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  1. I got a similar reaction under my watch on my left wrist. I couldn't work out how that happened until it dawned on me that the resin had probably come from my right gloved finger tips when pulling the gloves off. I now try to rinse my right finger tips before glove removal. Jim.
  2. That may have been the case in its early days when it was started up to cater for modellers interested in Western Region hydraulic locomotives - hence its title - but is definitley no loinger the case these days. The most popular scale featured is probably 7mm scale, but all other scales are featured, and there is no strong GWR bias these days. Jim.
  3. You will be wanting a Cleminson etch, no doubt. :-) Jim.
  4. He will be missed. I have followed his contributions to RMWEB over the years with great interest and we entered into an email exchange some years ago about Kadee couplers and various magnets were exchanged between us for experimentation. I would like to have met him if only to confirm that he was as good a person as his online writing inferred. Jim.
  5. I did manage to get down from Scotland and make a visit when the shop was in Chapel Market. I can't remember much detail at this remove but I do remember that it was interesting. :-) My interest in US railroads had started with Bill Eaglesham's shop in Cumbernauld and Bernie Victors was the other source of interesting North American products. I've still got the Model Railroader Steam Loco Cyclopedia which I bought then and I also remember buying an Athearn caboose and marvelling at the better quality when compared to UK products of the period. The caboose has long gone. :-) Jim.
  6. I did a fair bit of drawing using it yesterday and it worked very well. There are some differences between it and Draftsight and ACADLT and some of them might just be down to me not quite setting the options properly - i.e. I use right click as ENTER and I've not quite got NanoCAD to reproduce how LT does it. NanoCAD even comes up with exactly the same error as LT (and the same wording in the error message :-) ) when trying to join a spline into a polyline. :-) I'm aiming to do more artwork for etching in a few weeks time so I can give it a good test on filling complex drawings. I found that there were some small differences between LT and Draftsight in how they worked out what to fill and LT was usually better. Jim.
  7. I downloaded a copy of NanoCAD referred to earlier in this thread and that seems to work well and is very similar to AutoCAD LT and Draftsight. I seem to have downloaded a completely free copy and not the limited offer free copy and I'm not exactly sure how I did that. :-) I'll keep working with it and see if it times out at the end of the month. But I would be prepared to pay about £150 for a non-subscription copy since it is, to all intents and purposes, AutoCAD LT under another name. Jim.
  8. I did the same for a member of another forum - Gauge 3 Mansell disks for wagon wheels for an early wagon. Printed at 30 degrees and 30 micron layers using Phrozen Gray
  9. Mike, I'm following this with interest. I recently got a Phrozen Shuffle - very similar to your Photon - and have been starting to produce some worthwhile parts. My main fight has been getting to grips with Fusion 360 and I'm now getting there. My experiences with printing are much the same as you, basically finding out the best orientation for parts and the placement of supports. Your description of your workflow in your previous message has been a help. I was getting annoyed at setting up sets of small parts in the slicer to print off and having to set up orientation and supports all over again. I'm using Chitubox to do the slicing and supports and I noted that I could sometimes get duplicate files on screen. So I've just done a test saving individual parts with their preferred orientation and support layout as separate Chitubox project files. These project files can all be called up together and duplicated and placed to make up a composite slicer file. So thanks for the nudge to get the brain cells working. My only worry might be that as Chitubox is apparently under continuous development, that someone might deem this facility a bug and I lose it in future versions. :-) Jim.
  10. That looks like the support was only on the left bottom corner of the buttress. I'm working with ChituBox and I'm finding out that its automatic placements can be problematic and requires a good inspection before printing. I have been running into problems like that recently and it's annoying to find out the problem after a print time of several hours. :-) Jim.
  11. Fusion 360 and now getting my brain round it. Its parametric features certainly make tweaking a model very easy but it has taken a while to understand exactly how they work. Jim.
  12. 1. There's a limit? When I originally was digging around and trying things out I managed to generate four custom streams. I've tried to find a way to erase three of them but no luck so far. the reason for generating four was that there was no indicator that the version had been saved. I only found out when I investigated the "Content Types". 2. Can't find an arrow next to the stream. 3. "Save as new stream" does not now appear - it did originally - might be as a result of a limit (See. 1) It looks to me as though this software has been written to suit pads and phones and those of us dinosaurs who still use desktops will have to learn a new way of interfacting with software. I also note another recent message with the same original fault that I found and it looks as though developers will have to pay more attention to different browser types - pretty well as it was in the early 90s when there were differences between Netscape and Internet Explorer, and developers had to test out on both before releasing web sites. Jim.
  13. Martin, I would have thought that clicking on the round or star shaped icon to go to the first new message would have done that. Jim.
  14. I tried several times but seemed to have lost the ability to save a custom stream. I had earlier saved a custom "new since last visit" activity so I knew it was possible, but couldn't find the button, or whatever, this time round. No worries, I can live without it. Jim
  15. David, I've tried ticking and unticking all the options under "Read Status", but each time Back Arrow goes to top of the list. I'll stick with Chrome for RMWEB - it's easier. :-) Now back to Fusion 360 for some light relief. :-) Jim.
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