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  1. Hi Fran I'm not sure if its there on the prototype as light always seems to fall in this area on photos, but is the seam line above the nose side grilles (and it looks like it may continue across the front of the nose in a slight curve in a couple of the photos?) there on the real thing or is it a snagging list issue? Cheers, Phil.
  2. Yes I'd thought about that but I then realised that the OO chip probably wouldn't have the power for an O gauge twin motor loco?
  3. Thanks for all the clarification - much appreciated. Hopefully one day this sound project may become available as it sounds marvellous - the LB Deltic project is superb, but the only other decent option at present for O gauge that I've heard (and tried) is the Howes project, but it just doesn't have the drivability/control that the Legoman project does and it would be good to have more than one decent Deltic sound for O gauge.
  4. I'm wondering/hoping if the Deltic sound project will be made available so we have a second decent sound project for installing in O gauge Deltics?
  5. Many thanks indeed Paul that's very helpful.
  6. Does anyone know if these are the tanks that used to be seen at Kings Cross diesel stabling point in the 1970s/early 80s or would those have been TTAs? Thanks, Phil
  7. Very strange - glad you managed to get hold of one though. Cheers, Phil.
  8. That sounds odd - it was sold out at Heljan some time ago I understand (i.e. sold out in terms of pre-order supplies to retailers) and because of a large number of returns due to the locos shifting in the packaging and causing damage to buffer-beams and other delicate areas (the plinth spec was not what Heljan had specified to their factory apparently and securing bolts have been pulling through the plinth and allowing the loco to move in transit), the blue version is now sold out everywhere I have looked. This applies to the non-refurbished version (3105), not the refurbished version pictured
  9. Thanks Trevor - I was just wondering if he air brushed it or if there was some other method - will drop a comment and see what comes back.
  10. Thanks Trevor that's very useful indeed. I'm guessing this guy gloss varnished the tender and loco before applying decals?
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