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  1. Just discovered Harburn Hobbies commissioned variations of their commissions of 7plank Glasgow (now 964). Edinburgh was done earlier.and Fife as965. A very helpful shop.
  2. The Varsity Line was losing £100k pa at closure. MK work began the next day! The NUR suggested even basic economies were not made - de-staffing stations, improved timetabling to reduce DMUs needed, better timings,, station closures, crossing and signalling modernisation, 50 years subsidy @ £100k (+inflation) would have been millions less than rebuild cost and we would have had the use of it. It would have seen Regional Rlys Express service probably to Norfolk as planned in 1850. It has taken since 1987 to get this far with every obstacle placed in the way by Dft and SRA (Mr Bowker) and little interest by MKDC who were interested in bridleways and cycle ways -very useful for locals. Even now Aylesbury link is at risk and electrification dropped. Privatisation was meant to see the line open -what a farce! BR wanted to re-open but DFT halted it !
  3. Just got from WSR -Peco vent van WSR promotional (NR-P 1016) £18.95 inc p+p
  4. Two new wagons out from Wagon Yard in N and OO- Mineral wagon in an unusual livery as one side is wAC and the other GLM reflecting change of ownership. The other is GPV for Chiltonian Biscuits. There is potential for preserved lines to commission wagons relate to their lines?
  5. Wagon Yard have started producing private owner open wagons in N and OO using Dapol wagons. Have taken on some suggestions from customers for liveries and numbers. The first 12 in N are out and brilliant. An interesting development. They have a website showing a range of wagons commissioned by them and others.
  6. I am seeking Class 47 Porterbrook livery. [email protected]
  7. Is there an up-to-date listing like this one as cannot find on their website? they had a list at Warley.
  8. Dapol Digest notes from the MD that the Pacer will have a new run in 2020. Ideas are sought for liveries. GW chocolate and cream is favourite. These also raan in the livery in Manchester area. Two tone original livery is another option. Manchester orange or Merseyside yellow. The Pacer Family book also shows Regional Railways livery rebranded as ARRIVA. Valley Lines livery is quite colourful.
  9. Correction -Simply Southern wagon is Battle Gunpowder GPV> Sorry for error.
  10. Guagemaster have listed several 7 plank commissions on order from Dapol in N Simply Southern has just issued Gasson tent supplier- GPV -very colourful and features in Private Owners of SE-in N Medway Queen project has just issued GPV as tool van for their project. Looks good but fictitious livery. N again
  11. I have been several times. Usually have a tour of factory to see machines. Can chat to Joel ,the MD and other key staff. Make a model. Lots of bargains in shop and in separate sale of NQP but a bit of a scrum. Usually a Talk on latest developments. 2 to 3 mile from stations Llangollen and Oswestry railways nearby and Glyn Valley beginnings
  12. More Peco wagons from thewagonyard -Van in complex livery of Gassson and coal wagon for Victoria Coal. Based on real wagons in Turton books.
  13. Doing some useful Peco N wagons of Dean Forest area and provides some info on Prototype which is interesting. Also answers emails and despatches quickly.
  14. Brilliant service from AGR -next day arrived and pleasing model. Visited shop in May -developing well and has second hand side.
  15. I see AGR have a N Peco -BR conflat with white insulated container - see AGR on mode shop section.
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