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  1. In a similar vein, the Colwick Estates Railway on the outskirts of Nottingham. Mike.
  2. But you would be spraying a scratchbuilt model? Mike.
  3. Instead of brass pins/bar for alignment, drill bits or steel rod don't solder, (well, I've not managed to yet!!). Mike.
  4. Whilst not criticising your laudable aims, but as the fault/problem is an unknown quantity it could be a board problem that only Dave could solve, and the rest of us pitching in with ideas and suggestions could cause further issues and in a worst case scenario blow the board taking it out of warranty, As with life, what works for some doesn't necessarily work for others. Mike.
  5. I would for one, fish, chips and mushy peas for half a crown, optional (proper Yorkshire) fishcake at sixpence, and imperial food tasted better than metric food! Mike.
  6. Pedantically, they are both too narrow for OO gauge. The Saundersfoot Railway is a tad closer. Mike.
  7. Shureley shome mishtake Mish Moneypenny, a Bakewell Pudding is the dish of choice, Mr Kipling makes Bakewell tarts?? Mike.
  8. Sorry to keep chucking marbles under your feet, but would the sugar cube fit in a milled/drilled/filed hole in the footplate facing downwards maybe? Mike.
  9. Driving to York used to take me ages, that bloke with red flag held me up no end. Mike.
  10. I am tryig to resist the temptation to having a dabble in 7mm, but sometimes things come along which severely test my resolve! Mike.
  11. From my, increasingly failing, memory, ISTR it was Good Friday to Easter Tuesday in the good old days of two exhibition locations in the city centre. 1970's probably before your time though? Mike.
  12. Desoldering the decoder wires rather than snipping them might give you a smidgin of extra wiggle room? Mike.
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