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  1. Furthest would be Trainworld in Brooklyn NYC, where i got a MTH ES44AC in CSX + a Autorack. Second furthest would be Züge und mehr in Hamburg, where i got a Roco BR85 (With Sound) and some Marklin Coaches of suitable era.
  2. Shall be Ordering the Battle of Britain Memorial flight one, when it's up for preorder. Hopefully the project continues of course to.
  3. switches at the bottom correct and for the Cablights haven’t tested it yet (will do tomorrow as work today) but imagine will be the same as normal for them.
  4. Have to say the pack is very nice. Present from my brother. Not picture is the detailing kits for the locomotive and the gear for the Vulcans + the small name panels for the Vulcans.
  5. Although posted over on the Rapido Facebook page. A fantastic model, one thing wasn't after but just took my fancy when was walking around Warley. Some of my fellow work colleagues, loved the photo's i showed them. As a few used them when they were younger to. Chris
  6. Have to say enjoyed the show a lot on the Sunday, compared to the last few year's it has been on the Saturday as well to. Also good thing for the NEC, it seemed at least the Disabled Parking was a bit better sign posted and the staff come across was decent and nice as well to. Have to say loved Sud Harz and the American N Gauge layouts as well as different and interesting to. Come away with some Purchases as well, Being Rapido's new bus (With the lights), Bittern on the 1:1 collection, to go with the Oxford Rail's Railgun the K5 Krupp sold at the Hornby Stand and a BR 151 Heavy Freight Loco' from Scograils to.
  7. A Fantastic layout, Do have to say one of my favourites from the show. Chris
  8. Got my copy of the mag earlier in the week. The layout looks gorgeous. Look forward to seeing it at Warley as well.
  9. Honestly didn't even notice it, but then no issue for me though. Chris
  10. Received my pair today, are lovely models Now to just wait for the coaches and sound them. Chris
  11. Nice video posted by Bachmann on Youtube for the 90
  12. Had a look at the IC one at Kidderminster station today. Looks gorgeous and tempting me more to get one. Also should be out next week, as said by the person on the stand.
  13. Shall be ordering one of the Caledonian 92s (sound one) next week on payday and some of the Mark 5s to The CAD Renders look amazing to. Chris
  14. Chris89

    The Engine Shed

    Have to agree for the Value sake (although, shop i got the BR85 from, One of the guy's didn't think highly of Hornby though) But then Roco is in a different league, even better then the Stirling Single i'd have to say. Either way the Prairie for sure is on my list, so are the Mark 2Fs as see me getting those Scotrail ones, over the Bachmann ones (Due to price mostly)
  15. Chris89

    The Engine Shed

    The Large Prairie looks gorgeous and so does the samples of the Scotrail Mark 2s. Price of the Big boy isn’t that bad. About 70 odd cheaper then the Roco BR85 I got last month. But the Big Boy is tempting to. Chris.
  16. For those interested. Small glimpse of the 16xx on Rapido's newest video shows the CAD work. https://youtu.be/uAT2oWNf3Jk?t=275
  17. Quite nice and easy to install the Decoder, body comes off without issue after removing the couplers and taking out the screws. The Gaugemaster DCC23 does fit, although goes a little high. But wrapped it in Electrical tape so no issue there. Will be a interesting one to see what sound decoders will fit though. Although great the speaker already installed. Chris
  18. Chris89


    Can give another good review for this shop. Ordered some Roco Coaches (74127 ) To go with the BR85 i got in Hamburg. Ordered Thursday arrived today this morning. Can see my go to place for future German stuff i will get. Chris
  19. Got mine today and a gorgeous little locomotive, Seems to run fine although squeaks a little, but hopefully will go away with a little running it. Also took two photo's of the J70 next to what i got in Hamburg being a Roco BR85 Now to just get the DCC Decoder or be adventurous and follow the sound file example in the manual? Chris
  20. Great to hear, Looking forward for my MR-201 as well. Knowning my luck, will arrive when away for B'day later in the week.
  21. Well could be a expensive year for me. Bittern looks tempting, so will the Large Prairie as well. But more importantly Mark 2Fs for my 68 to pull (Will see what Bachmann announce though) The Scotrail HST GTI power cars and coaches as well. The USA Scotsman would have been a yes, if it wasn't the 'bling' version. Lets see what Bachmann announce now, but then to Hamburg in March for 30th, so that will likely be expensive if get to a model shop. Chris
  22. Just to say the chains have come for my model now, so has the letter and invoice. Will be done after back from Holiday. Just to wait for the Guard Iron replacement now Chris
  23. Thanks, Good to hear about that for the Chains, just the other bit got to hear back about. Chris
  24. Mine has just arrived and is a gorgeous model Although two minor issues, both the chains came off in transit, but have found all parts within the box though, although more concerning is some detail/ comestic damage on the Right hand check iron (Will email Locomotion about though) Runs perfectly as well. Video as well Chris
  25. Some gorgeous photo's posted of the Single. Like others got the dispatch email for myself and gladly coming before Holiday Also another good thing a person from work also wants to see it and has a layout as well, so will be able to get some video's off her running with some coaches (Also hopefully when it arrives a Dynamometer car as well) Chris
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