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  1. I was mighty tempted, but it’s just a bit too pricy for me. I think if I was to be spending that sort of cash a Bachmann crane would be coming this way. I live in hope the arrival of a new Rtr model will result in cheap unbuilt kits hitting the market... Glad to heat the reason for the lack of updates recently is rugby, what with all of these fires in the news you had me worried.
  2. Interesting topic on a related note, has anyone seen details of post war Super Saloon workings to Plymouth? I have always found the Super Saloons a very interesting coach, and one that is somewhere on my to do list. but I’ve never managed to find any formation data...
  3. Have you seen the Rails announcement of the gas turbine 18000 with Heljan https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/2863/gas-turbine-18000-class its a bit pricy at £199 (And I think on past performance Heljan tend to struggle to get the detail / quality to match such a price), however it is mighty tempting. i want one in fictional Great Western livery as the future loco describes in the GW book (the last station?) published post war on their plans for the future of Atlee and Co hadn’t got in the way. Though at the price I may well have second thoughts....
  4. Didn’t even know there was one, my parents must have kept that quiet!
  5. Funny enough one of my modern models (a Lima model of 59005 in revised Foster Yeoman livery) came from the shame shop at a similar time as my Christmas present in that year in similar circumstances. While it has now been detailed and fitted to a Bachmann chassis it gets about as much use as your Castle, being out of period / region for both of my layouts!
  6. Such a shame that was in 1949, would have been a god addition to the goods yard in 47 otherwise
  7. Very nice work. Making me think I really need to get on and buy a bow pen! The old ratio kits scrub up rather well, I have one of the ex LNWR models awaiting lining (thankfully just the one line), then I really must get finished off to complete a mixed GW/LMS set seen at Exeter in ‘47
  8. @JimC I’ve been watching your thread on the GWR E-list with interest on the Bulldog / Bird details. Very interested to see what you come up with to add more details to my etched Bird refurbishment
  9. Bit of a long shot, I am trying to source a set of GWR mud door covers. Ideally the pressed brass Mitchell part (but white metal would do. In order that I can finish off my Bird. even more of a long shot, if anyone has a spare etch of the later flush con rods (I think I am right in calling it fluted). That would be very handy to replace the crude lipped version current on the model Thanks
  10. A little more progress today. first up the smoke box step and lamp iron have been soldered into place. The next job was one that I’ve been dreading. For some reason the cab windows were misshapen, with more of an L shape than the rectangular prototype. The solution was to solder a backing piece into the from scrap etch and then flood the front with solder before filing to shape. Much happier with the shape of the windows now. Moving on to the tender, the rear handrails have been soldered into position as have the rear steps. The lamp irons will be next which will finish the tender work. tomorrow it’s back to the loco and adding the washout plugs to the other side.
  11. An interesting discussion on the heavy freight locos. For me I think my favourite was always the 2884 series, the rebuilding of the cab makes them look not quite so old fashioned. It’s amazing to think that such an old design lasted so well. i have managed to do at least a little modelling to mine, converting it to an oil burner. Its a shame there was never a similar modernisation of the 47xx, it would have looked very impressive with a ‘proper’ cab on it! It does remind me I really must get on and get mine working (pickup problems I believe) built from a PDK kit. (The con rod is deliberately not fitted while I work on the running issues). It also needs work sorting out the dodgy weathering... My favourite non GW prototype has to be the 9f, the only BR standard that I would love to have a model of! There’s something about the size of it along with that huge gap between boiler and chassis...
  12. Another nights work and Nightingale is starting to come together. The first task was to build a batch of 6 boiler washout plugs. I ended up making 8 as two were lost to the carpet at the final stage. (I suppose given my dyspraxia I should be happy that I have the coordination to make these things, but it does result in the loss of a lot of small parts!) The next job was to mark out the positions of the plugs (Using the drawing inspiration Russell and a photo as a guide), before drilling an indentation with a screw drill. Before drilling 1mm diameter holes with the pillar drill. The brass of the firebox is very thick so it took some effort even with the pillar drill. The holes were then opened up with cutting broaches to 1/16 before test fitting with a length of the brass tube. Normally I would want to solder these in, however the inside of the firebox contains some crude soldering, a lot of cruddy paint and generally isn’t in a great condition for soldering. To top it off it’s very tricky to get access to clean it up. Instead I just used superglue... So that is the first side done, tomorrow I need to repeat the process for the other side. Other remaining jobs: >tender rear details (steps, lamp irons, handrails) >rivet details on smokebox, bufferbeam and bogie (I need to find a uk source of Archers transfers) >mud door covers ( I may have a go at scratch building some as I can’t find any in the scrap box). >smokebox dart >Reattach handrail >Test motor and decide on how it will eventually be powered >determine livery, I am tending towards wartime black, but I’d love to confirm dates 3449 was in the works between 43 and 48 To help confirm it
  13. On my GWR Bird build I need to add missing rivets to the smokebox, buffer beam and bogie. I have never used rivet transfers before, and was hoping for some advice on how best to use them along with U.K. suppliers. The model is built from etched brass, is it best to prime the model first with etch primer before adding the transfers? if so, do you apply a second coat of primer to seal them in before spraying the top coat? is there anything else I should know before using them? Having spent a lot of time last night adding scratch built boiler washout plugs to the model, I want to get on with the final job!
  14. In my last post I mention listed the parts still required to finish the Bird. I also mentioned the woes with my wife’s car (which needs a new DPF in addition to parts for the Turbo). Needless to say as we approach Christmas, the modelling budget has been slashed to fund said repairs. (And some eBaying will be needed to get ready for Warley and some layout essentials which are required there.). All in all it leaves nothing left for the Bird. However all is not lost, I can scavenge some parts (mud doors, smokebox dart) from a Finney 2251 that given its a P4 build is rather down the “to finish” pile. The lubricator? cover on the smokebox can be scratch built (the scratch built one on the Manor came out ok). So that leaves the rivets (no alternative but to buy in) and the washout plugs. for the latter I was sure I must have bought some when I detailed an Airfix 14xx, however rereading an old blog post it turns out I scratch built them. So digging through my stores I found a length of 1/16 brass tube, along with some brass pins and started a few test builds I have now made 5 (and lost 2 of them while fettling. I need 16! So will be making more over the next few evenings. Unfortunately the noise while cutting prevents me working too late on them. once done they can be drilled and soldered into place on the body.
  15. Very interesting thread. Is there much information available on liveries? Other than the photo of Pelican In ex works G W R green, I’m trying to confirm the post war liveries of others in the class, in particular Nightingale. So far I haven’t managed to find any suitable period photos.
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