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  1. Not yet but Rome wasn't built in a day . that period was getting to the point they were mostly the ridding style they are now Regards Arran
  2. HI All The website is getting work done to it at the moment " i cant put it of any longer" but it will have Amazon pay as well as Paypal when its finished . The version of opencart it was on couldn't support Amazon pay Regards Arran
  3. N Gauge FSA FTA cads are 99.9999% complete now we just have to do the final checks on sizes to make sure nothings changed,. then its onto the tooling . The underfloor in Red is a casting so this will keep the wagon strait .
  4. HI At somepoint like all =c=rail= products we work our way through the liveries , we are bringing in undecorated models with both door types whne the decorated bulks arrive and we do still have a large range of transfers with those names. regards Arran
  5. HI All =C=Rail= Have been beavering away in the background on the next new model, which are 30ft Bulks . These models have finished all the tooling and are getting printed after the CNY , so delivery to us in early May. Regards Arran And Yes i do need a hair cut
  6. HI All Work is well underway on the FTA inner wagons, with details still to be added like the buffers and taking out the document box and adding in the brake wheels . Wont be long now till we approve these for tooling . Regards Arran
  7. arran

    Manchester Liners

    no Its getting the info correct but its on the hit list . Regards Arran
  8. HI I seen them in Aberdeen on liquid nitrogen traffic in the late 90s. Regards Arran
  9. Model Railways are make believe and you can run what you want "honest" Will that do Regards Arran
  10. HI All So of the latest cads of the FSA outer , these are almost 100% , the FTA inner is an easy cad change . The handrails will be a customer fit as they were removed from the prototype when in service. Regards Arran
  11. HI Its an option that was considered from the start so its easy to do now, but it does not mean we cant do the original window layout . Regards Arran
  12. HI All Ah that perfect world of how things should be Eh. Meaning its been demanding sort of says I have kept up to speed dont you think . My point about doing it yourself stands , its not as easy as some think . If he was busy before a wee pandemic i hate to think what its been like since with everyone dusting of kits that have been stuffed in drawers expecting to pick up where they left of only to find the suppliers cant supply the demand thats just popped up . Regards Arran
  13. Hi All being a small trader myself it’s been demanding keeping things up to speed . if you think some companies are not filling the demand , you have two options. No 1 “wait” No 2 “ start your own company to fill that demand “ Regards Arran
  14. HI Shoey The N Gauge cads are about finished . Regards Arran
  15. some more pics , we hope you can see all the prints that have gone into this model. we know they are just containers but they are the an everyday site on the railway and are the private owner wagon of today. Regards Arran
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