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  1. Thanks for the photos. Aside from shingle making for rubbish ballast, can't be much fun to walk on either! Don't suppose you've any idea how old the bullhead sections are? Must be 70/80+ years old and here to stay presumably.
  2. Any lowering would be very minor I'm sure, so the existing pumps should cope fine. The problem historically was monktonmead mead - this can burst and flow along the railway into the tunnel, overwhelming the pumps and filling the tunnel almost to the roof. Recent Environment Agency works will hopefully prevent this happening again, but the track through the tunnel must have spent many weeks submerged over the years since it was last relaid. st johns road station - RYDE by Angela, on Flickr Train Tunnel under water, Ryde in Flood by Claire Kay, on Flickr Ryde Tunnel Flood 24-12-13 (1) by Steve Wright, on Flickr
  3. That's a fascinating insight, thanks - you could tell the difference shingle ballast makes when it was replaced under Smallbrook Lane last year, like being on a totally different railway. Don't suppose you heard anything about plans for the tunnel? I'd have though that was one section of track they'd be keen to relay given how many times it's flooded, and SWR recently suggested it may need lowering to fit the trains through anyway.
  4. Can you say more about what you found? Much is said about how poor the track is compared to the mainland, especially the shingle/gravel ballast, but the 483s clearly didn't help. With track improvements appearing significantly more modest than SWR implied - descoped presumably - it will be interesting to see how the 484s cope and if/how quickly some of the old characteristics return.
  5. Nope, there's still plenty to do and I presume they want to make some progress with testing at Eastleigh first.
  6. Platform works are on the final straight now, with Esplanade approaching completion and work starting in the last few days at Pier Head visible on the webcams. Signalling work has now ramped up too, especially at Brading where platform underpinning looks finished and new track laid and ballasted.
  7. They come over in short lengths but can be welded together later - IIRC they decided to weld every other joint to help the 483s ride quality. There was talk of more welded track but so far they've only been greasing fishplates, spot re-sleepering, replacing the worst rails and cutting out worn rail ends. Perhaps the welding will come later?
  8. Disappointing but sadly predictable news - according to Island Echo they'll be using the time to complete some of the station works planned for later this year. At least there's now a project update on the SWR website, and I've been able to take some photos of the latest progress at Brading with the new southern turnout in place and cattle creep replaced by a culvert:
  9. Just seen these on flickr - the northern turnout at Brading is in place and platform rebuilding/underpinning is well underway, while platform surfaces at Sandown continue.
  10. How strange, I've reposted it and seems to work. It's just a link to the council's planning portal so easy enough to google if not. As for the LBC, that is indeed wishful thinking!
  11. Finally some concrete detail about the plans for Brading, with an application for Listed Building Consent. The island platform will return to use with heritage-style lamps and PRM-compliant ramps down to the existing foot crossing. Search for 21/00195/LBC at https://publicaccess.iow.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple&searchType=Application
  12. Work is well underway, with track and ballast removed at Shanklin: https://www.facebook.com/groups/355569249197459/permalink/427021858718864/ https://www.facebook.com/ShanklinConservatives/posts/2729435750720412 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10159418553437755&set=p.10159418553437755&type=3 Lake is all but finished with it's new full height platform: The Up platform at Sandown appears to be approaching completion, using the same pre-fab system as Lake above the old surface: Brading is finally progressing, with ballast being laid for the southern turnout and new signalling equipment beginning to appear, while the Ryde end of the Down platform is being rebuilt. https://www.facebook.com/groups/355569249197459/permalink/426597782094605/ https://www.facebook.com/RCRIOW/posts/162741342278088
  13. She lives! After three years of work 007 can be seen on the Ryde Pier webcam doing a test run, at 15:49 and 16:03:
  14. It wasn't actually real! Just a bizarre error-ridden hoax... Chinese HS2 letter was ‘fake news’ "Speaking at Chatham House in London, ambassador Liu Xiaoming said: ‘The Chinese railway authority did not write a letter to promise it can deliver the HS2 project within five years’. He also used the phrase ‘fake news’. The letter included an email address which did not have an official domain name connected with the railway in China and quoted the postal address of a ‘representative office’ in Malaysia. In reality, the railway’s head office is in Beijing. The letter was signed by someone who also does not seem to exist. According to City A.M., the China Railway 16th Bureau Group has since denied that it wrote to HS2. It is quoted as saying: ‘Our company knew nothing about the letter which appeared recently in certain media and was written in our company’s name to the chief executive officer HS2 before our company read the letter in the media.’"
