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  1. Yes, both the larger (TC, Dock Shunter, E3001) and smaller (Blue Pullman, DMU) wheels went to a smooth tread around 1970. I used to get spares from Blackwalls years ago to swap out the earlier wheels but original stocks dried up a long time ago - I saw last weekend that a set of the smooth tread smaller wheels went for over £21!
  2. As far as the bidder is concerned, if he didn't meet the reserve that's the end of it. However, I don't see the point in using reserves on ebay - either I'll auction something with a low start and let it find it's level, or if I don't want it to go for less than £x I'll simply list it as a buy-it-now.
  3. Allowing for the crudities of a 1970s model, Hornby's '29' is basically a pilot scheme Class 21 with the headcode boxes of a Class 29 on the front. The numbers and liveries were also generic - Class 21s were green as per the Hornby model but without the yellow warning panel initially, and then when it was applied (at least to those Class 21s that had not terminally expired by the mid-60s) it was a different shape to account for the fact that they still had headcode discs. The blue livery used on R084 and R337 was only in reality carried by D6101 right at the end of its life. A few other Class 29s and a solitary Class 21 (D6109) had earlier iterations of blue livery. When the Class 21/29 was reissued by Hornby in the early 2000s the livery application was largely corrected for a Class 29 (even if the mouldings weren't) but the yellow panel of the 'blue' versions incorrectly excluded the window frames. Here's a pair of my Class 29s which have undergone quite extensive surgery to better represent the actual locos (front details and screens altered, main grille replaced, additional side 'class 29' grilles added, missing roof ports added, revised 'class 29' exhaust ports added and redundant 'class 21' port plated over...)
  4. Are you referring to the Whisky advertising boards these wagons originally carried?
  5. That's rather a sweeping statement - the Garratt and early Class 17 definitely had issues but most Heljan models are like tanks, they go on forever.
  6. I think it's unlikely they'll exceed 500 each, there's a bigger market in a re-run having a different number/name. But I can honestly say that it's not how limited an edition is that makes it desirable - it's about demand exceeding supply. The Corgi Toys Batmobile was made from 1966 until 1983 and 5 million were produced but a perfect mint boxed example will exceed £300, with £1000+ not unknown for early examples. It is an iconic toy that has never been reissued by Corgi due to licensing issues and the quantity out there is exceeded by those willing to buy them. By contrast 1980s certificated 'limited edition' Lledo models touted as family heirlooms clog auction houses and antique shops and quite frankly could double as landfill.....
  7. The LMS Maroon Duchess was one of the Hornby 100th Anniversary series models so would have been certificated (as robmcg above would appear to confirm). That doesn't apply to this years models though
  8. I don't generally bother with pre-orders but it was apparent with these H-D models that they would not hang around when released so I did pre-order General Steam Navigation, and have duly paid for and collected it in the past week. Had I not, there has been a window of opportunity to pick one up from a limited selection of retailers at list price - that window is now closing. So I don't think this model falls into the category where there has been no opportunity to purchase before being subject to those fishing for higher prices. If people want to speculate by trying out for high prices on ebay they are free to do so - just as people are free not to buy. I suspect these will hold their value but we will find out the true resale value (i.e. what they might consistently actually sell for) in the next few weeks/months.
  9. Nice job - the ends as supplied looked like real Coilin Massingham specials....
  10. I have a couple of Lima motor conversions and whilst they do give lower current draw and smoother low speed control I find the original Lima Ringfields great for the grunt work of medium or higher speed haulage, so it is really a matter of preference and intended use.
  11. Peco Setrack curved points were 1st radius for many years, I remember buying them in the 1980s for just this purpose as the Hornby ones were 2nd radius. The era of 'minimum 2nd radius' models dates from around 1999 so I would imagine that they lasted until then.
