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  1. Agreed, but why do they make it such a difficult choice? Mike.
  2. You've just given @Hayfield heart failure!! Mike
  3. Re the dinette. How do the people in the "easy" seats eat their meal with only half a table in front of them? Mike
  4. Very funny Mr Red Death, looking at the CAD of it in as built condition as shown above, I don't think that is what is meant by third rail pick up shoes! Mike.
  5. 10 out of 7 people don't understand fractions. Mike.
  6. If such things bother you, be careful with the numbering and livery dependent on your buffer choice. Mike.
  7. The joys of being an eBay speculator! No doubt one of our famous friends would have had them up at North of £200, and called them kit built to boot! Mike.
  8. Having been in a similar situation with stock myself in the past, I just finished it off in its wrong state and hoped nobody would notice, which up to press I've got away with, and built further one(s) correctly, just keep them apart! Now with every kit I attempt I research the prototype as I don't necessarily trust the manufacturer, especially relevant with Parkside kits! Mike.
  9. You are correct in your assumption, it was where the retail park is, and also there were a few spare sidings on the opposite side of the line adjacent to Little London Road. I lived in Norton Lees and HCS was my local spotting place, (along with Heeley station when it was open), a steady walk down through Meersbrook Park, although not so steady coming home. I've got a few b & a photos which I'll post when/if I ever get home. Mike.
  10. Personally I'd wait for the Stenson ones, no comparison. Mike.
  11. D8000 with an identity crisis, do that on a model and you'd soon have the experts on your case! It's also interesting to see what's underneath the paint layers, sometimes a bare metal repaint didn't happen. Mike
  12. No witticisms required. The seller is a member on here and has explained the situation, these are sales on behalf of a charitable organisation that he knew were worth more if auctioned than if flogged off in the shop. Fair play to him, if people are willing to pay, why shouldn't any seller reap the reward? Mike.
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