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  1. Got some of the GNR for my birthday from my brother. Not yet tested the lights yet though. look the part with the single.
  2. Got my one today as a Birthday Present from my other half. Since she couldn’t give it to me in person (Woo lockdown birthday 2.0) Of course one of the Scottish region ones. Tempted to get sound for it to. Chris
  3. Chris89

    2021 hopes

    Would imagine about 9am normally isn't it?
  4. Chris89

    2021 hopes

    Problem with that, i could see majority of people complaining about the cost of models then. Just ordered another German Roco steamer just north of €360 but is made is Austria though, but the higher price will have to be paid for UK built models.
  5. Chris89

    2021 hopes

    More Era 1 stuff as other people have said. Mark 4s + DVT as a obvious as well. Would love more Caledonian Railways stuff, Steam loco's, coaching stock etc. Wouldn't mind seeing a Merlin liveried version of the HST in the main range as well to. An S160 would be nice, considering only one you can get is the Roco variant in HO. Lastly for Hornby to get away from 8pin decoders to.
  6. Have to say the coaches are very smart and add to it. Each coach comes with two chain couplers as well to.
  7. Like wise for me and after calling Hornby directly gladly going to new address as well to. Time to find which box the Rocket pack is in for photos.
  8. For the three had ordered from Hornby directly the amount seems to have come out of bank account. After getting a email saying had arrived to the warehouse (In which had to phone, customer services, due to change of address)
  9. Crazy how small it is. Got to get it beside the Andrew Barclay i have. Mine needs running in a bit more, perfect in reverse, runs in forward but not perfectly yet. The coaches as well are super smooth rolling to.
  10. Most welcome, honestly it's a great price for the stock included. I will remain hopeful at somepoint will get the Late 80s/ 90s sets re-released in this style, as be a instant order for me. Especially if was to say the 225 one, from back in 1995.
  11. Loving the Art Work on the Hornby Dublo Train set, Also the A4 does seem to be the full proper one. (Funny enough, all the A4s i have are limited editions, Being Bittern, Mallard - Gold plated one and this one) Also is number 257 to.
  12. Good to hear so, Hope the model is all fine as well to. I know the posting times have been stupid since do the post office as well at my local coop, One thing my mum sent to the USA on 1st of April arrived last week. Also Mine is now on it's way back to Rails of Sheffield to.
  13. As far as can tell it is paint damage sadly. I agree it really is a stunning model, a vast improvement to the rather old one i have to. (Would have gone for the BR Black one, but had to match it with the old model) Will post better photo's when new one comes of course to. Hopefully it isn't so, Apart from that it is a stunning model, especially when compared to the old one.
  14. Front bufferbeam on the left and the tank side shows the worse bit.
  15. Did receive my one on Saturday, Although have had to send it back due to some paint issues annoyingly. (Although will be getting a replacement) Compared to the other Large Prairie i have, which has of course seen better days (apart from being heavily used and 16+ so years old), it is by miles a better improvement though and look forward for the replacement to come.
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