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  1. I have been using Prodigy2 for some years and found it easy to use and covers functions up to 29 if I remember correctly. To be honest, you probably won’t use the high numbers once the novelty has worn off. For points I still use DC with push to make switches which makes choosing a route simple. I would certainly recommend it and it isn’t too expensive. You can also get them secondhand occasionally .
  2. I don’t know if anybody has noticed, but, according to Hornby’s website, the Hush hush locos have quietly slipped to spring 2021 and the rebuilds to summer 2021.
  3. I notice that Hornby are bringing out another Nelson - this time ‘Robert Blake’ but do not appear to make a tts decoder available (other than the one fitted to ‘Lord Nelson’). I have today written to Hornby about this. Surely it would make sense to introduce one. I won’t buy another Hornby Nelson unless I can fit tts sound.
  4. I have over 40 DCC locos with sound, and yet more with just DCC, all of which also run on DC with no problems at all.
  5. Hi Rob, All you have to do is set CV 29 to a value of 38 and you will have DC running and also be able to program in a 4 digit number (i.e 0850). Cheers, Paul.
  6. Nobody needs to get stroppy - it was resolved quickly in a phone call with Gaugemaster. I returned mine to them for a repair, years after I bought it, and they repaired it for no charge and posted it back post free. Excellent service!
  7. Just a gimmick - I would quite like one, but not with Hornby plastered all over it!
  8. Please don’t treat me like an idiot. That was all very unnecessary. From your picture I thought you would be a nice person, or perhaps that’s not really you.
  9. Thanks Graham for the information about the MNs. They say patience is a virtue - not sure I qualify! However, I did wait 8 or was it 9, years for my Kernow Warship, so let’s hope the MNs don’t take that long.
  10. How would I do that? Over two years delay isn’t pointless.
  11. Slipped yet again to Dec 20/ Jan 21. Don’t think Hornby are interested. Mines been on pre-order since January 2018, they obviously don’t need the cash(?).
  12. My PC is downstairs and not exactly portable while my layout is in my attic. So the answer to my question is 'no you can't do that on a Prodigy2'?
  13. Thanks Keith. You are presumably still on 'Decoder Pro', but I'm not! How can I do this with a Gaugemaster Prodigy2?
  14. That looks very interesting, but I'm none the wiser. Perhaps you would kindly explain how that helps to change function 2 to non-latching, or change F2 to another F number that does latch.
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