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  1. Having just finished 56049 I dont need a RTR model coming out and taking away its uniqueness :p Going to be very tempted to source a suitable model to build the example in Red Stripe (who's number escapes me) which was seen on the end of a Virgin Cross Country working.
  2. The final update on 56049 for now (at least until I make a start on weathering it) After receiving a coat of Testers Dullcote, the model was fitted with the missing handrails (the longer side of the cab door handrails all snapped when the model was stripped down). With that done the remaining orange cantrail stripe around the cab was painted on. It has been converted to P4 however the gears are a little loose on the new axles and it doesnt run too well, I need to source a set of Heljan gears which should solve the problem. I am thinking about test fitting an axle fro
  3. A start on the transfers highlighted an error in my painting, with the yellow extending slightly too far on the cantrail. The orange cantrail still needs to be extended around the cab roof (but this will be painted rather than transfers, and the transfers for the number haven’t worked too well and will need removing and reapplying with new transfers as there is far too much backing film showing. However it’s nice to see the Transrail logos on. Onto the other side… edit: a little more work last night got the roof corrected and the other sides transfers added.
  4. Makes such a difference when you start getting the modroc on and move away from the plywood expanse. Enjoying watching it progress.
  5. The tender for 3863 was sprayed black at lunch today, so it is now ready for transfers and weathering before finishing with a coat of mat varnish. The tender will need a little more work (its missing a handrail and the loco to tender coupling). The latter will need to be cobbled together from some brass strip (unless I can find one in the scrap box left from my Manor build.) Through some more research last night I have managed to find a photo of a wartime build 2884 which had gained windows in '47, there is also a record of the loco being in Swindon works for attention in 1946 a
  6. For me I would buy any new siphon model, however if I had to focus I would say the O11 My choices are:1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. My focused choice is: 3
  7. The other end of the slip is now fitted up and working, I think I will probably park it there for now as it still needs two more motors fitting, all of the check rails and the wiring. All jobs better suited for cooler weather!
  8. Post war was it kept as a generator or did they strip out all the kit and turn it into a standard parcels van? once I know if the modelling funds are safe (after my wife crashes the car into next door’s house!) I think I will drop Worsely a line to see if their etch can be adapted… will all depend on whether the car is repairable or a write off
  9. The next final building repair is now complete, and returned to the layout. Though it does not want to stay in position! I think I’d I do rebuild the layout this covered loading area may get replaced with a brass frame to get a lot more stiffness. I also have a temporary solution for the hole where the signal used to be, I am going to cover it with a large buddleia (a job for tomorrow). this leaves fitting the fiddleyards, replacing the broken switch and testing as the main remaining jobs. I also want to have a go at improving the joint between the concrete slab
  10. Success!!!!! the first half of the Kingsbridge slip now has a working point motor! It looks a bit messy (as I ended up with a solid bar linking the two tiebars as part of my last attempt at fixing) but I fitted a 1.2mm diameter drive rod to a Tortoise tonight, installed on the slip and it switches in both directions. I have prepped another, but it was so warm in the garage I couldn’t manage any longer. the 2884 is also now painted in black, I decided in the end I just wasn’t going to get the finish I wanted filling the window without a new side. So I just sprayed i
  11. Just gave it another test between calls, either the plate which hold the motor in place was too tight or the oil I applied loosened something inside the motor. Either way, it’s now running perfectly. so now I just need I confirm if it should have windows or not then I can paint….
  12. Last night I managed some good progress on the 2884, adding the missing boiler support from plasticard and fitting the new gear. However this loco Isn’t through with me yet, it now looks like the motor is also a dud. When you apply power (with motor removed from the gearbox) it spins up to full power then gradually slows back to a stop (despite full power still applied). I’m assuming there is no solution other than a new motor. The odd thing is I don’t recall this issue being there when I was resting previously (unless I didn’t leave it on long enough to see the slowing of speed)
  13. Good to see the etches, I should be receiving the similar D42 brake third any time now and rather looking forward to it
  14. Time Left: 22 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    A set of Gibson wheels for a Hornby 2800 / 2884 class comprising 4 driving wheels and pony truck wheel Plus a full set of Hornby rods bushed down to take a Gibson crank pin. wheels are all pre fitted with Hornby gear / bearings along with some spacer washers. The lead crank pin has not been modified to clear the slide bars, so some modelling will be required to get it working properly. (I was running it with just one drive rod as a cheat, not being able to manage the slide bar clearances being the reason I gave up on p4 steam.


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