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  1. Hi 5050, the wasp stripes are Fox transfers on yellow paint, the transfers had to be cut into smaller pieces to get them to lie something like flat, think there are 8 sections on the back of the cab and rear bufferbeam. Here are a couple more pictures (apologies for the non industrial ones) the first is an aerial view showing the plan, the layout started as as goods yard but I found room to squeeze an exchange siding in (At the top of the picture) There are cassettes where the track leads off to the upper left & the scenic area is 20"x48". More pictures at at https://jpsgallery.zenfolio.com/p501481377
  2. I've not had much time for modelling recently but I have been tinkering with this 3D printed RSH 14" kit from Hardys Hobbies, still some tidying up and of course a little weathering to do.
  3. I've just had my first delivery and dispite some being custom packs they have been delivered unbelievably fast with regular email updates (shame certain box shifters haven't got such good customer service) they look good as well and will make some projects a lot easier so another big thanks from me
  4. Hi thanks for all your kind comments, might even encourage me to get it finished . Meanwhile there is short video of it running, as I use 3 link couplings the hand of God had to be kept out sight so coupling/uncoupling was done behind the camera https://jpsgallery.zenfolio.com/p18173113/hF1FCD9C0#hf1fcd9c0
  5. Hi Barclay, the oily gunk is AK interactive Shaft& bearings Grease and/or engine oil. They make quite a few useful washes etc.
  6. I have an unfinished shunting plank which has an exchange siding for some sort of industry (it's deliberately vague as is it's location and time) these are some of my industrial fleet
  7. 2 of mine that have been weathered, got another one waiting in the "roundtoit" pile
  8. This one was at Derby 29/4/88 https://jpsgallery.zenfolio.com/p678808618/e939f68a1
  9. If anyone needs to justify running one of these on the "main-line" this is Jacks Green scampering along the East Coast Main Line south of Peterborough on its way from Nassington Quarry to the Peterborough Sugar Factory https://jpsgallery.zenfolio.com/p127423666/hf0fe1f58#hf0fe1f58 And a photo of a well weathered Ring Haw at Nassington, both photo's by M. Bratley https://jpsgallery.zenfolio.com/p127423666/hf019a40c#hf019a40c
  10. These are from a collection by M Bratley that I'm currently scanning (with permission to share) no dates
  11. I've got a Hardys Hudswell Clarke in my roundtoit pile that I'm planning to do as 1800 as it was when it was working at Peterborough Sugarbeet Factory (without the face) where it was fitted with a feed water pump,does anyone make one of these in 4mm? (Photo Mike Bratley)
  12. 419 crossing the River Yare with the short set
  13. Cheers, I more or less follow Tim Shackleton's methods which are basically Hand brush a layer of grime on then wipe most of it off leaving dirt in hard to reach areas behind handrails etc (photo of Eastfield at this stage with some rust) Then airbrush a grimey mix of dirty black/rust brown/roof dirt particularly on horizontal surfaces and wheels/frames Finish off by highlighting "working" areas with weathering powders/washes (both Barclays need this doing) As others have said weathering isnt scary or difficult with a little practice, and if it doesn't look right meths on a cotton bud will take most of it off and leave a recently cleaned effect
  14. My pair are now beginning to look less like fairground engines and more like workers, Name and worksplates are from Narrow Planet
  15. Yes it's a straw sprayed with red oxide for now, still got a lot of work to do on this layout
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