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  1. This letter does a good job explaining why - without finding some time between Ryde and Brading - passing trains at the new loop is looking problematic. https://www.countypress.co.uk/features/19727028.brading-passing-loop-island-lines-major-problem/
  2. Despite talk of level boarding at Brading and significant work replacing the adjacent cattle creep with a culvert, underpinning the platforms and excavating the trackbed... the track itself appears no lower now than before. Presumably it's been descoped at some point - no great surprise - but it's left the 484's wheelchair ramps somewhat inadequate. Anyone know more? (484001 being delivered last year and a video uploaded today)
  3. Timekeeping is much better today so far, losing a minute here or there along the way but it's actually an hourly service.
  4. Bit of a weird day. - Signalling issue at Ryde in the morning. - Poor timekeeping, presumably due to dwell times, new speed limits and TPWS? - Lineside fire near Sandown kyboshed the service mid-afternoon. - Surprisingly they used the horn instead of the whistle for crossings - I did wonder how they'd get that past the ORR tbh, even though it's distinctive and what people here expect.
  5. The LT museum did some filming last week for their latest Hidden London Hangout, includes footage onboard and from the cab - Hidden London Hangouts S4E10
  6. Hopefully you can see this linkedin post by the signmaker AJ Wells, showing the signage at Brading - I remain totally baffled by the foot crossing, the fencing is above head height yet it still looks like the crossing will remain open with only a stern warning to look both ways. Quite bizarre. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ajwellsandsonsltd_architecture-branding-construction-activity-6859134600984190976-7MEU ...on closer inspection some of the fencing on the far side has been cut down, but the view towards Sandown is still obstructed. There's been a lot of activity at Brading this week I gather, presumably trying to sort this out?
  7. They've found a use for the adaptor coupling - thanks to James for capturing 484004 pushing 006 down to Sandown, where both remaining 483s now await transport to wales.
  8. It's the signal on the disused platform to the left that's co-acting - there was talk of a sighting issue, perhaps for stationary 4-car trains which stop too close to 34 for the driver to see it? In support of this you can actually see in the photos below, taken from near identical positions, that the signal appears to have been turned slightly. Island Line 483006 by George (L305 PWR), on Flickr 484003 Ryde esplanade 09/09/21 by James_Pilbeam, on Flickr
  9. An unusual (unique?) development at Esplanade - to aid with sighting they've repurposed the redundant WFP35 on the pier shuttle platform to be a co-acting signal. There had been talk of a signal in the four foot of the old down line but the hole was later filled in, so presumably someone noticed that a simpler solution was literally right in front of them. 483008 | (appr.) Ryde Esplanade, Isle of Wight (1) by jimbolimbo9, on Flickr
  10. It appears the daily test running now extends up the pier - 2-car sets ran this morning, while this afternoon on the webcam a 4-car set has arrived at Esplanade at around 25 mins past the hour (returning 10 later).
  11. One for the history books - the first 4-car runs on the Island. Not seen a train this long for many years...
  12. That explains the safety boats, and the considerable number of people onboard! Hopefully they'll now start regular running up the pier.
  13. Good news: First train to the Pier Head since January can be seen (14:53) on the webcams travelling up the pier... Bad news: It stopped about 3/4 of the way up, and at this moment is stationary with the lights flashing.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkmhN7P8U-4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-44KECp-xQ
  14. Interestingly RTT appears to be showing paths for the training currently underway - in theory leaving St Johns for Shanklin every half hour from 8:51 to 17:21 all next week. In reality they've been running hourly and clocking off mid-late afternoon (so far at least), but this may be useful for anyone wanting to see them? https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/search/detailed/gb-nr:RYR/2021-08-30/0910?stp=WVS&show=all&order=wtt
  15. Funnily enough an everyday sound on the Isle of Wight until just a few months back - the same type were fitted to the Standard Stock and 483s to replace the LU originals. Some were even ex-Class 71, recovered from the electro-diesel conversions.
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