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  1. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi All Just a Comparisons of DJM 3D Printing samples VS Hornby 3D Printing samples Hornby 3D Version ABOVE Vs DJ Models 3D Printed APT-P Model BELOW Enjoy and dribble or Enjoy and cry... Hmmm Regards Jamie
  2. Hi Lee Are those Twin Class 13's aka Twin O8's I see behind the Un-Numbers Class O8 or have you just taken the Cab off to fit or amend something...? lol All Great Works that you produce. Regards Jamie
  3. Hi Lee Great Split Headcodes, you can not beat the Split version... always great work and Photos. Regards Jamie
  4. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi Vistisen I remember speaking to Simon aka Mr Hornby at the Hartlepool MRC show back in 2011 and 2012, I was exhibiting for two years and I said about the APT back then and Simon said the plans were already on the table to produce another two extra coaches, I wish now i'd have asked what two was planned, I would like to think it was the TRBS and One of the others TU / TS / TF, but then axed the Real APT a few weeks after and Hornby then cancelled the two extra coaches and to still go ahead with the 5-Car Train Set (Yellow Fronted) and the 5-Car Train Pack (Black Fronted) Only. How much work and money would Simon have saved modellers from having to "Cut & Shut" Four APT coaches to make the Two we wanted on our APT Rake on our layouts hey... sacrilege to the extreme, to buy Four Extra coaches and come out with Two... You Mad lol haha But It obviously not just me that use to tell him my wish lists, I guess Simon aka Mr Hornby must get it everyday at shows from one person or another if happen to get into a conversation with Simon about why not make this or make that for the next year release... He must be glad to get home away from it all when it's your job lol ... Great guy to talk to and a wealth of knowledge on ever Era you talk about, you can tell he as done his home work, he's just to secretive if you ask about whats due out, you ask till the cows come home, I tried bribing him £50 as I was always told money talks, I'm not so sure with Simon, and he as a great Poker Face, you can say that to his face, I did... apart from actually poking Him in His Face lol haha (He's on to much money to tell you anything, was my summery of future releases, I think it was a matter of... I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you... lol He could be the next ManU manager for all we know haha Now that would be another great SHOCK to pull out the bag Simon lol...), even though we would all LOVE to be in His shoes to say what we will have on the drawing board next... PS: I'm not a footy man in anyway when I refer to ManU, other football teams are available, and in the words of Dell Boy, (Only Fools and Horses) "Are you a Legs Man Dell... No, I'm a Naval Man"...! You cant get not better humour than Only Fools and Horses. Regards Jamie
  5. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi Pete the Elaner Yes, I recall seeing it at Crewe in the days of my early teens and I'd be dragged out with my Bro & Sister with my Dad to stand all day in the cold playing on those Blue Mail Trucks with the odd Red One which I'd spend most of my time linking them together, then being told off by some staff guard, Er the good old days hey... I do only ever remember seeing the class 89 in the InterCity Livery and never in any RTC Livery in any form which is why I said I didn't think it was a test loco or if it started out life as one, then I only remember seeing as a normal InterCity Livery loco matching the InterCity coaches at the time, it was that and in GNER Livery who then ran it in to the ground, sadly. Regards Jamie
  6. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi Colin oops stuck in the past enjoying the APT days, I meant 2021, sorry and well spotted... lol Yes, The buffet Car would be nice I just need to see someone adapt the the New Coach when it comes out, either that or slap a MK4 Buffet coach slightly off-centre (as my TRBS) in my Rake of 8 or so of the APT-P Ex-TS Sc48204 aka 977527... I think my Class 89 would be nice to use as it was a type of test train for the Class 90/91 but dont think the class 89 was ever experimental Loco... was it... Hmmm That's a point, I wounder if the Ex-TS coach (APT-U) by Hornby will be NEM socket to enable to link it to other Hornby rolling stock or will it be like the NDM APT-P Centre Power Cars have or the TBF at the One end joining the NDM Coach connection, that will be interesting to see what type of connection the Ex-TU will have... Hmmm I hope Hornby totally Re-Tool the Connection rods between the TBF and NDM Coaches if you ran the Power car on its own the Rod would ping off or snap in two as it got trapped between the sleepers, I'v had to replace a couple of my own APT Bogies sets because of that, now I use a elastic band to hold the rod up towards the roof of the NDM Coach, this happened more so when fitting the DCC Chip in to my APT and happened while testing if all was ok... did anyone else ever have this issue or was that just me...? lol I was like....why god, WHY...!?! lol haha Regards Jamie
  7. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Haha... I've only gone and found some TARTAN PAINT, apparently it comes in two versions, a 1st Class Paint and 2nd Class Paint... just reading back on past posts, I thought I have Tin of Tartan in my shed, I also have one in my wardrobe but that is a different subject altogether... Regards Jamie
  8. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Doh...! Hi Royaloak and good day... Well spotted, it's no good changing it now, that should have said Compatible not Comparable, like you say, why would they?, I agree totally my friend. Oops Sorry! Saying that, I'm sure someone will make the old match the new in some way... needs must when it come down to money! Regards Jamie
  9. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi All I am so tempted to buy a Rake of 8 or so of the APT-P Ex-TS Sc48204 aka 977527 the APT-U Project coaches, and put a class Class 90/91 and DVT on the back to continue the what could have been. Like we all run what we want on our layouts, whether it existed or not, this is one of my WHAT IF'S that will be running on my layout. I'll do my own experimental rake maybe my Class 89001 in InterCity Livery, now there a unique combo to see at a Model Show in 2012 haha lol Regards Jamie
