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  1. Great to hear, Looking forward for my MR-201 as well. Knowning my luck, will arrive when away for B'day later in the week.
  2. Well could be a expensive year for me. Bittern looks tempting, so will the Large Prairie as well. But more importantly Mark 2Fs for my 68 to pull (Will see what Bachmann announce though) The Scotrail HST GTI power cars and coaches as well. The USA Scotsman would have been a yes, if it wasn't the 'bling' version. Lets see what Bachmann announce now, but then to Hamburg in March for 30th, so that will likely be expensive if get to a model shop. Chris
  3. Just to say the chains have come for my model now, so has the letter and invoice. Will be done after back from Holiday. Just to wait for the Guard Iron replacement now Chris
  4. Thanks, Good to hear about that for the Chains, just the other bit got to hear back about. Chris
  5. Mine has just arrived and is a gorgeous model Although two minor issues, both the chains came off in transit, but have found all parts within the box though, although more concerning is some detail/ comestic damage on the Right hand check iron (Will email Locomotion about though) Runs perfectly as well. Video as well Chris
  6. Some gorgeous photo's posted of the Single. Like others got the dispatch email for myself and gladly coming before Holiday Also another good thing a person from work also wants to see it and has a layout as well, so will be able to get some video's off her running with some coaches (Also hopefully when it arrives a Dynamometer car as well) Chris
  7. Paid in full when i ordered it (just before the closing date) But no email for me, Hopefully comes before holiday in early August
  8. Nice photos, Hope that you did enjoy the SVR though, Especially since my local railway Should have walked up to Highley
  9. After getting my eye for a while, just preordered one as well Chris
  10. Got mine today as well. Being 705. As mentioned before, first locomotive did anything on when started Volunteering. Also might as well make use of the lovely weather & Make use of the door step. Although oddly got sent a extra decoder, yet one was fitted for me by Hattons, appears was sent by mistake and has been posted to be returned already. Chris
  11. Got the same email myself this morning, Gladly though now my 705 has been dispatched Chris
  12. Got the same email and just put through my order for the DCC one, Now just to get the money from Brother, he said would give for Birthday
  13. Very odd reports for DPD and Royal Mail here. As for both have been excellent for me, Although for DPD it is computer stuff thats worth a few hundred etc. Also got neighbours that take stuff in, For Royal Mail, if no answer our stuff gets left at the Postoffice, Since i do that/ COOP, and my mum is a Post Mistress there as well, so guess that helps. APC is one i haven't had any experience with yet either though. Chris
  14. Pre-ordered the As Preserved one as more biased towards it, Also did just call Rails about the invoice and have confirmed as well the £30 has been taken as well for it. Also by the sounds off it already is doing rather well to. Chris
  15. Just ordered 705 in Black for myself Very biased for the locomotive, since first one ever did anything on, when started to Volunteer on preserved railways.
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