  15. Unfortunately it seems there may not be any Island Line service until 007 finally returns to service, hopefully in the near future - 008 failed an exam this morning and it sounds like she might not be back, having been removed from the shed and left with 004 and 006. Update: Buses replacing trains till the 14th. ...but in more positive news, James has filmed 484001 moving about the Works on the 3rd rail this morning.
  16. AFAIK that's not been allowed on the Island for some years now. They can move between carriages but only when stationary - after a year (?) of being stuck at the Ryde end of the train, every unit had a buzzer fitted in the other carriage so, after a year (?) of being stuck at the Ryde end of the train, they could complete door duties and switch carriages before giving the right away.
  17. I can't think of any tube vehicles leaving for maintenance, just preservation or scrapping. Overnight testing starts from Monday btw.
  18. Hopefully a return to service, any updates will probably crop up first on the facebook group below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/355569249197459
  19. That's the two bridges - the Up line under Rink Road and the Down line under Smallbrook Lane were both lowered in August. All gauging work should be complete as testing should have started some time back. Richardson Rail posted photos of the work on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RichardsonRail/posts/643531912936619 Before the 1960s whistles were common on the Southern Railway/Region, but most if not all such units were retro-fitted with two-tone horns - even some early CEPs and DEMUs came fitted, as can be seen above the drivers windscreen below: East Croydon by Timothy Saunders, on Flickr 1121 Hastings unit seen at an unknown location. I Cuthbertson collection by Ian Cuthbertson, on Flickr A surprising exception were the Class 71s which retained them to the end - as can be seen here these are the same design fitted to the 483s; you can also hear this a few seconds into the following video of E5001: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp_W8mBpszo This was all confirmed by a former staff member at Ryde, a local railway historian who actually helped create replicas for the 483s to replace those in poor condition. 006 has failed and requires too much work to reinstate with 008 soldiering on alone - the priority now is 007, which is almost ready to go.
  20. The Standard Stock and 483s were given 'mainline' whistles, as once fitted to EMUs on the 3rd rail network - IIRC they started off with originals, including examples recovered from Class 71s, but later replicas were made. 484001 appears to have kept it's LU original. Not aware of any, and none should be needed - the tightest spots were two overbridges where track was lowered back in August.
  21. Sorry, looks like it was reposted. Try these: http://www.facebook.com/john.mitchell.90226628/videos/3616455335064977/ http://twitter.com/PhotographyRue/status/1329959324777582592
  22. 484001 has moved to St Johns tonight under battery power, there's a video on twitter showing her passing Brading: https://twitter.com/PhotographyRue/status/1329959324777582592 You might be thinking of Medina Wharf near Cowes? Newport Quay near the station was technically rail-served by a low-level bridge across the river, but only briefly and the sidings were probably never used.
  23. Nope, they both came over on scheduled sailings but I think they let the other vehicles off first. They aren't particularly busy at the moment anyway, unsurprisingly.
  24. The first unit, 484001, has arrived on the Island: https://www.islandecho.co.uk/first-new-train-for-island-line-arrives-on-the-isle-of-wight/?fbclid=IwAR1GnAZe5S9bcMz4prEgYaauHsEbnjC_bYCCCsZcFvzR2sgbki8Tk4yg3IY
  25. To be fair Hyperloop has been debunked many times - theoretically possible perhaps, but a low pressure tube of the length and alignment required remains totally impractical. This low speed, short distance test doesn't address any of the fundamental issues.
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