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  1. I hate to urinate on your conflagration, but you ain't got it yet!! Been there more than once myself with various couriers, but hope springs eternal! (doesn't she always). Mike.
  2. Takes me back to my Lima days John! Mike.
  3. There's an section on upgrading in one of Geoff Kents 3 books. Mike.
  4. He can seemingly organise exhibitions though, hmmm. I must say though, I fully sympathise with Neal, Spanish bureaucracy/disinterest combined with English incompetence is a surefire recipe for disaster! Mike.
  5. Yes, that is an issue, from a "viewing" distance the locomotives can't be heard too clearly! Mike.
  6. Work on the layout is a bit swan like at the moment, as the above video shows, there is currently no great difference above the waterline, but underneath the boards is where the work is going on, The initial conversion from DC to DCC involved identifying the destination of the wires, replacing some H & M and Gibson point motors with servos and microswitches and a quick lash up to get power to all trackwork to test the theory of wiring one board at a time. I am now in the process of replacing the lash up wiring with correct feeds to give 4 power districts, replacing the remaining point motors with servos, the microswitches with Gaugemaster DCC80's, and colour coding and sizing the wiring via screw in terminal blocks. I won't post any pictures, as being a plumber by trade the nightmares will keep you awake tonight! Off to blighty on wednesday for a couple of weeks so postings will return to their more somnambulant nature for a while, but thanks for your continued interest. Mike.
  7. Hopefully this will work. 3 loops are completed, the fourth one is WIP due to it needing access pointwork inserting to allow the old parcels bays to become part of the roundy round bit. Apologies for the noise, track directly onto thin plywood and tiled floors with bare plastered walls makes a pretty good boom box! Mike.
  8. I've not died!! Ongoing slow progress is being made. A life rethink and a few other crises led me to re-evaluate what I was doing, and eventually "sod it and get on with it" won the day, so instead of awaiting the probable non existent day when a man cave becomes a viability I re-thought my options. Whilst not having a full sized man cave, I do have an apartment upstairs which is theoretically kept for family and friends to visit, but, seeing as none of that is going on, with a bit of lateral thinking, a space for a train set magically appeared. Apologies for the ropey quality of the phone pic. By splitting the layout in half there is one baseboard join with plain track across it, so, with a bit of creative timberwork, laying of some of the stash of yard lengths of track I now have a roundy round. The end curves are by necessity a tad on the tight side, the inner radius being 850mm and the outer 1100mm, but, seeing as I run diesels, it's something I can get away with, although some of the larger wheelbase ones don't like the inner curves, so I have to be selective. There are videos of the initial test runs but the computer says no as usual as they don't seem to be in a file format which is recognised, so I'm afraid you'll just have to use your imagination. Mike.
  9. Likewise Mr Duck, it just seemed to me to have that general feeling of the area from other pictures I have seen. Mike.
  10. Somewhere on the Ringwood Roundabout? Mike.
  11. Scares errant pedestrians away as well! Mike.
  12. You're doing better than me then, my optimal distance is thirty feet! Mike.
  13. Well it's foreign, but more than that I wouldn't know! Mike.
  14. An excellent bit of work, you'll be going off the green eyed monster scale! Just one query, why the carpeted floor, even those tiles are dust harbourers. Mike.
  15. Tarnishing is like a scab, so you are spraying onto a loose surface, and chemically tarnishing is another word for etch primer I would have thought? Mike.
  16. I've just found out what SEUR stands for, Sent European Unlikely Receipt! Mike.
  17. Might dismantling it for spares help out an already preserved van. although I could see removal of all the bits not being financially viable. maybe some of the fixtures and fittings might come in handy? Mike.
  18. Any prospects of a catch/trap point Wayne? I'll have a few. Mike.
  19. Self governing Crown dependency I believe. Mike.
  20. Luckily, I declared the correct value so it would be well covered, however, thanks to EcoParcel's efforts from the UK, SEUR now seem to have located the package and it is now showing as in transit, but amazingly instead of SEUR notifying me of this fact, they have this afternoon sent me a refund of my taxes and admin fees, so anything could happen! To avoid SEUR I think the only way is to only use Royal Mail/Correos, a bit pricier, but far safer. Mike.
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