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  1. I have absolutely no need whatsoever for those, but would buy them as works of art! Mike.
  2. Flight booked Tel, look forward to seeing you. Mike.
  3. Similarly, I use and recommend the Lidl cordless variant. Mike.
  4. I personally wouldn't call window frames and glass "engineering", just measurements. Mike.
  5. I am not attacking or defending anyone or anything, but crowdfunding is a way of the world these days and it allows you the possibility to get something you really want which wouldn't be available any other way. Like any form of giving money to others it is incumbent on the "loanee" to investigate what they are getting themselves into and weigh up the pro's and cons. I don't know it's success rate in other fields, but it has huge popularity, so maybe we are unlucky, but whatever, it's here to stay. Crowdfunding is a bit like gambling and as others have said, don't use money you can't afford to lose. Mike.
  6. You are therefore a better man than I am, I was only ever a plumber and the arcane science of proper engineering is lost on me. I am somewhat like Clive when it comes to modelling, I look at what I want to do and then work out a way that suits me to achieve that goal. Maybe I would have fitted in well in the REME! Mike.
  7. Ah, there you have me! I personally build them from the known dimensions of what I'm "jigging" by dead reckoning, or by use of a electronic measuring spanner (known by others as a digital micrometer) , but, as you say, discrepancies can creep in! Generally for cut and shuts, accuracy in the 90 degree sphere of operations is more important. Mike.
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