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  1. That's why I was surprised you mentioned a Pier Head-Esplanade shuttle for the first closure? Anyways, last weekends Smallbrook Lane gauging work looks complete - some nice new track and ballast on the Down Line under the bridge ready for the 484s to start overnight testing in the coming months. Shame about the signal/points failure on Monday morning though...
  2. I'm sure I saw both 006 and 008 at St Johns and the track relaying would surely have meant no power supply?
  3. Worth noting that this weekend they are lowering the Down line under Smallbrook Lane, having done the same for the Up under Rink Road in Ryde last weekend - that should address the two tightest spots on the line for headroom and allow the 484s to start testing in the coming months.
  4. It's worth noting that most of that infrastructure was only ever needed on a few summer saturdays; while traffic did decline, visitors also arrived at different times often for shorter stays which smoothed out those crazy summer peaks.
  5. A *big* milestone has been achieved in recent days - the 9-car 345s are back in operation and working services to Heathrow using ETCS. A long time coming!
  6. Electrification of the network including EWR does appear to be back on the agenda at the DfT now Grayling has left, the 2050 net-zero commitment looms ever larger and there's more understanding about the limitations of battery/hydrogen propulsion. RAIL are quoting a statement from EWR about the short 4 (+2) year lease for self-powered trains that says: The DfT's Baroness Vere confirms yet another post-Grayling rethink...
  7. You said it was ironic that the WLL can't have extra trains, but *to be fair* it's just had a frequency increase - the extra 378s available has allowed London Overground to increase frequencies on the NLL (10tph) and WLL (5tph) during the peaks.
  8. I think the current plan is to rebuild roughly on the present site but realigned, allowing a better route for the through line.
  9. To be fair they're now running 5tph on the West London Line during the peaks - with 10tph on the NLL - thanks to the 378s freed up from Euston-Watford. 5-car 710s will then allow a further cascade, displacing 378s from the NLL to boost frequencies on the ELL.
  10. I can only assume they were confusing the 397s with the loco-hauled mk5s, of which there are still 4 in use.
  11. Should be thirteen 802s in use now plus a third 397, with all the withdrawn services back running.
  12. EWR services are almost certainly too long and energy intensive for battery units, and Hydrogen would be highly problematic - who knows what they'd cost, what operating restrictions will be imposed and what capacity they'd have (if the proposed 321 conversion is anything to go by...)
  13. Worth noting that TPE reintroduced a good number of cancelled services this week with the rest following in a few weeks time - IIRC there should be 11 802s out and about daily now.
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