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  1. This letter does a good job explaining why - without finding some time between Ryde and Brading - passing trains at the new loop is looking problematic.





    Running time from Ryde Pier Head to Brading on the old timetable was 14 minutes which was quite tight and trains often ran a little late in the summer period, particularly if a stop at Smallbrook Junction was required.

    There was a seven minute turnaround at the Pier Head which meant that a train took 35 minutes to get from Brading to the Pier Head and back.

    Brading Station is only ten minutes travel time from Shanklin which means the passing loop is nowhere near halfway along the line.


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  2. Despite talk of level boarding at Brading and significant work replacing the adjacent cattle creep with a culvert, underpinning the platforms and excavating the trackbed... the track itself appears no lower now than before.


    Presumably it's been descoped at some point - no great surprise - but it's left the 484's wheelchair ramps somewhat inadequate. Anyone know more?


    (484001 being delivered last year and a video uploaded today)





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  3. Bit of a weird day. 


    - Signalling issue at Ryde in the morning.

    - Poor timekeeping, presumably due to dwell times, new speed limits and TPWS?

    - Lineside fire near Sandown kyboshed the service mid-afternoon.

    - Surprisingly they used the horn instead of the whistle for crossings - I did wonder how they'd get that past the ORR tbh, even though it's distinctive and what people here expect.


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  4. Hopefully you can see this linkedin post by the signmaker AJ Wells, showing the signage at Brading - I remain totally baffled by the foot crossing, the fencing is above head height yet it still looks like the crossing will remain open with only a stern warning to look both ways. Quite bizarre.




    ...on closer inspection some of the fencing on the far side has been cut down, but the view towards Sandown is still obstructed. There's been a lot of activity at Brading this week I gather, presumably trying to sort this out?

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  5. 20 hours ago, Mike Storey said:

    Interesting -- thanks - but is that co-acting with the signal on the left, or vice-versa?

    7 hours ago, Nick C said:

    That's the bit I don't quite understand either - WFP34 on the former up platform will have much better visibility (being on the outside of the corner) than 35 on the down, so wouldn't need repeating.


    It's the signal on the disused platform to the left that's co-acting - there was talk of a sighting issue, perhaps for stationary 4-car trains which stop too close to 34 for the driver to see it?


    In support of this you can actually see in the photos below, taken from near identical positions, that the signal appears to have been turned slightly.


    Island Line 483006 by George (L305 PWR), on Flickr
    484003 Ryde esplanade 09/09/21 by James_Pilbeam, on Flickr

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  6. An unusual (unique?) development at Esplanade - to aid with sighting they've repurposed the redundant WFP35 on the pier shuttle platform to be a co-acting signal.


    There had been talk of a signal in the four foot of the old down line but the hole was later filled in, so presumably someone noticed that a simpler solution was literally right in front of them.



    483008 | (appr.) Ryde Esplanade, Isle of Wight (1) by jimbolimbo9, on Flickr

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  7. Interestingly RTT appears to be showing paths for the training currently underway - in theory leaving St Johns for Shanklin every half hour from 8:51 to 17:21 all next week.


    In reality they've been running hourly and clocking off mid-late afternoon (so far at least), but this may be useful for anyone wanting to see them?



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    On 08/08/2021 at 22:26, Nearholmer said:

    The only whistles I recall on the southern were the 71s, which used to give a  blast as they came under the bridge at Tonbridge with the Night Ferry. Why, I'm not sure, maybe they were scared of the limited clearance of the mouse-hole. The sound was nothing like a steam loco whistle, and only a tiny bit deeper and firmer than the LU ones ...... a slightly ghostly sound.


    Funnily enough an everyday sound on the Isle of Wight until just a few months back - the same type were fitted to the Standard Stock and 483s to replace the LU originals.


    Some were even ex-Class 71, recovered from the electro-diesel conversions.

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  9. BBC: Isle of Wight rail work falls further behind after flooding



    South Western Railway (SWR) said it could not give a specific re-opening date but expected the railway line to remain closed into the autumn.

    It said newly laid ballast had been washed away from underneath sleepers and electrical, signalling and points equipment had also been damaged by the water.

    In a statement, the operator said: "We had been aiming to reopen the Island Line in the first half of next month, but flash flooding has added uncertainty to our programme.


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  10. 4 hours ago, Chris116 said:

    They should get one for the Lymington branch so it could be an electric railway seven days a week. 


    That's been the case for a few years now hasn't it? Last photo of a 158 on flickr is 2018.


    Here's a video of the testing at Fareham, looks like some management turned up to check how things are going: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wIrkqN73lg




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  11. The IW Council have published a summary of their 'restoring your railway' proposals, the best they could come up was Ryde-Newport... via Sandown, a laughably impractical idea using 'hybrid light rail'. A missed opportunity and a waste of £50,000 unfortunately.





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  12. It's been quite the palaver, but in the next few days the pedestrian structure at Skew Bridge near lake will be lifted back into place - the post below details the night it was removed.


    Safe to say the access point for the road-rail crane is not one you'd expect... anyone know why it couldn't just trundle along the railway from Sandown (or Shanklin)?





    This weeks task for the team trackside Isle Of Wight:

    - Enable access trackside 
    - Remove existing pedestrian crossing 
    - Supply and lay track mats
    - Construct temporary stone RRAP
    - Create crane pad trackside 
    - Break out and free ends of the bridge structure 
    - Lift out whole the bridge and transfer to staging point 
    - Secure ends of bridge and RRAP to prevent unauthorised access
    - Split bridge into 3 sections
    - Load out for full off site  refurbishment 
    ‘It’s not the load you carry that weighs you down, it’s the way you carry it’



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  13. On 29/05/2021 at 22:17, Mike Storey said:


    My prediction of mid- June for completion of all works does not look so shabby.


    So, even if the trains had worked perfectly from the off, there would have had to be some significant temporary works, or workarounds, to allow them into service. In a way, Vivarail have let SWR off the hook slightly. But, no matter, the trains seem to be working better now, so we should not be far away from Island testing and driver training...... he says hopefully.


    They are pretty much there now, still finishing off Brading but the ramps are nearly done and just needs lighting, fencing and surfacing to complete AFAICT. 


    Anyway, big news today - 484001 has been towed through the tunnel by a unimog, both Up and Down lines apparently. Didn't venture onto the pier though.









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