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  1. Excellent choice Heljan, surprised its taken so long for someone to produce this stalwart of the 1st gen scene!
  2. Looks great - especially like the detailing in the loco shed
  3. Really enjoying reading through this thread. That line up of locos looks great, though I do think a lined apple green 04 would enhance it still further - even if you'd then be modelling the same loco twice. I recently bought a copy of Rails along the Derwent and am struck by what a modellable prototype it is. Like a UK version of a short line, but with compact locos and stock.
  4. The two little prong bits pull out of the socket, it's best however to push against the socket with something otherwise that might come too and break the bumper rail thingy - don't ask how I know that (luckily it repaired invisibly). If it runs poorly once the wagon is off check the pickups - I had to bend all mine out. Fiddly,,but worth it, it now runs better than my Hornby Peckett and Sentinel and isn't even run in yet
  5. At the other end I found a flat card factory, Street Level Models if memory serves me correctly, lurking on tha bookcase. It's exactly the right width to fill the end, tucking in nicely behind the Bachmann warehouse and buffer stops. Obviously it's removable for when everything needs to go back in the box. I like the hemmed in look but it does make the corner darker. Since I fancy adding some lights to the buildings that shouldn't be a massive problem.
  6. I realised there was room enough for two on the loco spur so I added an isolating break halfway along by cutting through one rail with a razor saw. I've soldered wires either side of the gap but need to source a suitable switch - or better still, steal something off one of the kids' finished with toys (not as mean as it sounds, they've reached that Xbox / phone stage and the charity shops round here aren't interested in anything that isn't mint). At present the two sides are permanently connected. I've also mocked up a low relief shed to cover the end of the spur and conceal the exit to t
  7. The first two pics on this page show the original: http://www.carendt.com/small-layout-scrapbook/page-97a-may-2010/
  8. I'd say one in the centre, between the two Y points, and a second one to the left of the left hand point. I don't think you need any rail breaks with setrack so that should do it. I remember the Stockton Tramway from the old MTI forum, sadly that seems to have disappeared now. It was on of those relatively simple layouts that managed to have bags of atmosphere.
  9. Had a play with static grass along the rear of the layout, 2mm, then 4mm and 6mm Autumn mix. Very happy with the result, I plan to add further vegetation and bushes next to break up the uniformity. Probably should have done something with the backscene before getting grass all over it though - like I say, in my world static grass is new tech, verging on witchcraft...
  10. Not masses of progress, the real world has been a bit demanding of late... I have however sorted out the power connections to the layout so that it will actually go away in the box. I use a Gaugemaster HH controller so I've installed a DIN socket on the front for it to plug into. Need to find some small enough screws to attach it neatly to the front, but it's wired up and working - second attempt though. At the rear is a socket for the 16v wall transformer that provides the power.
  11. I didn't go to Warley today, I attended the Bike Show in the hall next door. Noticed however when paying for the car park ticket via the machines outside the halls, they ask which show you've attended - answer Skills show or Model Railway show, you'll be charged £16, answer Bike Show it's £12! Maybe this was just an anomaly today, but make sure you don't click the wrong choice tomorrow...
  12. Great little layout, but still with masses of operational potential. Totally portable too!
  13. @SDJR7F88 love the sound on that video! Must have taken a fair bit of work but well worth it
  14. The Shunting Puzzles website works out the possibilities for 5 3 3 vs 3 2 2: http://www.wymann.info/ShuntingPuzzles/Inglenook/inglenook-trackplan.html See the 'Smallest Inglenook Possible' section towards the bottom. Clearly the outcomes are far more limited with the smaller version, though still I feel much greater than many other designs of layout. In my case the smaller size offers other advantages however, especially the fact I have room to leave it set up so it's ready to go at the flick of a switch. The larger one would have to be put away each time. Comes down to individu
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