two, Nos 666 and 667 making it to BR ownership. There's some work to do to make the basic model correct for these variants but what a great starting point and made easier again if you are offering detailing parts. Signed up to the Newsletter and will have 3 (tho' sadly, maybe not all at once!) And if they can be converted to P4, a few more. Looking forward to these and wish you every success.
  12. Eileen's Emporium are still listing DC3 sets which have some of the elements but not the all important swan neck, which I find difficult to form successfully (for which read at all!). ...oops! Should have followed the link before, replying.
  13. Eileen's Emporium are still listing DC3 sets which have some of the elements but not the all important swan neck, which I find difficult to form successfully (for which read at all!).
  14. Other than Bill Bedford's comprehensive DC 1 etched set (which I find hard to find, nowadays) can anyone suggest a source for just the swan necks and quadrants? I think ABS did Whitemetal versions in the past but they are rarer than Hen's ( Swan's!) Teeth.
  15. Thanks, both. Apologies for the delay in replying. Couldn't get in here at all yesterday.
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