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  1. Not a cantilever, but the late Jack Trollope's "Fiddlestick Switch Job" used a plug in support for a stretched loco lift - picture 4 shows the end, then there are constructional details on page 2 of the thread
  2. The Princes Risborough webcam includes the C&PR station approach so it should be possible to see it on there when it runs https://railcam.uk/cameras/watchsingle.php?Cam1=RCPrincesRisboroughM&Diag=RCPrincesRisboroughM
  3. Such an inspiring little layout. And clearly full of operating potential.
  4. With respect Ian - and I must make it clear I greatly admire your layouts and new emag - there are other areas, both on the internet and in print, where the four square feet rule is exceeded. Even the Microlayout design gallery includes the word 'usually' in the definition.
  5. It was indeed a great day, everyone seemed really pleased to be out again. My favourite part was the quarry shunting, here's some phone footage to give a taste of what was going on.
  6. Just in case anyone's planning to visit tomorrow- I certainly am - their Facebook page says steam shunting demos in the quarry have been added to the attractions
  7. Their midweek DMU service is highly recommended for those such as myself that rather miss the blue / grey branchline era
  8. This is a really interesting thread, especially as yesterday, a secondhand Sentinel arrived in the post from Hattons. I've always worked in OO until now The original plan was to acquire further bits on an 'as and when' basis, but I'm absolutely captivated by the size and weight of the thing, so doubt I'll be able to wait that long! Looking forwards to watching it develop.
  9. Check out the ones on ebay at present - then slip him a tenner!
  10. Either would work I think, but Stepney's worth a fortune unless it's a wreck
  11. Think I preferred getting teaching jobs in the 80s - turn up for a chat with the Head after school, fill the form in afterwards if they liked you and offered the job. But then I always did gravitate towards the kind of establishments where people weren't queuing up to work!
  12. Like this - though know what you mean re motivation sometimes!
  13. That loading is great fun, despite the teething troubles!
  14. It is indeed a lovely layout and a fine advert (NB Hornby!!) for those Pecketts. I only have a W4 at present, but forsee The Earl arriving in the near future... Look forward to seeing the loading shed develop.
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