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  1. Quoting a post from way way back in this thread, I picked up this loco from eBay back in 2016 without initially realising its providence. After reading these post and the comment that it had been tested on Little Blytham and was running beautifully made it the ideal loco for testing my own trackwork out on Brent during the early days of the layout. (A job it is going to repeat over the next few days to ensure everything is still running true.) Its certainly nice to have a loco that you know runs well to help determine if an issue is down to track or stock! The final line about it being an
  2. I made that mistake with a Hornby 08, then the wheel slipped messing up the quartering (and snapping a con rod in the process) Because I had superglued the crank pins on (and didnt know any better) I resorted to brute force to remove them (promptly snapping the crank pins). Still havent gotten around to fixing it (and this must have happened around 2008/9
  3. Now reunited with its chassis, awaiting couplings before returning to the layout
  4. I think the issue with Eynsham Hall most be down to the temperature and it being too cold to spray. I added a second coat to the tender today and had the same problem, likewise when respraying the damaged area on the firebox. So it’s been sanded back again and touched in with Vallejo mat black (something of a contrast to the rest in satin, but not a major issue given the next step was a coat of Dullcote). I also painted the smoke box in grey black as a start of the weathering process, added transfers and reduced the ModelMasters plates. it can now be reunited with its chassis and
  5. Background: This started off as a Bachmann model already in GWR livery and DCC fitted to boot, it has been renumbered to Newton Abbot's 5798 with a set of Narrow Planet plates and some HMRS transfers. A set of RT Models sandbox linkages were added to the front. The moulded rear lamp irons were replaced with the Finney etch, while the missing front / side lamp irons were added also with the Finney etch. A Hardy's Hobbies crew was added, and the loco was weathered / coaled. Finally the incorrectly positioned incorrect yellow RA indicator was replaced with the correct blue circle above t
  6. This morning I have been spraying Eynsham Hall into GWR black having removed the lining last night. Unfortunately the paint has reacted badly around the firebox, I’m now wondering if I had previously varnished the model and the paint is reacting. Will have a play this afternoon to see if it’s saveable with a partial respray and some weathering or if it needs a full strip back and start again.
  7. Background: The loco was a purchase from the estate of the late Comet owner, consisting of a Bachmann body / tender on a Comet loco chassis, and is an excellent runner (with a boiler stuffed full of lead). I immediately rebranded it to G crest W without realising that as far as can be determined only Modified Halls were in lined green. Eynsham Hall was chosen having recently stayed at the locomotives namesake. Further research showed that 4923 was painted black in 47. As well as the rebrand and identity change to 4923 with Modelmasters plates it has been fitted with a decoder (which h
  8. That is very true, so it clearly is Bachmann being rubbish with the details on the source model. Will have a look later and see how I can remove it with minimal damage... edit: now done, much better looking
  9. Last nights work finishing off 37403, which for now finishes off my class 37 fleet. At some point there will be a temptation to respray my remaining 1980s Tre Pol & Pen into Mainline and Red Stripe Cooksworthy into something more suitable, but for the moment they are destined to join 37207 in a display case. The fact that two of them are my own work will likely be their saving grace. I have done some work planning out the fiddleyard for my long term mainline project (with the current thinking focused around something inspired by Bodmin Parkway) looking at the
  10. I just spotted that my 74xx didn’t have any coal, so that has been rectified this loco doesn’t have a decoder so will likely stay inside for quite a while now as I don’t plan on spending on decoders until the layout is complete. Interesting to see the differences between the two panniers side by side. I am a little concerned with the route indicator dot on the 57xx, this was a Bachmann release in G W R livery and I completely missed the high dot. Going to be hard to fix now it’s weathered... I haven’t got a photo of the prototype so will probably leave i
  11. While going through photographing the stock for Brent earlier in the week I pulled out a couple of projects which needed more work. first off 4526 with the bare metal patches on the footplate. This has been sanded back to smooth the metal, before repainting in a weathered mix. It will now need taking apart to remove the porthole windows on the cab front and modify the bunker for adding coal, along with Dingham fitting The other loco is 5698, the Bachmann loco is pretty basic is it comes. So the focus of my work has been adding some of the missing details including:
  12. I am fairly sure there is a model of 4855 on ANTB, longer term I want to do one of the Castles to go with mine. The thing is that I currently have 2 express engines too many, so adding another is hard to justify when there is so much work to do on the layout (not to mention the weathering backlog)
  13. Background: For some strange reason Hornby have only ever sold the Grange in Great Western liveries with the Churchward 3500gl tender, while the BR versions have been offered with the Collett 3500gl version. This is a shame as the Hornby 3500gl Collett tender is rather nice, and I think the Grange looks a lot better with the bigger tender. As I wanted a GWR black loco, and 6829 had the aforementioned Collett tender in 1947 the best option seemed to be buying a BR grange and rebranding. The smokebox door numberplate was carefully carved off (replacing the missing bracket with Everg
  14. Background: The starting point is the excellent Hornby model sourced second hand with some minor issues which needed repairing to get it running (basically a full rewire and some bodywork repairs to the roof.) It has be renumbrered and the tender rebranded from shirt button to G W R with HMRS transfers. The model is fitted with a Lenz Gold decoder in the tender. Usage: The current fiddleyard layout includes 2 heavy freight workings, for which I have 4 engines available (although two of them are currently as of March 21 sat on the work bench awaiting attention). So 2846
  15. Background: This is a Hornby model which originally came with an unbranded tender and BR numbers on the cabside. It has been renumbered with the Modelmasters pack (which included transfers for the numbers as well as the etched plates.) The BR number plate was carved off the front (with the Southern ring hiding the remains) Usage: This is intended for use on one of the more unusual workings through Brent. There was a regular passenger service which for which the loco was provided by the Southern in order that their drivers could maintain route knowledge in case of closur
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