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  1. HI All Some New models arrived just in time for Warley, I've been getting pestered for ages to get more Bells 20fts ever since IRM announced project 42. this is a new number and on its on the old style 20ft exactly like one i got pics of at leith. there are more HO containers mostly tanks and reefers . Regards Arran
  2. Hi All The pocket wagons are now in stock and posting out has started. regards Arran
  3. 56 126 at Thornton yd . Could be my fiddle yard Regards Arran
  4. Hi All some Will be getting shipped this coming week who have ordered single wagons , as I have some of one number. The main load docks this week so as soon they make there way to Crail I will be getting it all sent out. Regards Arran
  5. HI All Wagons will be here soon so you have till Sunday night before the pre-order price change to the come and get it price. Regards Arran
  6. Hi All Ive not thought about container options yet, another one is under development between C Rail and RevolutioN and like the 30ft Bulks they will just appear and on sale, that seems to work. We know more std dry box’s are required at a high quality, but one thing at a time. The FSA FTA wagons should be in the same price range as the pocket wagons, the only slight compromise will be a weld line where the inserts will be to do the different ends . Its not worth tooling up two up two separate decks you just wouldn’t get enough to justify the inners getting done I don’t think. liveries will be Freightliner green and RFD In black the latter being dependent on orders for the first batch. Regards Arran
  7. Hi. Dave bulkhauls still bulkhaul, Iff became IBC then UBC then Interbulk and now w Den Hart I think but the liveries can all still be seen Regards Arran
  8. Hi Paul the two oldest liveries are Bulkhaul and Bertschi followed by Iff then UBC and Interbulk. Regards Arran
  9. HI All C Rail and Revolution have teamed up together again to bring another fully finished container prototype "these are not samples" These are production models that have all been delivered and are now available. The 30ft Bulks as a container date from the mid 80s to the present day and can be seen on services from North East Scotland right down to the English South coast, these add colour and verity and colour to any train. Regards Arran
  10. arran

    Next OO containers

    HI That's that fixed it was my fault . Regards Arran
  11. Well thats a good idea as in a few weeks the price will go up from the pre order price. Regards Arran
  12. HI All I had 50 of the pocket wagons arrive so i could have a good look before approving the main batch to be shipped, needless to say ive had the ship them quick smart. the wagons came with more N gauge goodies, but more on that before the weekend. Regards Arran
  13. What have you ordered ?
  14. arran

    Next OO containers

    HI Tiphook's like these date from the late 80s and could be seen up till a few years ago . Kein Hung i would say the same time line for them also unless others know different , when i get old container info i always try to get the data panel to see when its was built Regards Arran
  15. arran

    Next OO containers

    HI All Some pics of the new models in stock. Regards Arran
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