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  1. Well at least with these models we don't get comments like 'well I remember them and they certainly weren't that shade...!'
  2. Nice to see another 31215 from an Airfix model. Mine is one of a growing fleet of old Hornby, Mainline, Airfix and Lima models acquired as spares/repair which have been through the shops. Generally my criteria is that a model has been modified (or bodged, or damaged) already. My version had already been modified but was numbered pre-TOPS (which predates this subject's unique cab conversion) and the roof profile wasn't entirely smooth. I also added (as have you) the very visible window washer jet covers and filed and filled the connecting door details as these were plated over by the time 312
  3. Although I have resisted accumulating too many magazines, I have kept the first 50 issue of RE, all purchased by me new as they were issued (I used to buy it every other month when it came out, on my way to school) - they are definitely 'keepers'
  4. 31215 is the one that post-1982 had no headcode box or roof vent at one end, courtesy of an argument with a crane at Stratford depot. I have an Airfix conversion that has been undergoing a few corrections that models this particular unique loco.
  5. There was still a strong regional influence in BR design so there wasn't so much a BR standard design as regional designs. The Southern were very focussed on economy and reliability hence the utilitarian design approach, tungsten lighting, slam doors, reuse of underframes and traction equipment (such as the venerable EE508 traction motors). And as noted above, the SR carried on with Mk1 carriage building after the rest of BR had moved on to Mk2s.
  6. Re-reading this thread as it has been resurrected, the pedant in me is required to point out that Rosebud Kitmaster did not go bust - they did overextend themselves with the railway kits, but sold the tools to Airfix and carried on trading, eventually being bought by Mattel. Early UK market Hot Wheels models from the late 1960s are branded Rosebud Mattel. Airfix did go bust in 1981 but the plastic kit part of the business was profitable, it was Meccano and the protracted demise of the Binns Road empire that did for them. Although there have been no new 4mm/00 plastic railway kits for g
  7. I finally took the plunge with one of these, Class 66 is not my main era but is as iconic as a Black 5, at £119 this is really at the bargain end of modern fully featured R-T-R - I went for DB branded EWS livery 66088 representing a typical run-of- the-mill (i.e. not celebrity) version. Ordered 1.30pm yesterday, arrived today, all axleboxes there, no wobble, beautiful looking model!
  8. I'm not aware of any 4mm main line British Outline diesel models covering Type 2 and above currently available. The sheer range of (even the most obscure) prototypes that have been produced as high spec RTR coupled with endless supplies of older Lima and similar models available as a base for adapting mean that there is very little market opportunity.
  9. It's possible the connection is concealed - a multimeter would quickly identify if there is continuity
  10. The Class 90 has two screws underneath but the need to remove these is missed of the instruction leaflet! But once these are removed the body is easy to remove and there isplenty of room for the decoder.
  11. I have a spare weathered Blue Grey Bachmann Mk1 CK that I'd like to renumber to one used by the NSE sector, with the NSE branding flash applied over the blue/grey livery. I need help picking a suitable vehicle - ideally one with BR1 bogies still fitted and even better if it retained inside window frames but I'm not sure if they were still around by 1986/87. I anyone able to help with images or links? I've tried a whole host of searches but this one is proving a bit esoteric...... Thanks in advance
  12. I too have a primary focus on BR Blue (although with quite an alarming degree of scope creep over the years). But having more than enough 'stuff' at this juncture I'm more than happy to see a catalogue that has maybe one or two items rather than dozens. The BR Blue Class 56 fits that bill, I don't have a BR-built version of the Hornby super detail model and the one proposed for 2021 fits the bill nicely. Plus that rather attractive Ruston in blue. In terms of scope creep, my only preorder is for the Dublo BR MN (which is definitely not BR blue.....)
  13. If Larry sells to Billy direct then VAT wouldn't be levied (well, as long as the customs form is completed in a suitable way). But if Larry uses ebay then the transaction is considered to be between ebay and Billy and as it is coming from abroad then VAT is levied. This is different to a domestic sale but no different to the way non-EU sales have been dealt with for many years, albeit with an exemption for goods below £15 which has now been scrapped.
  14. Not all versions of the Bachmann Mk1 have the coupling pocket at the same height or distance....
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