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  1. Just received Bachmann’s new (2020) catalogue, which includes efe models, but no mention of the Cravens bodied RT - has it been dropped?
  2. it might have been yellow - can’t tell now as it turned black after it caught fire!
  3. I have just experienced a similar event - a Hornby A4 'Herring Gull' with Hornby's original full fat DCC sound decided to go 'pop' and emit large amounts of smoke. It had just had a brief satisfactory run on DCC round my layout with sound on and was sitting stationary by a platform while I ran another loco when it occurred. I quickly removed it from the layout and upon removing the tender body found it had melted the inside of the tender. I then put a blanking plug in and it ran perfectly again (on DC only, of course). There would therefore seem to be nothing else wrong with the loco, e.g. no shorting out, to cause the decoder to burn up. The decoder, ESU Locksound V4, was badly burnt around one major component on the board which had obviously caught fire. I don't understand why this happened and consider it dangerous - I was glad I noticed the smoke before any further damage had been done to the loco (or my house). I bought the loco about 3 or 4 years ago and I haven't run it for a couple of years, but surely this shouldn't happen. I am thinking of sending the chip to Hornby but don't know if they will show any interest or offer a replacement.
  4. I would just like them to deliver my blue livery original Merchant Navy that I pre-ordered nearly two years ago.
  5. paftrain

    The Engine Shed

    You forgot to mention the 'D' class, now it has been announced by someone else.
  6. Having just announced a D this morning in 00, perhaps they’ll upscale one for 0 gauge.
  7. Hi Lee, I’ve sent you a pm (assuming I’ve done it correctly!). regards, Paul.
  8. Guildford O Gauge Group Open Day at Normandy Village Hall, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Surrey, GU3 2DD 10.00 am to 4.00 pm Admission £2 , Partners/children free. Ample free parking & light refreshments.
  9. Thanks for your advice, I’ll make some enquiries about Legomanbiffo.
  10. I have recently purchased (secondhand) an O gauge deltic and would like to fit sound to it. Has anybody got any recommendations for me? I could fit it myself if it is straightforward or, alternatively get it fitted professionally if it’s a bit tricky. Many thanks in advance for any help members can provide.
  11. paftrain

    DCC or NOT

    I have City of Wells and the DCC socket is in the loco (I.e. not in the tender as most current models have) which makes it a bit of a squeeze for fitting a DCC chip. I managed to fit a Hornby tts chip but used a cube speaker as there wasn’t room for the standard Hornby speaker. It also sounds better!
  12. It would be great if Bachmann were to sell the sound decoders separately so those of us who have already purchased the Midland Pullman can upgrade our models.
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