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  1. A great little layout that's coming on very nicely. What size are each of the baseboards? Kind regards Mark
  2. Thanks Max. I'll try not to ask any more questions. Best wishes Mark
  3. As others have also said, a great little layout and full of inspiration. What materials and method of construction did you use for the platform edging and surface? Many thanks Mark
  4. Sorry to hear that and good luck with your new layout.
  5. Just discovered this thread and looks to be a great layout in the making. Will be following with interest. Regards Mark
  6. Many thanks Max for your reply. Kind regards Mark
  7. Hi Max, Hope you don't mind another question, but please could you describe your method of painting the stone walls on your station building. Many thanks Mark
  8. Great to see some more updates and thanks for posting. Interesting to see photos of your road over bridge at the various stages of construction.
  9. Thanks for posting the link. I did check Google before posting, but no such result - hence the question!
  10. Can you please post a link to the relevant website page? Many thanks Mark
  11. Hi, For obvious reasons of copyright unfortunately I can't scan and post Ian Futers' track plan version for Cromarty in the public domain, however the plan can be found on pages 22 & 23 and the book details are as follows - Title: Scottish Layout Projects Author: Ian Futers Publisher: Santona Publications IBSN: 978-1-907094-19-4 Hopefully you can pick up a copy on-line. Hope this is of some help. Kind regards Mark
  12. Following this thread with interest and your layout is making great progress. Always a good move to keep 'High Command' on side! Kind regards Mark
  13. Hi Max, Many thanks for your reply - food for thought! Kind regards Mark
  14. Hi Max, As already mentioned up thread, a great little layout full of inspiration. Please could you explain what materials and method of construction you used for the station building? Many thanks Mark
  15. Any further updates please on this excellent little layout?
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