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  1. I'd recommend Buoys toys & models, 30 Louden Road Cromer(opposite tourist centre & main car park) GE models/Bure Valley/Hunstanton models are well recommended. Auto loco in Sheringham looked rather sad last time I was there(about 2 years ago)
  2. Thanks for this bit of info, I have not been able to get the bodies of yet it seems a very tricky operation with a great risk of damaging things, does anyone know to go about this I've tried small screwdrivers and sliding thin plasticard along but with no success any photos of how this can be done will be much appreciated, I don't want to have to buy replacement coach for damage done trying to get the bodies off
  3. Having just received the Birdcage compo in SR olive green to complete the set, I was wondering if anyone out there has some info on how to take the bodies of these coaches so I can put seated people inside. These are the first Bachmann coaches I have bought so do not have any experience on how to take them apart. My layout setting is SR 1930s, so most of my RTR coaching stock is Hornby Maunsells in there various guises, but I suspect the Bachmanns probably come apart rather differently, any help would be much appreciated, perhaps photos if possible. Cheers. Paul.
  4. The Georg Forster seems to be entering the English Channel, so perhaps a docking at Southampton 5th is a possibility, unless it has to queue for docking.
  5. Has anyone heard any more news on these as there have been announcements about other future releases(ie:-the 4TC sets) but nothing about the gate stock sets).
  6. Looking at these two pics, it seems that the SR green version is showing a Drummond boiler(safety valves on the dome, also the Adams boiler safety valves near the cab on the same loco. I hope this is just an error on the artwork & does not end up on the model.
  7. Some time back on this posting their had been some correspondence on the Adams Radial running on C & L track and the locos deeper flanges, I am interested in the SR olive green version, but not if there are problems with C & L bullhead track(code 75) rather than wade through 60+pages on this posting does anyone have this loco running on C & L track? and have their been any issues?. Any info is always welcome
  8. Yes I agree with the above,well worth while, I think the car park got rather clogged up(I went by train) I think a few traders were having problems with mobile reception on their chip & pin machines, the problem was solved by going into the car park with one trader!! apart from that there seemed plenty of room, well attended, good range of traders/layouts perhaps a few others might look at this show, could be worth their while. No other connection, just a satisfied visitor.
  9. Does anyone out there know of transfers for Southern Railway coach lining as I have a number of pregrouping kits built that I have which are devoid of any lining, I would like to put some on maybe not as comprehensive as Hornby's superb olive green Maunsells of which I have a number, the contrast does seem a little stark. I thought at one time Fox transfers did some, but their website does not show anything. I have mainly used Pressfix for loco transfers/lining previously. I did aquire a Hornby Maunsell coach(which had been rather mutilated by it's previous owner) with a view to using some Bill Bedford sides to convert it to a restaurant car)Any throughs/suggestions on the transfers would be very welcome.
  10. I'm sure you're right pre-preservation, they did not stray from Metropolitan/,Rickmansworth/Baker St/LIverpool St. route. I'll just say that the Southern Railway at the time was looking at developing an idea on electric locomotives(trialling the Met Bo-Bo) after all in the 1940s they did have three very useful electric locos. Nos 20001/2/3.Let's say it's modellers licence. I just happen to like them, having travelled behind Sarah Siddons a few times back when they were running 'Steam on the Met'.
  11. I have just had the same from Hattons, should arrive in a few days time. My layout is late 1930s Southern Railway with some third rail electrics(Bil/Hal/Nols) & steam as well. I came across a picture recently of Sarah Siddons with the preserved 4SUB(sometime in the 1980s I think) running somewhere between Lewes & Brighton. That's my excuse for buying No.9 John Milton. I had a feeling that Sarah Siddons did appear on the Waterloo/Portsmouth main line with a train, I cannot seem to find any photos, does anyone know if this did happen & when?
  12. Thanks for the advice, I will look into this further. Interesting the Dynamis has sufficient to power an 8car(4motors) of the Hornby BIL/HAL formation & this runs to perfection. The lights of the Pullmans obviously must draw more power.
  13. The motors I had were D13s(I cannot remember the manufacturer) and these were shown on the DVD as needing a lot of work to make them suitable so I replaced them the DS10s which work fine and less hassle than doing a conversion on the D13s(which I felt was beyond me) and like you I had heard the same of Portscape motors, but have no experience of them.
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