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    Hi Dave as an apprentice I was always taught only make something once do it right and customers will wait . Do it wrong and you will never see them again it still work for me customers keep coming back to the firm I work for cos that's what we do so just make sure what you deliver is right and we will by it Dave merry xmass and hopefully a prosperous new year regards Geoff
  2. Hi Dave want several of these will this be done through the kick-start program maybe? looking forward with baited breath for a release date geoff
  3. Hi Dave thanks for the update the 0-6-0 route could be a very good idea as not only are there a lot of tank/industrial locos but also a vast amount of tender locos as well. Also like the idea of maybe doing things the kick-starter way could be good for the future will have to wait and see . really looking forward to seeing your products and making what will probably be a largish hole in my wallet sadly wont see you at the rmweb do as I will be at tings but good luck anyway and no doubt by the time I get home there will be a massive amount of pics on the forums all the best Geoff
  4. well here we are over two years since my last post most remiss of me I know unfortunately the good lady has been ill for some time chronic myeloid leukaemia this is under control unfortunately the side effects of this and the drugs have taken their toll so the railway has had to take a back seat for some time things are now getting better also it now getting warmer outside so the shed will once again be a pleasant place to work have quite a lot of re work to do to improve the look and operation of my railway we are of for Easter the once again work will commence in earnest more updates to follow soon promise Geoff
  5. Hi just a couple of thoughts it may be possible to us the 14x chassis another way by removing the motor and adapting the worm drive so as it could be driven from the tender Dapol style I think nbrass do a kit for modding some farrish tenders to drive the loco this enables quite a bit of weight to be added to improve drive hope this gives you some food for thought. ps may be interested in acquiring the printed parts to make one for me Geoff
  6. Hi this is meant to be a show for railway modelling/and other modelling ideas not repeat not for someone to grind their personal axe re whatever happened to Coventry or football in general so I wish them all the success in this venture with any luck I will be there to show my support Geoff
  7. Hi Dave I will second this it should be a good seller never been done before Geoff
  8. Hi Dave glad to see things are progressing nicely one question are there any other payment options as we (my wife and myself) have had two very bad experiences with PayPal in the past so I will no longer use it a bit old fashioned I know but having to start a new bank account twice now we no longer trust PayPal . yours hopefully Geoff
  9. Christ Dave you really are putting your money where your mouth is I doff my cap to you for your bravery in this venture as I have already said in a email to your address on the web site I have no doubt that you are going to have every success in this endeavour so lookout everyone else there is a new and exiting manufacturing modeller on the block who is going to make you sit up and take notice . With regards to any suggestions for future models there are plenty of steamers to go at that should be good sellers diesels on the other hand could be a bit more difficult as by the nature of them there are fewer types to choose from. if in the future you decide to do some tender locos in ngauge will the motor you use be the coreless on in the loco this would then leave room for a speaker in the tender negating the need to permanently couple a coach/wagon to the loco to house a speaker as one has to now for any of the tender drive models currently available . live up to the standards you are quoting and things will take of for you as already stated one customer already in the pipeline good luck Geoff
  10. Hi all hope there is someone out there who can help/answer this I have a mylocosound card which produces an electronic chuff sound and steam hiss when loco is stood this is connected to two speakers one at either end of my layout and I switch the sound to these speakers by two switches. I had a thought (yes I know that I need to be careful not good doing to much thinking) is it possible to use a balance control from an old hifi/radio cd player or something similar to move the sound from one speaker to another as when you do this with the hifi the sound moves from the left to the right speakers this would be so much better on the layout as the sound would move from one speaker to both then the other in a much smoother way thanks for any help or thoughts in advance Geoff
  11. Hi just a quick reply to say saw the layout at donny mighty and impresive with the work that has been done so far sorry not had the chance to read this blogg yet been working away far to much over the last couple of years so if this has alresdy been mentioned in the blog I rearly liked the look of the lighting for the layout what rig has been used to create the efect keep up the good work and I will read the blog now that I am home for the forseable future Geoff
  12. Hello just a quick reply to wish you good luck with this idea hope that you figure out how to make this possible in ngauge one prob for me with sound is the cost so will be interested what sort of price for this that you come up with Geoff
  13. Hi dave and all at Dapol this is a massive step forward for the hoby and as you say things will take a while to iron out any little probs that arise but just keep the faith and you will get there in the end . And also just remember that no matter what Dapol do some people will never be happy with what you do no matter how hard you try and as well some folks just like to moan n groan pick fault and generaly complain so good luck with this and keep pushing the limits guys all the best Geoff
  14. Hi all been a while since my last post but things are now warming up out side so the shed should be more comfortable to work in so some progress should be made soon still not quite sure weather I will be changing to a four track main line or not got a lot of tidying up to do first then clean the track and run some trains just to make sure that everything still works ok more to follow later when I make my mind up bye for now Geoff
  15. Hi all wow doesnt seem enough these are awsome must be the best thing Dapol have done to date worth the asking price just to sit and look at hope that they run as well as they look will be getting one or two in the near future well done to all at Dapol a big thankyou from a fan . Just hope that the Dapol bashers leave the guys alone I know that the rivet counters will find some faults may take a while as to me they just look the part so once again well done Geoff
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