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  1. Have you tried here for oddball sized wheels?; https://www.modellbahn-radsatz.de/ Mike.
  2. One for all you cerevisaphiles out there, are beer kegs age/era specific? Mike.
  3. Having been through Paul's photo's , (and purchased the relevant ones!,), there are other pictures of what seem to be white vans like the one Paul refers to above, although so filthy that is it is very difficult to ascertain what the original livery was. One theory of mine was that the brown paint of the early brown/white/Shellstar livery was put on over the white and combined with age and it not being applied so well and the maybe chemical atmosphere these vans spent part of their life in, the brown was washed off. Mike.
  4. Many many years ago, when god were a lad and aluminium coach kits like these were the only way to go for something slightly different, I remember seeing a modeller who had drilled and countersunk the corner edges and had drilled and tapped small aluminium angle, something like about 10 or 12BA to join the corners, and covered up the screwheads with a smear of filler. At the time when UHU or EvoStick were the only other options it struck me as a good option, and still probably holds good today. Mike.
  5. To slide slightly sideways onto a modelling theme, those pics of the shocvan show how much the underframe on current kit offerings doesn't protrude far enough IMHO, the reason I extend mine to show a little more décolletage as it were. Anyone else of a similar opinion? Mike.
  6. Get ready to gasp in horror, I don't, nor do I protect or clean pinpoint bearings when I've sprayed a chassis. In my experience, the paint is so thin that it makes not a jot of difference and anyway, once they've done a bit of mileage they'll have cleaned themselves up as much as they want to or need to. Mike.
  7. Bachmann's explanation and their seeming to apportion some of the blame on storage conditions has me a tad worried, all my stock is stored in conditions where temperatures can vary between 5 and 50 degrees, with humidity levels of up to 80%, nobody mentioned I needed a temperature controlled environment when I bought them, why do they use materials they know might be subject to such issues? Mike.
  8. 3 Those bogies look a bit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mike.
  9. I'm of the opinion (always suspect) that the "blue" ones which appear in random shots are actually faded/weathered BR grey vans.I have a photo of an ex works curtainside conversion with Shellstar branding in brown and white livery, so I doubt they ever appeared in blue as a doored wagon. Mike.
  10. With excuses/get outs like that you'd make a good politician, they seem very adept at converting cock ups into benefits. Mike.
  11. Just found your thread, although a 4mm chap myself, there is some very useful and interesting content on it. Consider a bulk purchase of like and craftsmanship/clever applied to each stage. I'll be following with interest. Mike.
  12. I shall have to give that one a coat of looking at Baron! Mike.
  13. Whether the coal space was reconfigured or not depended on the weight of the tender when full I would imagine, bear in mind the fearsome grades they had to be got up. Mike.
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