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  1. Hi Tricky, Im so glad you are back working on Tewkesbury as your modelling is so inspirational. I see your building mock ups are made of 6mm mdf. Am I correct in thinking you then apply plastikard to these or are your buildings structured differently? Thanks, Paul
  2. Hornby magazine posted this a short while ago...looks great
  3. I spoke to the Dapol guys at the Telford show. The DCC sound chips and speaker are fitted here in the UK so should be coming out within a week or two.
  4. Dapol had the Jinty's on display at Guildex. I took these two photos as I couldn't make up my mind which one to go for. They look great and they were running one super slow... can't wait for my LMS one to arrive.
  5. Dundee any good? https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=jinty+scotland&client=safari&hl=en-gb&prmd=nmiv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiVvemc7eLVAhVqLcAKHcvqDTUQ_AUIEigD&biw=1024&bih=649#imgrc=OxitMalgssqMgM:
  6. Found this photo on Dapol's website under the Jinty development page. Looks very nice.
  7. I found this on YouTube, around 8.30 there is footage of the Dapol stand showing a decorated Jinty and the inverted Pannier. https://youtu.be/f0UIu-DA_vA
  8. . There is a photo on the Dapol jinty development page courtesy of railway modeller. Looks good so far... http://Dapol.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=781_783_786
  9. Hornby 67 diamond jubilee just sold for

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    2. Horsetan


      That's probably cost someone a good few shillings. And did I say shilling? I meant "quid"...

    3. 69843


      You'd think it was a 67 made out of diamond for that money

    4. carefreecfc


      What a waste of money !

  10. Hornby 67 diamond jubilee just sold for

  11. I was browsing the web and found this photo... i just love it and I thought of your layout. http://www.bmwcarclubgb.co.uk/regions/northeast/toton3.JPG Paul
  12. Wow amazing, I always look forward to your updates This one is the mother of all updates. Brilliant Ron, absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!
  13. ok no problem, thanks for replying Paul
  14. Hi DR, I want to install a decoder too, but wanted to check the performance of the TCS decoder you fitted. Does it provide really good slow running as I want to use the Jinty in a yard shunting and I presume the CV's are adjustable? Thanks Paul
  15. . I have seen them pulling pendolino coaches on the WCML to Liverpool I believe for converting 9 coach pendo's to 11 coaches. Check out this link for some excellent photos http://mkrail.smugmug.com/ Paul
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