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  1. Reading what happens at Peterborough and Doncaster it would seem to be a passenger train! Mike.
  2. In this case I don't think so, all the relevant facts are there, either in his pre-amble, or in the pictures. Mike.
  3. Congratulations on your commitment and workmanship. Having seen classic cars like that, it seems a case for jack up the buffers and replace everything between! Mike.
  4. Thank you for the heads up, that's saved me time, effort, swearing, and, most importantly to a Yorkshireman, money! I await with bated breath. Mike.
  5. Well done, my type of gardening! Phil Bullock will be casting glances! Mike.
  6. How is it "like Hornby", don't they fit motors either? Mike.
  7. What's wrong with shouting ding at each other as we often did on Narrow Road?!! Mike.
  8. Thanks very much for that Ross, I think I can glean what I need to know from that, and I didn't realise there was a position indicator! Mike.
  9. Get rid of the bells and wire tasers in, that will call attention! Mike.
  10. What a novel idea for re-using a redundant tampon applicator. Mike.
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