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  1. A great shame that such an excellent model railway shop here in Exeter is closing down, but like the rest of us, Dave is not getting any younger! I wish him well in his retirement and all the very best for the future. Mark H
  2. Hi Max, Thanks for your reply and sharing your method of track weathering. Keep up the good work and please post some more photos. Kind regards Mark
  3. What method and paints did you use for weathering the track? Many thanks Mark
  4. Hi Kevo, Many thanks for your reply and photos showing the structure details for road bridge abutments and the sector plate. All great stuff and food for thought. Keep up the good work and looking forward to more photos being posted as progress continues. Cheers Mark
  5. Only just discovered this thread on this fantastic little Scottish layout. Plenty of inspiration and thanks for posting.
  6. Great little layout in the making and thanks for posting on the forum. Please forgive me if I'm missing something here, but what scale is your layout and what are the baseboard dimensions? Looking at your photos showing the road bridge in situ, do you have any further photos showing design of the bridge abutments and underside of the bridge span, or in other words, how the bridge span sits on the abutments? Many thanks Mark
  7. Progress looking great and always good to see another compact layout based on BR Scottish Region practice being constructed. Your method of track weathering looks very good and I'm plucking up courage to start track weathering on my own Scottish terminus. I echo Jim's comments regarding a traverser, or in my case a sector plate, is definitely the way forward. Looking forward to seeing further progress.
  8. Only just discovered this thread, so here goes with my request, which hopefully someone can kindly answer. Back in the Autumn of 1978 BR ran a Blackpool Illuminations Special/Merrymaker on several Saturdays from Ipswich to Blackpool North departing Ipswich about 08.00 hrs, with a portion from Norwich being attached at Ely. The return working departed Blackpool each Saturday night at about 23.00 hrs with the Norwich portion being detached at Ely. Please can anyone who either travelled on these specials or observed them en-route and still has their records/notes/photos etc from this period, kindly confirm if 47170 worked one of these specials and if so on which Saturday, plus which loco(s) worked the associated Norwich portions? Many thanks in advance for any information offered.
  9. A fantastic little layout. Are there anymore updates?
  10. Which confirms what I thought, having travelled on the Aberdeen-Inverness line numerous times between 1982 and 1985.
  11. Gents, many thanks for your replies.
  12. Many thanks w124bob. An interesting flickr site, which I must have a good look through tomorrow.
  13. That's really useful and many thanks for taking time to post. Best wishes Mark
  14. Sorry, I should have said. I'm looking at about 1976 to 1985, but would I be correct in saying that most of the original Mk2's had been withdrawn by the mid-1980's? Kind regards Mark
  15. Bomag, many thanks for your reply. Any idea please where on the web I can find out fleet numbers of Mk2's allocated to the Scottish Region? Kind regards Mark
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