  12. Well the price is eyewatering but it is in the USA and I doubt you find many on stalls for £2 (or $3) there...
  13. Yes, but that is top of the range - and it works properly
  14. From the link above it appears that the RRP in 1979 of the Airfix MTC system main unit (which came with two receivers and two hand controllers) was £85 - this equates to a mind-boggling £439 at current prices
  15. There may be folk on here that can use this rather than it going to recycling! PM if interested
  16. I'll be linking to the collectable/vintage section - Triang P5 Power Controller, 12v DC controlled & uncontrolled outputs + 16v AC output. All terminal screws in place. Internally very clean, all solders intact. There are electrically competent people who know what they are doing who may be able to make use of this - so please no messages about sticking it in the bin; if there are no takers it will go to electrical recycling. Just pay postage (UK £3.20) and it's yours (or arrange to collect - South London near Crystal Palace)
  17. You can still use PayPal or card to pay for purchases, the linked bank account is for selling - payment of your sales takings less fees, and to be used for debiting customer refunds if you owe them and don't have a sales credit balance with ebay. You can set your PayPal account up so that it debits the same account for purchases if you wish.
  18. I went with my son to the Crewe Heritage Centre today, an enjoyable visit. There was a severed Class 47 cab that one could sit in and whilst the boy sat in the driving seat I perused the various switches, including one clearly marked Tail Light - with a forward position 'Left'; a centre 'Off'; and a lower position 'Right'. This slightly triggered my obsessive irritation that both lights illuminate simultaneously on any modern superdetail diesel or electric of the pre-1990s era even though the photo I took demonstrates that it wasn't even physically possible (let alone in the rule book) for this to be the case. What's the betting that Bachmann's brand new 47 - with, in deluxe form, tinted windows, separate rotating fans, every body variation catered for, interior cab detail, engine room detail etc etc etc, will still come with either both red lights illuminated or none at all on the pre-1990 versions? I live in hope of not having to dig out the black Sharpie or masking tape....
  19. No transaction process is entirely risk free but the 'risks' on ebay are not unlimited - 1) they are operating under direct debit rules so the bank is liable to return any unauthorised debits 2) your maximum liability is going to be for the amount sold - not your house, your car etc. 3) Chargebacks can happen up to 120 days after the transaction. You will not find your bank account emptied years after your sale It's a personal choice whether you sign up but some of the 'risks' definitely border on scaremongering. It's like any risk in life. If you only sell for cold hard cash with no comeback you'll never lose the cash you took - but you'll get a lot less over the years for your stuff than by accepting some risk.
  20. Auctions can provide good pickings but it is hard work and real work. Auction houses vary in the degree of aftersales service they provide and most are very friendly but it is very different from a retail platform like ebay - you have to rely on trawling through catalogue descriptions and if you have the time and means visiting and viewing (not viable in many cases where the auction house may be hundreds of miles away). You have to be decisive when bidding (and in knowing when to stop) and once the hammer is down it's yours. You have to be able to do the mental maths of adding 25-35% on plus calculating the size, quantity and weight of the lots because many auction houses do not send stuff and even those that do will not in general do you any favours of shipping. That loco at £25 less than retail is not bargain when they want £25 to send it to you. Nevertheless with time and effort it is possible to work out how to succeed in getting good deals - but it is not like those oh-so-irritating articles that imply it's all a breeze and someone just wanders down and hoovers up bargains to sell on to the unsuspecting masses. I only buy for myself and only sell on surplus items to defray costs and I can tell you that earning money in my ordinary job is a darn site easier than if I had to try and make a living off buying and selling through auctions.
  21. I'm tentatively planning a rebrand of a Bachmann Class 158 with EMT fleetnames replacing the East Midlands Trains branding. I know that 158 783 carries this variant making it a relatively easy change from the Bachmann set 158 773 but can't seem to find the individual car numbers for this set online - can anyone advise? (PS the photo is mine and no, when I took it I didn't note the numbers....)
  22. It's not robotic, the increase is decided by the relevant administrations - Wales, Scotland or Westminster. This year the Scottish Parliament agreed a mix so it wasn't RPI+1%.
  23. Thanks for the replies, that's very helpful, the shop is too useful to lose!
  24. A Postal Order would also do the trick, you can still get them at Post Offices
  25. Has anyone had any luck contacting KGR recently? Since the website failed the Facebook page advertises a number for use 10-4 Mon-Fri but it goes to answerphone and the mailbox is full. Certainly from visiting the shop when it was still open they have a huge and varied stock so it would be great to be able to still buy from them
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