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  1. Thanks very much for that info!
  2. Hi I was travelling towards Bromley Cross on Friday afternoon, when I noticed this- just north of Bolton Station, a viaduct curving away to the left, that was very overgrown, and fenced off. Would this be part of the Darcy Lever section? Apologies, I don't know this area very well, Greater Manchester must have loads of these disused viaducts!- I remember seeing one a few times, in the "Life on Mars" series- didn't manage to locate that one either! Any help from people with knowledge on that area, gratefully received! Dean
  3. Thanks for posting- great picture (hadn't seen this one before!) The photo I had was of a black 5 in that very same siding- backed up in the dispatch siding. Was taken about '65. The loco has the diagonal white stripe on the cab, and Overhead cables warning tags on the cab and boiler
  4. Evening all! Been a while since I've been on here- I seem to recall a photo of a black 5 awaiting departure from Levers sidings at Port sunlight= does anyone recall this pic? I'm sure its been on here. Dean
  5. 40106 came through my local station, Hooton, several times- I always thought it Odd that she carried Tops on all 4 sides, and was still in BR Green, with the late pattern BR badge still on- Here she is on ballast duties-
  6. Chester used to have a large "double scissors" crossover between platforms 2 and 4, for splitting/joining trains during the Birkenhead to Paddington era- cant find any pics of it though! The only example I've seen up here......
  7. For those in the know- this is the new bridge that carried the line from Green Lane into Cammell Laird shipbuilders. If you follow the curve, it looks like it goes into 2 tunnels- any ideas? Dean
  8. Thanks very much for this info guys!
  9. HI All Would the 16T mineral wagons have been the main method of carrying coal on these lines through the late 60's and 70's? would MGR's ever have featured? Thanks in advance Dean
  10. Afternoon all! Does anyone have any info/pictures of this box, please? I'm researching this section of the Birkenhead to Chester line, and I would like some more info, if I can find it- I think it used to be next to the bridge over Bebington Road, but I'm not sure...….
  11. Thanks Bill- most helpful as always! Dean
  12. HI BIll Yes I get that, where the tunnel goes under the road- it was the covered portals I was looking at- why design them like that? I presume they were originally inside the arches too?
  13. Yards 1.pdf Found recently a clip of this pic, going down to Shore road- at top left of the pic, a twin track covered portal, that goes down the length of the line- any ideas what these were for? Yards 1.pdf
  14. Quick question for the experts on this line- I have been putting quite a few pics together of this line, from Bidston end to Rock Ferry- some are fab, but I can't publish them on here, as they are copyright (shame really as some are of Birkenhead Town station, and the installation of the tunnel flyovers, and the road decks being up over the Docks line- They also show how big the marshalling area opposite Cammell Lairds was! MY question- I have seen a couple of pics on HEA's being brought up from the docks, and in one pic, one of the HEA;s is derailed- I know this site may be hard to trace, but does anyone have a link for it please? Many Thanks, Dean
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