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  1. There's no "looks like" about it. The Alexandra (Newport and South Wales) Docks and Railways had two and the Brecon and Merthyr had one handing them over to the GWR and two, Nos 666 and 667 making it to BR ownership. There's some work to do to make the basic model correct for these variants but what a great starting point and made easier again if you are offering detailing parts. Signed up to the Newsletter and will have 3 (tho' sadly, maybe not all at once!) And if they can be converted to P4, a few more. Looking forward to these and wish you every success.
  2. Eileen's Emporium are still listing DC3 sets which have some of the elements but not the all important swan neck, which I find difficult to form successfully (for which read at all!). ...oops! Should have followed the link before, replying.
  3. Eileen's Emporium are still listing DC3 sets which have some of the elements but not the all important swan neck, which I find difficult to form successfully (for which read at all!).
  4. Other than Bill Bedford's comprehensive DC 1 etched set (which I find hard to find, nowadays) can anyone suggest a source for just the swan necks and quadrants? I think ABS did Whitemetal versions in the past but they are rarer than Hen's ( Swan's!) Teeth.
  5. Thanks, both. Apologies for the delay in replying. Couldn't get in here at all yesterday.
  6. Graham Just found this thread because, like you in 2017, I am about to build the Hobbytime Mink F I've had in my kit stash for more years than I'm prepared to admit, so would be very interested to hear which solution you adopted and how it went...
  7. Really enjoyed watching this last night after a long stressful day so checked out your other videos which are equally good. Thank you.
  8. Ah, OK. I thought the 2.5 inches reference was significant but to me the datum lines looked the same in both. Must be my ageing eyesight! So in 4mm that's a difference just shy of a millimetre. As I'm still running an original Airfix 61xx - well at least as original as Trigger's broom - I can live with that. Thanks for the explanation.
  9. This is my first read of this thread having been prompted by by an update from Hattons to look first at the thread on Dapol's Prairies and then for comparison here. I've studied this diagram and, apart from the coupling rod being at different places in its rotation, I can't see any difference between the two. I've no doubt you've explained this at some point but I tried to find it and failed. Could you do so again, please? Thanks in anticipation.
  10. Footy

    Bleat Wharf

    Excellent weathering. Particularly like the Brake Van.
  11. Thank you for the clarification. Useful information. I haven't yet bought one of these but intend to because I think they represent very good value for money. Having said that, I recognise their shortcomings and, at the very least will replace the finial and the ladder. I'm then looking forward to a little research to see what else I need to do to get them closer to the prototype.
  12. Apart from the finials, which I agree are disappointing, what are your other concerns?
  13. Full marks to Hattons for listening and responding to their customers by adding new liveries. Trouble is the list could get very long and very expensive for us pre-grouping fans. In that regard how about the Cambrian, Taff Vale, Rhymney, Barry, Brecon and Merthyr? A logical extension - for me at least! - would then be to go 7mm scale, 'coz thanks to Minerva there are, with a little enjoyable modelling to modify them, RTR locos ready and waiting to pull them.
  14. Apologies for the delay in responding but work has been getting in the way of the important things in life. Thank you all for your responses. Good advice all, though I'm not sure I'll need to put the "Pendolino" advice into action. What is clear to me is that there is a demand for more awareness of this subject and given you can read magazine articles or buy books on practically every aspect of this hobby, I'm surprised no one has thought to cover this topic in greater depth. Anyway, thanks again all. I'm off to play with my train set.
  15. Not sure if this is the best forum for this topic but here goes. You can find any number of discussions threads on RMWeb about installing / fixing / modifying sound chips of every type and manufacturer into practically every diesel or steam locomotive ever sold. But having gone to the trouble of fitting sound to a loco, what I would really like to know is how to drive the sounds so that my pride and joy not only looks like the real thing but sounds as though it is working like the real thing. It's all very well turning up the speed control and listening to your favourite loco chuff
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