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  1. That suggestion stinks, although appropriate for a model railway locomotive, especially at an exhibition! Mike.
  2. Linear ball bearing slide rails with a blade attachment system, also useful for sanding accurately. Mike.
  3. A truck tuning tool will allow 26mm pinpoints to fit comfortably in, for the wider gauges a trimming of the reinforcing upright wth a chisel will allow this too. Mike.
  4. Well, I'm on to plan b, my order was summarily cancelled this morning and a refund made, no explanation given! Mike.
  5. There's the small issue of a couple of minor skirmishes probably affecting traffic as well? Mike.
  6. It's the only modelling I ever saw Arnold do!!! Mike.
  7. Which is exactly what BR did with most of their parcels stock. I've been putting the stickers on my GUV, totally forgetting from previous attempts that the details on the sides are in the wrong place, especially the door bumpers which begger up the positioning of the lower transfers especially, I've cut them off and replaced them before, but memory fade kicked in, Doh!!. Could this have been the problem you had with your transfers not sitting down maybe? Mike.
  8. Where's the green eyed monster icon when you need it. Glad it's keeping Arnold's memory alive, did he ever finish tiling those roofs?!! Mike.
  9. Very difficult to tell when you're buying blind, reviews generally aren't the greatest of help either. Unless someone has bought that actual machine then it's pot luck. My Lidl cheapy which was at least ten years old, if not more, has given up the ghost, and like you I've taken a leap of faith with a relatively cheap Chinese version. When you get yours post a review, that will help the rest of us, I'm also after a larger one which will take a MK1 bodyshell sized item, if your internal measurement is ok I might be tempted if you find it ok. Time will tell for both of us.
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