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  1. Just a gimmick - I would quite like one, but not with Hornby plastered all over it!
  2. Let’s get back to just enjoying our hobby.
  3. Please don’t treat me like an idiot. That was all very unnecessary. From your picture I thought you would be a nice person, or perhaps that’s not really you.
  4. Thanks Graham for the information about the MNs. They say patience is a virtue - not sure I qualify! However, I did wait 8 or was it 9, years for my Kernow Warship, so let’s hope the MNs don’t take that long.
  5. How would I do that? Over two years delay isn’t pointless.
  6. Slipped yet again to Dec 20/ Jan 21. Don’t think Hornby are interested. Mines been on pre-order since January 2018, they obviously don’t need the cash(?).
  7. My PC is downstairs and not exactly portable while my layout is in my attic. So the answer to my question is 'no you can't do that on a Prodigy2'?
  8. Thanks Keith. You are presumably still on 'Decoder Pro', but I'm not! How can I do this with a Gaugemaster Prodigy2?
  9. That looks very interesting, but I'm none the wiser. Perhaps you would kindly explain how that helps to change function 2 to non-latching, or change F2 to another F number that does latch.
  10. F2 needs to be reprogrammed to allow a non latching function. I have the same problem with mine, too. Can the decoder be reprogrammed to change the F number? If so, can anyone on here advise how to do it?
  11. Just received Bachmann’s new (2020) catalogue, which includes efe models, but no mention of the Cravens bodied RT - has it been dropped?
  12. it might have been yellow - can’t tell now as it turned black after it caught fire!
  13. I have just experienced a similar event - a Hornby A4 'Herring Gull' with Hornby's original full fat DCC sound decided to go 'pop' and emit large amounts of smoke. It had just had a brief satisfactory run on DCC round my layout with sound on and was sitting stationary by a platform while I ran another loco when it occurred. I quickly removed it from the layout and upon removing the tender body found it had melted the inside of the tender. I then put a blanking plug in and it ran perfectly again (on DC only, of course). There would therefore seem to be nothing else wrong with the loco, e.g. no shorting out, to cause the decoder to burn up. The decoder, ESU Locksound V4, was badly burnt around one major component on the board which had obviously caught fire. I don't understand why this happened and consider it dangerous - I was glad I noticed the smoke before any further damage had been done to the loco (or my house). I bought the loco about 3 or 4 years ago and I haven't run it for a couple of years, but surely this shouldn't happen. I am thinking of sending the chip to Hornby but don't know if they will show any interest or offer a replacement.
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