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  1. Unsurprisingly I went for the plaster option so the bank along the front of the layout is now plastered. I am aiming to get to Hobbycraft tomorrow to buy some 2mm foam sheet which will progress the yard a little further (although it can’t be completed until the goods shed arrives).
  2. Another hours work and the rest of the slabs are in place. Some trimming may be required to fit the exact footprint of the buildings, but at least the layout is showing some progress! now time for the signal, with the first job fitting the motor in to one of the most inaccessible locations under the layout. (which of course means I will get side tracked and do some plaster work instead
  3. A little more progress at lunch, with the rest of the edging applied to the platform (along with the first two lengths of the surface. Still a long way to go (particularly a need to mark out the exact outline of the signal box and waiting room which have not yet been built to ensure the slaps are cut to fit.) So attention was turned to the signal, the aim being to work out exactly what I am going to do. I fitted the Dapol control box and then looked at the clearances. Unfortunately it looks like I have added the extra hole in the baseboard for the second linkage on the wrong sid
  4. It has been a while since I last did any work on the layout, the usual summer loss of interest hit hard (coupled with a need to work on getting Wheal Imogen ready for Lydd Rail early next month.) Having failed to book a slot in the gym this morning I took advantage of an extra hour before work to get out in the garage before it has warmed up too much and do a little on Brent. There are lots of jobs outstanding, most of which can be worked on fairly easily (the goods shed kit still needs a little development work and the need to source more plasticard for the station building are
  5. Brake Van wise I havent got a great deal of them on the layout (Just the Milk Van, K17 for the TPO and a K18 toplight. So any GWR designed PBV would be welcome. On the Monster front, I have gone for the the outside frame version (seeing as I already have the inside framed on built from a kit), though in all honesty if I wanted another Monster I would be more likely to try and source another kit. Passenger Brake Van 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Focused 2, 3, 7 For Monsters 8
  6. Thanks Andy Order has been placed, looking forward to it
  7. Interesting, I think I will stick an order in and give it a try. Hopefully the post war GWR period is covered in the Newton Abbot brakedown train article, as that would be spot on for my modelling….
  8. The van for the wagon sheets, I think was mentioned in either the Vaughn or Dart China clay books I know I’ve read it in at least one published work.
  9. I came across this photo on Flickr yesterday and thought it rather fitting for this thread, https://flic.kr/p/9azeKZ 43080 and 43078 with a TFO and TSO as a replacement for a Virgin 158 On an Edinburgh- Manchester service. Other than the single powercar that worked the rescue job on the Newquay branch, this has to be the shortest service HST I have seen. Wonder if Virgin did the same on other occasions…. At any rate I will definitely end up modelling it seeing as it means I can play with one of my HST on Wheal Imogen.
  10. Completely disregarding the previous post…. TPOs Would be difficult for a RTR manufacturer to have a good go at given the massive variation of models needed for one train. the Great Western (Penzance) TPO would need L23, L21, L18, L22 (with an L25 needed for summer 47 onward) plus a full brake with offset corridor. With multiple different lengths across them. The South Wales TPO had another 3 diagrams (2 lengths). the L22 at least can be used in two workings (with the GW TPO and as a single coach in the Plymouth - Bristol TPO working).
  11. Thanks for that link, I hadn’t thought to search groups and that is absolutely brilliant! Already added another 37 to my todo list (350 in green with cowlings) and made my second 56 decision even more difficult with a photo of 56035 In Loadhaul. It would have been an easy decision to do 19, but as it’s available straight out the box I’m less interested… with photos on that group of 33s, 73 and a 60. I think that leaves the class 20 as the only mainline diesels which didn’t end up in Virgin use in 97/98.
  12. The announcement of the new Calvelex Class 56 got me thinking of 56019 and it’s usage on Virgin Cross Country mk2s in 1998. this got me thinking of some of the other unusual motive power utilised by Virgin XC in the late 90s. As well as various 47s from Fraggonset and EWS, and the obvious Deltic D9000, I have seen mention of Class 31, 33, 37, 55, 47/3, 56, 58, 60 and 73s. Naturally I am most interested in workings into Devon and Cornwall, however anything else that was going on in this time period is almost as interesting! Some examples found trawling through Flic
  13. Having just finished 56049 I dont need a RTR model coming out and taking away its uniqueness :p Going to be very tempted to source a suitable model to build the example in Red Stripe (who's number escapes me) which was seen on the end of a Virgin Cross Country working.
  14. The final update on 56049 for now (at least until I make a start on weathering it) After receiving a coat of Testers Dullcote, the model was fitted with the missing handrails (the longer side of the cab door handrails all snapped when the model was stripped down). With that done the remaining orange cantrail stripe around the cab was painted on. It has been converted to P4 however the gears are a little loose on the new axles and it doesnt run too well, I need to source a set of Heljan gears which should solve the problem. I am thinking about test fitting an axle fro
  15. A start on the transfers highlighted an error in my painting, with the yellow extending slightly too far on the cantrail. The orange cantrail still needs to be extended around the cab roof (but this will be painted rather than transfers, and the transfers for the number haven’t worked too well and will need removing and reapplying with new transfers as there is far too much backing film showing. However it’s nice to see the Transrail logos on. Onto the other side… edit: a little more work last night got the roof corrected and the other sides transfers added.
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