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  1. I'm glad this point has been made. The model railway market covers a wide base, and the desire for ultra-DCC capability with full polyphonic sounds and dozens of switchable options meets one part of that market but can alienate others. I have a dual DCC/DC set-up because I have far too many vintage engines that are never going to get chipped. I have a handful of sound locos but for me personally the fundamental benefit of DCC is being able to control trains individually rather than circuits, and have lights stay on when the train stops. Beyond that the law of diminishing returns kicks in. Clearly my preferences don't represent everyone, but frankly if the Hornby 91 has the right shape and livery, I can live with an 8 pin interface.
  2. andyman7

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    Hopefully they are not all like that, and you can exchange for a better one.
  3. That's not bad, these sell for around £90-£100 on ebay which is always a good barometer (this is prices actually achieved so a good barometer)
  4. None of the centenary releases are slavish copies of the originals but instead seek to capture the 'spirit', so I don't see much point in quibbling over whether it's a red or blue striped box, or two boxes, or a plastic tender. In the nicest possible way it's a pastiche, but a lovely one. Given how strongly it appears to have (pre-)sold, I wonder if Hornby might consider some more limited run diecast bodied locos in future under the Hornby Dublo name, one limited edition a year maybe? The one that intrigues me is the 'Rovex' train set. I have an original with it's cellulose plastic components warped , the new set gives you a modern Princess (not sure if it's the immminent or current model but either way light years from the 1950s shorty) and two modern super detail Staniers, but all numbered and liveried as per the original items, albeit with lining and decoration that the originals most certainly did not have. It's probably an ornament too far for me but it would be nice to see the 'old' and 'new' side by side
  5. The other factor is that if retail prices are to be maintained, Hornby needs to try and avoid excess stock. We've all got very used to deep discounting in years past but it is toxic to the long term health of the business. There will always be the odd item that gets over ordered and marked down but in general once people know that stuff will only be available for a limited time and will sell out they are more inclined to buy straight away than hold back - and smaller retailers benefit too becuase their margins aren't eroded by the box shifters. If you want an item and haven't (or don't want to) preorder, the key is to be on the ball when it actually comes out - the bush telegraph that is RMWeb will do that for you - and then get on the phone to track one down. Don't just leave it at Rails, Hattons, Kernow - make the calls to the smaller or less high profile retailers and in most cases you will get one. Maybe not at a discount, but at least at the list price. Yes, one or two items will always prove elusive but I have found that with most in demand releases this can work as long as you don't hang about.
  6. 20 bottles? Are they drinking the stuff???!!!
  7. On a practical note, as well as Alexandra Palace station itself, the venue is an easy trip from Finsbury Park station via bus W3 which will take you right to the door. The buses run every few minutes, and Finsbury Park is served nowadays by Thameslink as well as Victoria & Piccadilly Line trains. It is a really easy trip by public transport if you have a train service into London.
  8. It will be one powered + one dummy vehicle as before
  9. That picture is off an eby listing. Look at the other items too, the whole site has scam written all over it......
  10. Treating model railways as an investment is risky and unsatisfying. What is more useful is to learn from your experiences to try and help fund your hobby - as numerous posts have shown here, there is quite a volatility to models, with prices shooting up and then dropping back. Beacuse of the batch nature of production, if I like the look of something I will tend to buy it. If the price rockets, I tend to take the view that I'll take the money on offer at that point to sell it. More than once I have then subsequently bought another example when prices fall back, therefore effectively subsidising the purchase. If I see a model is easily fetching x on ebay and find it for sale for less, I will buy and sell it on - the money all gets recycled in the hobby and lets me buy other models that I would otherwise find it hard to justify. By the way, the current record holder for financial appeciation is by my reckoning, the Hornby R9684 Thomas version of 'Murdoch', basically a 9F in sand with a face. I bought one in around 2012 for £80. Subsequently Model Railways Direct were flogging them off for £58 and they had dozens in stock. I'd thought about giving it to my son when he was old enough but by that time they were selling for over £200 which I though was bonkers so sold it to fund other things he would like. They are currently fetching over £500 each.......
  11. Hamleys used to charge a premium but when they became a Hornby concession that stopped. For a while to they had some great sale prices, although these days the markdowns are far fewer. But prices are genetrally at list.
  12. The instruction leaflet actually recommends a layer of sellotape (and says that this still allows for heat dissipation), but I didn't want the tape glue round the chip. I therefore chose a loose single layer wrap of masking tape because it is much lighter tack - I will monitor the situation though. For anyone that needs it, I've attached a diagram to show how the lighting plug is connected to the cab roof and headlight PCBs:
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