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I apologise for the additional advertising intrusion on tablets. I am trying to get the relevant parties to fix the situation. ×


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  1. …….oh, and Hornby said it was ready for despatch last Tuesday.
  2. The Hermes tracking for my W1 says it is still awaiting parcel from Hornby for the last 4 days. Anybody received theirs via Hermes yet?
  3. Sorry, Andy, but on my older iPad (not the one I’m using now), I still get the privacy notice every time I change pages or refresh a page. Also history seems to be limited to about one hour and no facility to ‘load more’. All these problems, including the interfering adverts that also appear on my newish iPad Pro, all started in the last couple of weeks. Sorry if I keep complaining, but it gets so annoying that you get to the stage when you think it’s not worth trying to read it anymore. I’ve been a member for quite a number of years and have never experienced this kind of aggravation before. Like others, I want to continue enjoying this hobby! Regards, Paul.
  4. Moderators 5.3k Posted 6 hours ago Read the correct subforum topic rather than creating YET ANOTHER TOPIC! I was complaining about too many adverts, so please advise where I find the ‘correct subforum topic’ - or is it that you just don ‘t like complaints?
  5. paftrain


    I meant this complaint to apply to all forums, not just Hornby. I was distracted by even more adverts getting in the way of my screen.
  6. paftrain


    I am finding the adverts on RMWeb getting really annoying. Do they have to pop up on every single page? Either that or I have picked up a virus.
  7. Don’t forget our open day this Sunday!
  8. I have just managed to fit sound to my new ‘Belgian Marine’ but have dislodged the loco’s brake gear. Try as I may, I cannot find a glue that will hold it in place again. So I’m pleading for help - has anybody successfully glued Hornby’s brake glue back on to the loco? Any help appreciated!
  9. I had the exact same problem with a Hornby WC, and when I ran it with the body removed I could see the motor ‘arcing’ i.e. flashing, so I have purchased a replacement motor. Have you tied running it with the body off? You will soon see if the motor is faulty.
  10. That’s just what I’ve been waiting for 20 years for Hornby, or someone else, to make. I thought when Hornby announced their new range of original ‘Merchant Navy’ locos they would include the first series locos, but no, apart from ‘as built’, which not many living people would remember seeing. Why didn’t Hornby include them? My Milholme kits that I built 30 odd years ago will have to last me for a few more years yet!
  11. The link I went to had a drop down menu that included a ‘pay the balance’ entry so I did.
  12. Unfortunately the 1st series early BR isn’t covered in their tooling.
  13. The Hornby website has changed from pre- order to order for 35024, so presumably, they’ve arrived in the UK!
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