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  1. Likewise Mr Duck, it just seemed to me to have that general feeling of the area from other pictures I have seen. Mike.
  2. Somewhere on the Ringwood Roundabout? Mike.
  3. Scares errant pedestrians away as well! Mike.
  4. You're doing better than me then, my optimal distance is thirty feet! Mike.
  5. Well it's foreign, but more than that I wouldn't know! Mike.
  6. An excellent bit of work, you'll be going off the green eyed monster scale! Just one query, why the carpeted floor, even those tiles are dust harbourers. Mike.
  7. Tarnishing is like a scab, so you are spraying onto a loose surface, and chemically tarnishing is another word for etch primer I would have thought? Mike.
  8. I've just found out what SEUR stands for, Sent European Unlikely Receipt! Mike.
  9. Might dismantling it for spares help out an already preserved van. although I could see removal of all the bits not being financially viable. maybe some of the fixtures and fittings might come in handy? Mike.
  10. Any prospects of a catch/trap point Wayne? I'll have a few. Mike.
  11. Self governing Crown dependency I believe. Mike.
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