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  1. GWR K22 Full Break
    GWR K22 Full Brake from Worsley Works etchings (00)

    Inspired by Robin on A Nod To Brent I decided my fleet lacked a GWR Full Brake. with help from the chaps on ANTB I selected the Worsley Works etched sides and ends for a K22 Toplight.


    Edit to say I have had an issue with photo download so this will continue shortly......

  2. Cornish Riveria Formation
    GWR Hawksworth coaches pre nationalisation

    If it helps, here is the formation of one of the Riviera sets in 1947 as listed in Harris [there were of course two sets]:


    Brake Third D131 [Hawksworth] - 838

    Third C82 [Hawksworth] - 792

    Third C73 [Collett] - 1490

    Composite E158 [Collett] - 7327

    Composite E155 [Collett] - 6136

    Dining car H26 [Collett 70 ft] - 9571

    First A22 [Collett] - 8100

    Third C82 [Hawksworth] - 800

    Brake Third D131 [Hawksworth] 837


    -and the Plymouth portion:


    Third C82 [Hawksworth] - 803

    First A20 [Collett] - 8044

    Brake Third D131 [Hawksworth] - 844


    One might have thought that nothing but the latest stock was good enough for the Riviera and through most of history this was indeed the case.  Before the advent of the BR Mk 1 in the 1950s there was a time when at least one Riviera set was all Hawksworth bar the diner, because there were no Hawksworth diners!  No BCKs though, as Adrian said.



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