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  1. It would be great if Bachmann were to sell the sound decoders separately so those of us who have already purchased the Midland Pullman can upgrade our models.
  2. I thought he was supposed to be a salesman!
  3. Yes, I snipped it out and everything died - both on dc and DCC. It is obviously part of the supply. I therefore bridged it with a short wire and got it working again!
  4. Please explain how you switch off the feedback on a Bachmann 36-557 decoder. I’ve taken out the capacitor and it still runs like a kangaroo.
  5. until
  6. Hi Richard, is your Bachmann 66 with Hornby TTS still working ok? I’m asking because elsewhere on this forum Leon is having trouble with his now not making any sound. I have a Bachmann/NRM 66 that I have bought a Hornby 66TTS chip to fit, but won’t try it if there is an issue with no sound! Paul F.
  7. I know this won’t help you, but I am interested to find out if you resolve your problem as I have purchased the Hornby 66 TTS chip to fit in my Bachmann/NRM model.
  8. until

    For some unknown reason it has appeared on the wrong day! It should read 7th April NOT 9th. Could mods please correct this?
  9. until
  10. My D601 arrived this morning. Lovely model - thanks Kernow. Now to fit a chip - but which end is the front?
  11. Assuming Keith Revel is able to access RMWeb, perhaps he would like to comment to reassure prospective customers of how he intends to conduct his business. I for one would be grateful as I am holding back providing a deposit until I know more.
  12. Thanks everybody for your advice - it looks like the interference suppressors are my problem, although as I have already said, earlier Bachmann decoders (and dare I say it, Hornby TTS decoders) don’t appear to be effected by them. As I don’t want to dismantle the Atlantic’s tender again for fear of damaging it ( I’ve already damaged the handrails as I’ve had it apart several times already) I’ll experiment with another loco when I’ve got the time. Thanks again.
  13. Each to their own, I suppose - all I want is smooth running and to be able to control the speed. All my previous Bachmann decoders achieved this and were perfect, not inferior for my needs. I don’t want or need fancy speed curves or lights in a simple steam engine.
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