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  1. Hi Anthony Well, 1,248 Photo's today (Don't be surprised at that...lol) I have been out to Conwy Station and Castle Area's and the building on Rosehill Street, The Guild Building it's called, as the Information centre told me, I have plenty of photo's for you, that I can upload. I did attempted to beach side the front of the Penmeanmawr Viaduct today, despite being there hour before low tide at 8:34 am (29th February 2020) but I attempted from the Llanfairfechan side, but to rocky and fair bit of rocks to climb across, and humorously slipped 3 times on the Rocks, I felt
  2. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi stovepipe Yes, and it's 370 005 & 370 006 or 370 007 (Built as a Spare) is the running numbers I want most, more than any of the numbers they have released, for the very reason you have stated... the most commonly used. I do hope Hornby release a New Second APT-P Set in 2021 or even announce it before hand, my order would be in ASAP... along with the 48#05 & 48#06 Twin Packs, that would be excellent and then Every Number Released, I just hope they have that in the Pipeline, I guess they will need to see how good or quick the APT-P fly's of the shelves, befo
  3. Is that the name the Class 800/801/802 have been given is it... SNAKES...? Interesting... that's a first for me, but then I don't get them in my neck of the woods... Regards Jamie
  4. Hi SRman Very colourful livery, I like the SWT livery... Looks really smart... How do you find the putting the vinyl overlays on a coach, are they straight forward or can they be a bit of a pain to get right or in the correct place...? Nice Work though... Regards Jamie
  5. Hi, My own Artist impression in adapting my photo, Excuse the crude image of... but the building would have been roughly there... Regards Jamie
  6. Hi Below... is the looking towards second tunnel or Avalanche Tunnel.... Regards Jamie
  7. Hi, The Photo you have uploaded Anthony, the photo below will show where I must be standing within what use to be those buildings... Regards Jamie
  8. I guess, I can possibly take a photo of this area, looking down from the A55, if I walk towards the Viaduct from the end of Penmeanmawr end If I had have done I may have spotted those two bridges much earlier on rather than walk from Llanfairechan end of the A55 as I did, which I will the next time I go for more photos of the Viaduct. Regards Jamie
  9. I couldn't agree more for Anthony braveness and insight to even take on such a project... I just wish WE could fly over and see the layout in person... Yes the Photo's of his work and those Rocks look superb... Anthony... have you been to North Wales many time on Holiday then...?... in order to take on such project and yet alone the distance you are, I think, it is that, that make even more interesting... for you to have the inspiration to take on the project. Regards Jamie
  10. Wow... Anthony... That's picture says it all, I have never come across that photo before, so I was mostly correct in my photos and thinking it was a single road track way of some sort. That building or Two buildings look great, I never knew they ever existed.. funny, though I never said in my posts above, while I was walking towards the second Avalanche tunnel, I did wonder if that was all tracks at one point in time before the flyover aka A55 was constructed or a building of some kind, although I would have gone for Engine or Wagon Sheds, so It been great to see that
  11. Ah Lezz Thanks very kind of you to say, and the information makes good sense to... I have plenty of photo's in the Pipeline, I just hope no one thinks I'm uploading to many lol I took 1300 Photo on Thursday, of Bangor Station and Engine Sheds, Hanson Aggregates of the Mining area and conveyor belts system and includes a fair few In the above photo's I uploaded last night. Thank you for your support in the photo's and in Anthony achieving his dream of the layout he is modelling the area on. Regards Jamie
  12. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi Pete the Elaner Yeah... Lets hope they don't back track (no Pun Intended) on the information they have currently put out, once the results are in on the tests hey... lol Regards Jamie
  13. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi Alan Very Informative Information, the wheels part, explain's it perfectly. However the last part did make me laugh, where you said (assuming Hornby don't make the trailers out of lead).... lol Thanks again Alan Regards Jamie
  14. Hi SRman Thank you for that my friend, I guess they drop under gravity and if they weigh a ton... then, yes they will drop like a lead balloon. Interesting Link on YouTube, that was a great find, to show. Regards Jamie
  15. Hi Lee Which livery came first out of those two Lee...? and do you know how many year of each different type of livery lasted for (Year to Year...etc...)...? Great work...., you always impress me with your detailed work. Regards Jamie
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