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  1. Thanks for that, you seem to be dead right, all the lighter colours will not show up against the dark blue so it looks like I will need to get them printed so I will look up Precision Decals, would I be able to design my sheets on Serif and e.mail them, I really need a lot of plain white for my fleet of NCB 21 tonne hoppers so it might make sense. Thanks for your help anyway.
  2. First of all I'am a homemade transfers virgin! I'am building a representation of the Harton NCB system in n gauge and so pretty well everything is scratch built or modified. I treated my self to some transfer film from ebay and decided to have a crack at making some transfers for a model of the Harton no 10 electric. I used Serif for the design and made a decent job even though I say it myself, I then printed the sheet and it looked great (on a HP inkjet) I left the sheet to dry then gave it 2 coats of Rustoleum Crystal Clear which seemed to do the job. However when I tried to apply a logo I found that the ink simply washed off and i was left with clear film. Obviously the transfers are tiny and as luck would have it are mainly solid yellow, am I asking too much of the process or missing something somewhere? Please bear in mind that I'am in Limerick in Ireland and so we are very poorly served for model shops and everything has to come by mail or from DIY places.
  3. Hi, The Kato number is Kato Portram CHASSIS ONLY K14-801D1G But it would seem even if it could be got that it is only half a chassis ie 1 power bogie so I guess I shall have to strip a lovely tram, it is much of a job anyone?
  4. Has anyone managed to get one of these as chassis only? I need one for my Westoe Electric project, ON Tracks and Gaugemaster list them but last time I enquired no release date, seems pricey and daft to have to buy such a lovely thing only to butcher it - apart from the fact the chassis is showing as half the price - any ideas or tips?
  5. Thanks for that useful post, I was aware that they were differant but decided against trying to model an exact replica, as you say i think a coat of NCB red will give the look, to be honest I have been absorebed in wondering how to start the Edge kit of the low height locos 13,14& 15. has anyone built one and how did it come out, the etchings are lovely but where to start!
  6. Just a note for any of you looking for some of these elusive beasts there has been a re release of them in Sykes livery, ideal repainting fodder for me, a large batch has been ordered from Liverpool at a good price!
  7. Thanks for that, not cheap for such a simple moulding but might have to be the answer or NGS kits but as usual time is the enemy there! Anyone else noticed any?
  8. I'am looking for a quantity of 21 tonners for my Westoe Colliery layout, I know they are out of production but just a long shot if any of you have seen some in a shop or have some for sale contact me, it wouldn't really matter what livery they are in as they will be repainted into NCB red, or indeed has anyone heard if there is likey to be a re-run of these, seems to be a popular model, they are fetching silly prices on ebay, just missed 3 tonight!
  9. Yeah I think the Portram is the only answer but I was thinking that small loco was not unlike Westoe E10 and might look quite convincing with a pantograph, a few mods and a paint job, it is a bit high but would make a cute little loco! I e.mailed Gaugemaster about the chassis only and no news, surprised Kato haven't got into offering the bogie in singles seems to be a lot of interest from th NG fratenity! Thanks for the replies, I will get round to posting some work in progress soon!
  10. Just found this, not sure how like one of the small locos it is but it may prove hard to resist, anyone know how they run? http://cgi.ebay.com/Super-Mini-Size-Locomotive-Type-DEKI-3-Red-N-scale_W0QQitemZ360322913497QQcategoryZ486QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp4340.m263QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DSIC%26its%3DI%252BC%26itu%3DUCI%252BIA%252BUA%252BFICS%252BUFI%26otn%3D10%26pmod%3D200517310535%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D5525441082011719743
  11. Thanks for the info might have a crack at a couple of NGS kits for variety and just keep looking for Dapol ones around, if anyone wants sell about 20 of them at a knock down price get in touch! One other question, does anyone know the shade of red used on NCB hoppers in the late 70s? its pretty hard to tell from pictures. I used to live in Sunderland and well remember the railway operating but since I got into this model the bug has well and truly bitten me, it really was a remarkable system. My next project is to be a potted low staiths with grvity working, thinking of a magnet below the baseboard to propel the hoppers, that should keep me out of trouble for the next few years! Really interested in these Portram bogies, anyone got any tips of where to get one at a sensible price? I see Gaugemaster list a chassis but not available, I think this news might inspire me to make a start on the edge kit and maybe even order another, I have a feeling I may end up with 13, 14 and 15! Also looking into 1 or 2 using single portrams, any thoughts?
  12. Work is progressing on my layout based rather loosely on Westoe in N gauge. Things are going well on the "scenary" front with a mix of Bachmann and Hornby colliery buildings with the excellent Walthers hopper making a very convincing coal washery. Also a start has been made on catenary with the tramway type being built currently. The problem I currently have is rolling stock and motive power, I have scatchbuilt a fairly convincing EE type loco no 12 from pasticard but powering it is another story, I have used the Kato shorty to some effect but it is not a great runner being too high geared, I have the Cherry kit for 13 - 15 but no idea how to power that, any ideas folks? Also the next thought is wagons, I have to admit to being a novice in this department, I managed to obtain a few Dapol 21 tonners which are nice but not really typical as the most commontype seems to be the one with less ribs similar to the BR rebuilt type, any idea if there is a kit available? i havent been able to locate pics of the NGS kits to see what type they represent, also the Dapol ones seem to be out of production and becoming hard to get (and expensive!) as I will need quite a large fleet. One happy thing on the motive power front is that Ashington are to lend a new class 14 to Harton for trials, it is expected to arrive on 25th December via the chimney! Any thoughts please?
  13. Looks fantastic though, can anyone comment on how they run, mine is on its way to the North Pole now but I can wait to get my hands on it, also anyone got any pics of NCB ones in green, preferably NE area ones?
  14. Now showing in stock at Hattons, I do hope santa ordered a green weathered one to be NCB'd for my Harton layout, anyone got a pic of one yet?
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