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  1. A little work on my heavy tanks, 4292 has been fitted with the Brassmasters frame overlays, buffer beam brackets and guard irons, along with new sandbox castings and mushroom vents. this was followed by painting the chassis block and wheels in a weathered mix, and adding some more weathering to the body (which just needs the finishing powders now). it’s never been a good runner, something I had down to the poor design. Stripping down the motor / gearbox there is no sign of any lubrication. So it now needs to wait until some oil arrives from Gaugemaster before I can reass
  2. Pictures like that make me miss Sevilla Christmas lights in the warm, very pleasant!
  3. Very nice, always good to see such a variety of coaches in the passenger formations, seeing that coal train (plus having had the Pendon one pop up on Facebook earlier in the week) is really making me want to get modelling some more private owner wagons. I think 20 or so makes for a decent looking rake, (which I think means I need to buy another 10)
  4. Time Left: 28 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    This was to be my first attempt at one of these kits, back when I still modelled steam in P4. However I am now in the process of selling the vast majority of my Steam P4 stock so I do not see any reason why this will be completed. The kit is missing the detail etch (this is available from Brassmasters on its own), as I have already been using it to detail the body of what was intended to use the kit (while the remaining OO parts have been used to finish off that loco in its new guise for Brent.) I can include some of the small fittings which I have not used on my OO model) Includes bearings & other assorted small fittings but no wheels. Full instructions are also included.


  5. Time Left: 28 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    For Sale Steven Pool Body kit for a GWR 54xx tank in white metal, looks to be complete (includes all main parts + detail castings along with two very crude chassis frames.) There are no con rods included (and to be honest looking at those frames I would suggest a High Level chassis would be a good investment). I cant see myself getting round to building it given I already have a 74xx for the layout and have no need for anything autofitted.


  6. Good to see that they are doing a Z4 as opposed to being a duplicate of the Parkside Z2, though at over £30 for a short wheelbase wagon its going to be a tough one to justify (when you could have 3 parkside kits for the price) Its probably a good thing that the 15xx were a BR build as I dont think I would have been able to resist something with that much character, even if it never went anywhere near Brent.
  7. The first half of the clay set is progressing well, with the other 5 wagons modified and painted last night. I have also made an adaptor wagon with a dingham hook on one end and instanter on the other to allow it to couple up to a loco or brake van. I now need to solder up a dingham with loop to fit on the other end. some of the wagons were missing their weights, so lead flashing was added to bring them up to a consistent level. tonight I will get the transfers applied along with adding the wagon sheets
  8. Really like the Aberdare, very nice build. Have made a note of this thread for when I eventually get round to buying the Finney kit... the GWR vallejo mix sounds worth a try, I just wish someone would commission them to do a uk rail range...
  9. For me it’s rather the opposite, I have seen three photos post WW2 of centenaries. One of a CRE formation (the source of which escapes me), one well known shot of a complete set of centenaries on a Paddington WSM (with no diners) and finally a local Exeter Plymouth service making use of a BCK. For my layout the CRE was more typically a mix of Hawksworth and sunshine stock (as per my other formation). Given the limits of my fiddleyard having the up and down riviera is rather overkill, but I just like the centenary service too much
  10. The O33 is now complete, having assembled the Airfix / kit hybrid bogies this afternoon. It now needs a coat of etch primer (which has now been sourced) and it can go in the stock box awaiting spring and painting weather. Once painted it will need retracted corridor connections, card inserts to remove the see through louvers on the sides. I realised after taking the photos that I hadnt fitted buffers, so these have now been glued in place!
  11. While I still havent gotten to the bottom of the china clay workings, and my efforts to determine if a clay working through Brent would be a load of Ball Clay heading to Cornwall for onward dispatch (as indicated as a working in BR days in the Vaughn book), a delivery of Cornish clay to the potteries (would this be in O13s) or finally a delivery of South Devon clay to Cornwall for onward shipment (again referred to in Vaughn in the 1950s) think I will give the GWR E-Group a go to see if anyone can shed some light on it. I have continued to work on the wagons. I have 6 wagons whic
  12. Will drop you a pm in a moment as for the strips on the roof, I’ve looked again and would agree definitely too wide. Will get them removed later and try again, though I’m now debating after looking at photos If it’s worth bothering adding them at all...
  13. Great stuff, Lots of inspiration for doing something with my Lima pair. One the TPO is complete and ready for painting the plan is to finish off my parcels rake next, sorting out a pair of Lima siphons is a key part of it. I had completely missed your blog, glad to have found it.
  14. Back to work on the O33, last night I was having a quick look at the other TPO's working out what task to do next and ended up getting distracted by the temporary bogies under the O33. As mentioned previously the etched bogie frame included with the kit is designed to work with the MJT sideframes. I had a set of Comet frames, however these come with the passenger steps moulded as part of the side frame. I had looked as to whether it would be possible to remove these (as the etch has the smaller non passenger stock steps as part of the sub frame. Likewise I have Mainline / Bachmann frames
  15. One other bit of advice, once you have added the etched sides to the Airfix body, glue a length of Evergreen strip (from memory 40thou by 10 thou to the edge of the gutter channel, as the new sides are pretty much flush with it. this blog (and others around that time) showed the build. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blogs/entry/20377-more-centenarys/
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