  10. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi Colin, How are you bud and nice to be back from a long break... The first search I did was look for the "Hornby 2020 Releases" threads and from that, I landed on this thread. I'm still working my way through all the comments and interesting to read by many, on our expectations which we seem to be using DJM as a basis to start from, sorry to mention DJM as some comments made me laugh about reading to many DJM and APT Letters in the same sentence / comments, which bought a smile to my face. I guess for those that was following DJM with interest, it is only natural to repeat the same comments on what we all expect and want from Hornby. Lets just hope Hornby don't go bust in the process hey lol but then no one will have lost anything accept a great childhood company that makes just about everything we have today. Colin, I have several APT-P Coaches to "cut n shut", it just sad for every Two APT-P coaches, one is scrapped and only used for spares n repairs, does it not brake your heart... Colin, when you first put the Knife in to the APT-P, that's like... Childhood Flash Backs of the Breaker's Yard and seeing the APT being cut up and smashed to bits, watching chairs fly out the side of the smashed APT windows along with carpets and luggage shelving, to never again exists on the News at the time... Still having counselling for those scenes now haha lol... I don't know who is the Bravest, Me having the possibility of loosing all my money or You, putting a knife to your APT-P, now that's brave... very brave. lol Nice to hear from you Colin, you take care bud. Regards Jamie
  11. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi Dave, a very good day to you... Hope you are keeping well my friend. Yes, what if it was the final payment before DJM called it time much later.... up the creek with out a paddle, springs to mind, but then that applied to everyone who put money down on a Model or two or more lol Sorry to hear you have not got your money back Dave, hope all avenues have been explored. I to, wrote it all off and was so gutted, but at the same time glad it was only One Payment lost and not 2/3 or 4, that was the ONLY POSITIVE could take from a Bad Situation, that was till I spoke to Andy York at the Warley MRC YouTube Meet-Up back in July 07, 2019, it was an excellent day and I was really glad I went. I saw many YouTuber's in the flesh, then I met Andy gave ne some real helpful advice on my claim, and also from Colin on this thread above. There advice was so useful and helpful in what to say and where to start. The Praise as to go to Andy and Colin personally. On-wards and upwards... Yes Dave.... it was a huge SHOCK to see the Hornby APT-P Announcement, and the Catalogue 2020 Graphics (Front Cover) as to be the best to-date from Hornby I think! The Hints were all there lol The choose they are giving us I think is endless on what Rakes of the APT-P we want to run, and to but it in Two Packs, makes it easy to slowly build up the rake we want, I just hope they have not under estimated the stock, that sends eBay in to silly money. I'm in two minds, do I sell my 1980's APT-P stock or keep it to compare how much better it will be. I know I read somewhere on here about will the New 2020 APT-P be comparable with the 1980's APT-P. I say not, based on 3D Printing is far more accurately to scale and therefore I can't see anything matching, and hopefully colour matching will be better to by today's standards from that of the 1980's. Lets cross everything possible hey and hope Hornby can deliver a great model for us all, so we can all relive the days of the 80's Nice talking to you Dave, take care bud. Regards Jamie
  12. Hi Interesting Thread, I'll watch with interest. Regards Jamie
  13. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    For those who are questioning the Hornby R4970, BR, InterCity APT-U Ex-TS Development Vehicle, Sc48204 / 977527 - Era 7 The APT-P Ex-TS Sc48204 aka 977527 the APT-U Project, (the Next Mark [MK] of Coach) Test Prototype Coach although it was NOT a Tilting Coach, I believe. But it goes to show just how far ahead of its time the APT-P was, including the next generation of coaches in the pipeline, when you consider MK5 have only just come out in the last what... 18 months 2-years or so... A true marvel of engineering at its very best. This should be in your Rake, even if its just the only spare coach you have, then this coach should be the extra APT Coach to buy for £39.99 Regards Jamie
  14. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi JSpencer You tell me I was brave... I stop breathing for the first 72 hours, you imagine if I was on my 4th Payment when they announced the Bust... £5k down the plug hole without a trace... Luckily I split the order over two Credit Cards and Both Capital One and Nationwide paid back a full refund... I was so chuffed, (no pun intended) I can say it was only that, that I was breathing on all four cylinders thereafter... But I don't call myself 7APT7 just because... lol Regards Jamie
  15. 7APT7

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi JSpencer and thank you for your welcome, much appropriated...! Yes, I did know the old had been done away with and Yes I did see the 3D Prints, but I was comparing those with Dave's @DJM 3D model and I thought is looked more detailed, so that's where my doubts stepped in. My Original Order was... 4x 14-Car Set, 1x 10-Car Sets, and x1 7-Car Yellow Set, and x1 7-Car Set Black Fronted with DjM, so the Hornby model will be no different, the high 14-Car Set was to thin the coaches down to the less numbered rakes that I had on order and to get all the running numbers that I wanted. Yes I also noticed the bogies did look far better and not so high up as the original APT-P, I am pleased about the APT-U Coach and for me is the biggest bonus that Hornby have put down to release. Like you say, wait and see what we get, I'm sure few modellers will do there own up grades whatever the case. It is certainly exciting to see this and must admit never saw that coming, if i'm honest. Regards Jamie
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