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  1. The signal box moved to Washford, don't know if it will get to stay there now the S and D stuff is being cleared out https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Burnham-on-Sea_signal_box_at_Washford.jpg
  2. They did at least put an information board on the site:
  3. Sadly not, the only real bits I remember were how huge everything was compared to the Grand Union back home and someone in an old style diving suit, huge brass helmet etc, working at one of the locks, looking like someone out of a Jules Verne story. And the bunch of girls from Skelmersdale...
  4. The aquarium sand looks a good match for the first photo with the LY Pug, though like you say a thinner layer would be better. Looks like a trip boat in the background to that one, which reminds me I went on a school trip along the canal, must have been 1972/73, which I'd completely forgotten about until now!
  5. I like this, it definitely has that south coast feel.
  6. So I'm guessing that this is on its way down to the Primrose Hill staithe shown above? Looking at the OS map, the "Iron Bridge"?
  7. Missed that one - Leicester LIP is becoming a good destination for my 'daily exercise' bike ride along the old GCR into town - caught the 56 on Sunday when it came down from Doncaster. Terrible filming, max zoom on phone whilst holding it wrong side of railings and police helicopter overhead!
  8. Super modelling and a really informative video, thanks! I do like the manual coupling and point levers, seems very in keeping with the size of the models
  9. I'm teetering on the brink of O gauge at the moment, this great little layout is one of the reasons! I take it all your loco collection (noting the comment about the Simplex and Peckett) all run well on the setrack points? I fancy an 05 and perhaps an 08. Additionally have you had any problems with buffer locking when propelling? Being able to use 3 link couplings is another thing that draws me to 7mm scale.
  10. Thank you for that, final obstacle to purchase removed!
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