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  1. They are pretty much there now, still finishing off Brading but the ramps are nearly done and just needs lighting, fencing and surfacing to complete AFAICT. Anyway, big news today - 484001 has been towed through the tunnel by a unimog, both Up and Down lines apparently. Didn't venture onto the pier though. https://www.facebook.com/groups/355569249197459/permalink/509569960464053/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/355569249197459/permalink/509546340466415/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/355569249197459/permalink/509570217130694/
  2. It seems most stations are now more-or-less complete, Brading being the exception unfortunately. Lake by Chris, on Flickr Shanklin by Chris, on Flickr
  3. Interesting photo of 004 being moved to Sandown - confirms both signals on the Up line at Smallbrook have disappeared, surplus to requirements? https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=4369870343023514&set=a.192468694097054
  4. 484004 came over on the ferry yesterday, while today 007 was propelled at walking pace by a Unimog to Sandown - it's now being loaded ready for transport to Havenstreet: 483007 at Sandown by Chris, on Flickr 483007 and 484004 at Sandown by Chris, on Flickr
  5. AIUI only Shanklin is gaining any screens (Pier Head and Esplanade already have them) - one appeared late last year under the canopy next to the taxi rank. 002+003 did another return trip to Fareham last night, that surely bodes well?
  6. I was just remarking on the 'off peak season' - aside from Winter Sundays, evenings etc it's half-hourly all year round. Even when they aren't, without passenger information screens it would seem unwise to confuse people by putting Down trains in the Up platform.
  7. Progress, hopefully - 002 and 003 were back on the network last night doing more runs to Fareham so Network Rail must be happier, and they sound ok in Stuart's video below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/376349029705042/permalink/737316100274998/ Fingers crossed it went as hoped and there are more runs soon.
  8. I've seen the suggestion that permission would be gained from the signalman but it's not clear how this would work - the station is unstaffed and the foot crossing carries a reasonably well used footpath. They could re-route it but I've seen nothing mentioned so far. Are you sure? I was expecting trains to pass at Brading all year round.
  9. Perhaps, but it's all semantics - the foot crossing will be open and available regardless. Besides, with the stairs of this temp bridge located at the far Ryde end of the platform the foot crossing won't be much further to walk anyway. Nope, the footpaths use foot crossings either side of the station.
  10. I'm not sure I follow? Neither footbridge will be PRM-compliant, anyone using a wheelchair will need to use the foot crossing at the other end which is being rebuilt with suitable ramps down to track level. Nothing's being replaced - there was, and still will be, a footpath crossing at the other end of the station which will also give access to the other platform. The footbridge is additional, and won't be needed until passenger trains start serving Platform 2... eventually. The bi-directional signalling could even delay that, if services start off hourly.
  11. True, but why would it matter? Passengers can just use the foot crossing at the other end, which they'll probably prefer to this temporary one anyway. The whole thing is bizarre.
  12. SWR were offering carriages free to a good home, so someone shelling out £32k for a rusted-through shell seems... unlikely. Anyway, the temporary footbridge is now going up at Brading so the old one can be sorted out - quite why it's needed with a foot crossing and no trains for many months is hard to understand, but the views should great.... Brading by Chris, on Flickr
  13. Interesting video this showing a steam-hauled clearance run through Platform 2 at Brading, might be worth trying again at this rate...
  14. When Go-Ahead took over local management were really expansionist and it was a big success, people would write to the local paper complaining about too many buses on the roads. Back in 2007/08 they even tried running 24/7 on their main routes which was pretty extraordinary.
  15. This presentation by OSL to the 'Railway Civil Engineers Association' doesn't give any hint of further delay so I guess time will tell. Interestingly a connection to the Steam Railway for engineering access, planned but ultimately not installed, could yet be resurrected... (50:33)
  16. Hard to say what the situation is regards signalling and any remaining gauging issues, but this aerial footage does suggest the stations should be ready - the island at Brading was, and presumably still is, going to take a little longer to commission.
  17. If the infrastructure work isn't finished it won't be far off and much - though certainly not all! - is Covid related. Vivarails delay will be many, many months and Adrian has admitted can't be blamed much on the pandemic.
  18. Remember these have a new traction package with AC motors, and these tend to struggle with the 3rd rail I think it's safe to say? Getting them to behave has often required extensive testing at Old Dalby, Wildenrath, Bournemouth etc but Vivarail ran out of time on the island and some limited running on Bombardier's short test track never seemed sufficient.
  19. I was under the impression Sandown was being resignalled to match Brading, it certainly looks that way.
  20. These facebook posts show progress at Sandown and Shanklin (the split-level platform and miles of fencing look.... interesting), and Smallbrook. Note the missing Up signal alongside the headshunt. https://www.facebook.com/groups/355569249197459/permalink/478321476922235/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/355569249197459/permalink/478111670276549/ All the new signals at Brading are now up, though only one has route indicators curiously. Ramps down to the foot crossing are underway and copers back on the Down platform. Brading by Chris, on Flic
  21. A 4-car 484 should be around 10m longer than it was with the old fleet, so not much room to play with.
  22. Presumably modern standards, the sand drag seemingly replaced by a sliding friction buffer? I've also managed to grab photos this evening of the rather odd split-level platform at Sandown, and the replacement signal protecting the line to Shanklin: Sandown by Chris, on Flickr
  23. Not much left to do at Shanklin now, note how the buffers have moved towards Sandown. Shanklin by Chris, on Flickr Shanklin by Chris, on Flickr Shanklin by Chris, on Flickr
  24. All four AIUI. Colas 70813 Colton Jn by Adam J Gibbons, on Flickr Sentinels to Progress! by TheRosyMole, on Flickr
  25. While the railway is shut they are refurbishing the various footbridges, with Alresford near Shanklin back open - more progress at Brading too, with the electrical side coming along well. Alresford Footbridge by Chris, on Flickr Brading by Chris, on Flickr Brading by Chris, on Flickr
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