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  1. Very nice, always good to see some more Virgin 47s. I live in hope of finding the Bachmann Totness Castle as a bargain spares / repairs type purchase. I don’t really need another one given my planes one loco per rake approach (and already having 47817 in Virgin and a Fraggonset 47/7 to run with the Virgin set.). But Totness Castle in its earlier Virgin XC branding is just so tempting...
  2. Very good choice of loco in 6022, a plain green King has been on my wants list for some time, so will be nice to see one. Though I have a long list of more pressing tasks to complete first. Look forward to seeing yours finished.
  3. If anyone is looking for photos of the new 61xx, Paul M-P has a review on his blog https://albionyard.wordpress.com/2020/06/21/Hornby-61xx-r3723-review/ Looks a very nice model, and will certainly be tempting my aim to avoid more RTR purchases (or at the very least wait for a comparison between it and the Dapol one)
  4. Looks great, will be adding a sheet to my next Railtec order!
  5. Very nice, I was very close to doing 510 before choosing to do 607 in DRS youve made a fantastic job of it! You are now making me want to do more class 37 projects, something I really must resist! My last spare EWS 37 body is getting dangerously close to a dunk in some paint stripper....
  6. I’ve been reading through the Taunton in the 40s articles in GWRJ (though so far I only have parts 2 and 4). there are a couple of interesting workings, in the formations section there is a Manor listed as traction for the 7:30Paddington to Plymouth, no photo but it says it’s based on spotting notes and photos. I think this is the first I’ve seen of a Manor on a Plymouth service in the 40s There are also two mentions of freight locos on passenger turns. first up 3833 in August 47 on a Nottingham (LMS) to Plymouth, you can only see the first coach (LMS). Another interesting thing in this photo is that the loco has one white lamp and one red, good to see you can still have red lamps in 47 The second is even more interesting, an unidentified Austerity on the down Riviera. It’s undated and the number wasn’t recorded (but given it was taken from a bulldog scrapped in September 47 it was clearly before then). The caption indicates that the loco would be changed at Exeter ( is it so implausible it wouldn’t have continued to Plymouth). Would be a good one to see running through Brent once you give in and buy an Austerity... Most of the rest is Kings and Castles, though there do seem to be a lot more Counties than I expected. Just a shame some of the photos are a bit small.
  7. There was an RMWeb member a while back (based on when I started Superb it was 2009 so rather more than a while) who was selling a very nice resin casting of the grills. Most annoyingly I only ever purchased one set, so the other 5 locos still have the Hornby grill. Does make a big difference. Its a shame Mr Hanson didnt cover the side grills at the same time the Extreme Etchings roof / window details were released...
  8. that makes sense, the Bachmann one is a bit of an oddity in that they made it 60ft6 long so it’s wrong for both! That said, I much prefer the roof detail of the Bachmann model so I am rather tempted to Go down the same route. sides are looking good so far!
  9. Is that a 60 or a 61ft side? What was your plan for dealing with the difference in length between side and source coach?
  10. Thanks will be interested to read it, I’m in much the same place in having a spare F (which has a damaged roof to boot). So seems worth having a go. Good idea with the 3mm scale transfer, if not Railtec have been very wiling to make small changes to transfers in order to adjust to requirements. The last I ordered they were prepared to adjust a logo to remove a web address from the artwork (which is a lot more work than resizing) So there’s a good chance they will be able to adjust it.
  11. Would be interested to see more as to how you did the conversion. I have been thinking about doing much the same on a spare siphon F. as for the transfers, might be worth asking Railtec if they can resize their existing transfers. From their source drawing it should be a pretty simple job.
  12. Does anyone have more info as to how these were converted to 3 axle chassis. Was it a simple case of an additional plate being welded / riveted in place between the existing ones (along with adding the additional axle boxes and springs etc) or was it more of a complete new underframe build? I really like the look of these early tanks with their short overhangs. All a little bit different to the later builds. So I was looking at the potential of adding the extra w iron etc to a Peco tank to modernise...
  13. Glad I wasnt the only one to make that mistake. Though I havent yet got around to removing the additional parts to back date it, I will at some point (when I get around to dirtying it up).
  14. A little more progress on the TPO last night, with the yellow lines added for one side of each coach. These were very old transfers (looking at the Fox logos on the packet I would say pre 2000 for certain), so I was a little concerned as to how well they would work. While they were a little too brittle to wrap around the ends of the coach, they stuck well and there is minimal film showing (unlikle the ModelMasters transfers for the ER / Travelling Post Office branding which I cant remove without loosing part of the transfer.) On these I have been carefully using a scalple to cut away the excess film. There are still a couple more transfers needed, the numbers, TOPs code and owners flash. I have a sheet of numbers, but it includes NSX/NTX rather than NSA/NTA codes. However I have spotted Fox do a sheet https://fox-transfers.co.uk/res-brandings-for-postal-vehicles which also includes the small RES logos that I need for a couple of coaches. The forth will need an EWS logo, which is a little more tricky. I think an N gauge loco 3 beasties will do the job. I still can’t find the roof for the NTA, I thought it lost behind the desk but no such luck. For the moment I will borrow a roof from another mk1.... At some point I will get on with finishing the other side...
  15. While it probably wont be a direct match, I am sure someone posted some Vallejo matches for Light / Dark Stone somewhere on the forum. Possibly in a nod to Brent. Might be a good alternative if you cant find an alternative source for Railmatch? I do like the photos of 1342, additional splashers aside it makes for such a nice looking little loco. One day I will end up building a chassis for mine (a pre production Kernow paint sample), as it has no motor or gearbox. But does look rather nice posed in the station.
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