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  1. A more detailed version- the trackwork at the Redruth end is not that clear, but would involve curved points, to give access to the yard. There is also a bit of disused trackbed at each end, plus an old goods yard just before the entrance from the Penzance direction.
  2. Above is the first "aerial shot" of a plan on a curved version, with all other redundant tracks taken out- the layout flows much better than the previous draft, I plan to have a 3, or 4-road fiddle at the Redruth end. I estimate that the layout will fit in the 14' space available in the garage.
  3. Hi, I have been working on a more flowing plan, which I think will look better- will post it tomorrow. Thanks for your suggestion!
  4. Thanks David- what is shown is the scribble sheet, the drawing was added to, at intervals to envisage what may have been there. As with a lot of "period" layouts, I do intend to use some leeway with what locos are run- The layout is sated 1968-75. It is not intended as an exhibition layout, but I will keep it well within scope. Someone has suggested a slightly curved approach to the layout, and I am going to visit this idea, to see what the result is. The red bits I added to indicate what had been stripped out- they wont be going back in. I don't intend using Setrack points, as I don't like t
  5. yes thanks for that- the layout is expected to be around 12 feet long, and around 14" deep from front to backscene Dean
  6. I'd like a bit of help with this, too if possible If a Class 52 was taking freight from Exeter to Penzance, what would be the likely headcode, if the train was restricted to 45 mph? I'm looking to modify one for my layout/ Many thanks, Dene
  7. Afternoon all! Just wondered whether anyone could help with this project? Its planned to be a fictional junction on a branch of BR (W) a few years after the Beeching Cuts- I have called it Crantock Tor, and it provided a junction between Penzance, Redruth and Helston. The period is 68-75. I intend to have one main running line, plus one truncated, a small factory siding next to the main platform, and a small coal siding on the other side of the abandoned island platform. I wish to run the locos DCC if possible, but I'm not confident about doing it with the track. I would like
  8. Thanks, Brian These will be a great help- I always thought that feature on the platform, had been a covered entrance to the site. The 1960's photo I have, has it chained up. Of course it had all gone by 1980 Thanks once again Dean
  9. Morning all! just wondered whether any of our local experts could help with this? I’ve been looking at the buildings that were on this station, such a shame that it had all gone by the 80’s- I had asked a contributor to a website about a branch that ran in to BNFL (as was). My late father had mentioned sidings, but I’d never seen them and a signal box. Apparently the signal box and sidings went in ‘69? Can anyone shed some light on this, please??
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