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  1. No problem and thanks for the reply.
  2. Both layouts looking great. On your new layout 'Penmaenbach' what materials did you use for building the road-over bridges? Regards Mark P.S. There is also a message for you.
  3. Great little Scottish layout and thanks for uploading more photos. A couple of questions regarding the road over-bridge :- 1. What materials and construction method did you use for the bridge stonework supports? 2. How did you weather the bridge girders? Regards Mark
  4. Great little project and looking really good. Are there anymore updates?
  5. Hi David, No problem and only to pleased to help where I can. We moved away from Norwich in 1979, so I don't know when rail traffic ceased at Cantley. Kind regards Mark
  6. IIRC the 03 turn outbased at Wymondham was for shunting traffic in the Ketton Cement yard plus any other traffic detached at Wymondham for the branch to Dereham and Fakenham. The loco being swapped over as and when refuelling and maintenance/exam was due. So far as trip working from Norwich was concerned, Wymondham was served by 8N01 05.45 Norwich Thorpe Goods to Fakenham and 8N12 13.00 Fakenham to Norwich Thorpe Goods, nearly always worked by a March allocated class 31. Although 8N12 was booked to arrive back in Norwich at 18.34, I remember viewing the return working arriving back into Norwich about 16.45 hrs most days. A healthy consist of about thirty to forty wagons being normal. 8N01 and 8N12 normally conveyed a mixture of vacuum braked BR 12T Vent Vans, 16T Mineral Wagons with coal for Fakenham and plenty of 21T Grain Wagons from North Elmham and Great Ryburgh and not forgetting Cement traffic to/from Wymondham. Once a week this service also conveyed UKF Shellstar Fertiliser PWA Wagons to/from the UKF depot at Dereham, formed up in the un-fitted rear portion of the train due to being air braked only - Tuesdays rings a bell. Needless to say a BR 20T Brake Van was always found on the rear. As you can probably imagine, with this and other trip workings in the Norwich area feeding into freights to/from March Whitemoor, both Norwich Thorpe Goods and Wensum Yard were busy places back in the 1970's. A very good DVD well worth watching is 'Pick Up Freight' by Transport Video Publishing and featuring the daily freight between Dereham and Fakenham. Although filmed in 1968, not much had changed through the 1970's. Hope the above is useful. Mark
  7. Hi, Just discovered this thread. I used to live in Norwich back in the late 1970's and don't recall any class 08's at Norwich before the Spring/Summer of 1977. From memory 08250 was the first one to arrive and was stabled adjacent to the running shed for at least a good ten days - minus it's running rods. As the first allocation of 08's to Norwich were all vacuum braked only, they could not be used for pilot duties at Norwich Thorpe Station or Yarmouth Vauxhall, since both these duties required dual-braked shunters for shunting both air braked and vacuum braked coaching stock. On the subject of Norwich pilot duties, there was also a turn for a vacuum braked 03 at Wymondham until about 1976. The loco being stabled behind the signal box. Mark
  8. Thanks Siberian Snooper for your reply.
  9. Can someone kindly post which layouts are attending, subject to the usual caveats? Thanks in advance.
  10. My thoughts to all at Market Deeping MRC and others affected by this terrible news. Like many a donation has been made.
  11. Gen I have is that crew trainning on the new units is running behind schedule and use of T&T 37's on the 'short set' will continue until an unspecified date in August - subject to the usual caveats.
  12. Hi south_tyne, The forum in question is this one - http://www.wnxxforum.co.uk/viewforum.php?f=22 You will need to register and sign in, but a very useful source of information from 'back in the day!' Regards Mark
  13. You might find this of interest - http://www.eastbank.org.uk/ferry.htm
  14. Occasionally the Great Yarmouth to Newcastle would also produce a class 40 forward from Norwich, as the train was diagrammed for a March crew out of Norwich. The booked loco diagram was off a Saturday morning light engine movement from Ipswich to Norwich. The workings of both trains are well documented on 'a another' well known diesel forum and this website is also well worth checking out - http://www.thebashingyears.co.uk/
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