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  1. Very nice wagonage all round, but the only thing I notice is that they aren't olive green as they should be! Mike.
  2. Well done that man, you're a puller not a hammerer! When you come to bigger diesel wheels you might find the larger capacity of one of these helpful; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gear-Puller-Aluminium-Alloy-for-1-10-HPI-Traxxas-Monster-Truck-RC-Car/333261803542?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Mike.
  3. My telly viewing has now ended, concurrently with Cold Feet. Mike.
  4. Actually, revisiting with fresh eyes, you're right, initially it looked a tad low. Mike.
  5. Any chance you can blow up the bit around the patch on the left hand door please Grahame, looks like a Royal Train socket? Mike.
  6. I would say, not having any practical road building experience mind, that it looks a tad too spacious, I would have thought that the road would be a narrowish carriageway for single lane traffic with a bit of added elbow room. What would the minimum width of the road be to allow an artic to swing round the corner, have you tried running an actual lorry round and seeing what clearance would need to be? Mike. Mike.
  7. A Macannouncement of a Macannouncement? Mike.
  8. No, that's one of the advantages of moving to Brizzle! Mike.
  9. I would say your assumption is correct, the headcode suggests a North Eastern destination, so Leeds is a fair bet, the question being, is it an Edinburgh train via the Waverley or a Glasgow? Mike.
  10. IMHO, not that that is worth much, but I reckon not, primarily because it seems the wrong shape, a tad too elongated. In Grahame's 1971 pic the black patch in David's shot is replaced with a smudgy yellow, slightly larger patch, suggesting to me a repair, maybe when the door swung/swang/swinged open against something and needed a welded repair. Mike.
  11. , but a picture isn't an operating layout, you're comparing apples with oranges. Mike.
  12. In a similar OT vein, what the hell is craft beer, in my experience it's a mis-spelling, the ft replacing a p. Mike.
  13. To stretch the "CCT in a siding" theme, quite a few went into internal use with concurrent IU numbers (sometimes) and would have lasted quite a while longer. Mike.
  14. How did things go re trying find the previous original numerical orders? Mine has disappeared into the ether somewhere, are you still printing 4mm kits to order? Mike.
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