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  1. Many thanks for that link. I do have the magazine somewhere so I may look for it later.
  2. Back in 2010 Chris Ellis of MTI fame built a layout no bigger than 3 A4 sheets of paper. I decided to have a go myself but never did build it apart from pinning some track to a board. This morning while bringing down our Christmas Tree from the loft I found the baseboard. The track is all settrack and I do remember my old 0-4-0's didn't like them however today's modern motors bogies don't seem to stall on the dead frogs so I may revive the layout. Could someone advise where I should be putting all the track feeds please. I have included a photo of the track plan but I seem to remember Chris used a 12" fiddle stick extension to allow for two wagons and a loco. This may a good time to use the new Peco point motors and experiment with automatic uncoupling.
  3. Hi folks Has anyone got any tips on the best way to remove old static grass and ballast from a baseboard please. Thanks Johna
  4. Following a clear out in my mother's loft I found my old N gauge baseboard from 40 years ago. The track and building removed a long time ago. It measures 38" X 8" so after a quick rummage around in the track bits box I have come up with this. A simple tuning fork with a kickback. I will need to borrow a controller etc to see if the track plan will work but it could be a nice wee project over Christmas. Not sure if I will have a backscene etc. I as always looking for advice etc. Maybe build it around an iron works. Excuse the poor quality of the photo.
  5. Folks This is my attempt to make a wrapping paper box layout. I am just using a few bits of old track that I have and free card kits that I have gathered up over the years. A trip to Homebase later in the week will get the plastic storage box. Track is Peco code 100 . Progress will be slow but hopefully I will get the track down and wired later this evening.
  6. Folks, Can anyone tell me the dimensions of a Gaugemaster EM1 Electro Magnetic Uncoupler 'N' please? Just need to know before I build the baseboard. Thanks Johna
  7. Thanks for the reply folks. Think I been putting too much pressure on the blade as I have been trying to cut the sheets with just two cuts. Johna
  8. I am finding it difficult cutting 2mm card to give a nice clean site edge using a Stanley knife. So any recommendations the best method to use to get good results p!ease? Thanks Johna
  9. Many hanks for your reply to my question sharris.
  10. Folks i have returned to my tuning fork layout but replacing my settrack with Peco Code 75 track and 1 LH electrofrog point. Question is when connecting wiring do I need to use plastic rail joiners at the end of the frog or can I use metal rail joiners everywhere? Also best please to put track feeds etc. I am using a Gaugemaster Combi Thanks Johna
  11. Folks I am looking for a second hand Peco RH settrack point please Thanks Johna
  12. I do have the transformer but don't have the knowledge or skill to build the board so that's why I asked if there was something you could but of the shelf so to speak. Thanks Johna
  13. Clive , It's not the Combi. Its the wee circuit board with this transformer was wanting to buy unfortunately it's not available separately Johna
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