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  1. Hi I am building a oo gauge inglenook using two electrfrog points . Can I just use two wires at the toe of the first set of points or do I need to add insulators and additional track feeds? Thanks
  2. Would anyone know where I could purchase a one piece oo gauge sky blue backscene 52” long x 11” high ? thanks Johna
  3. Looking for some advice please. I have a couple of yards of Peco n gauge code 80 flexi track that I would like to use to create a pizza layout using a 8" radius What's the best method to bend the track to ensure that i can get a round circle? I have in the past never been able to make a satisfactory circle. Hopefully some one can advise please. Thanks Johna
  4. Folks I want to clad a Petite properties building in brick embossed plastikard but am unsure the method to use for doing the sides. Do I cut out 3 pieces and just butt them together or is if possible to bend the plastikard around the edge of the building without o damaging the sheet and brickwork? Also when cutting out the windows and doors to get a straight edge is it best practice to cut them from the back of the plastikard or vice versa? Thanks
  5. I have a n gauge electrofrog point but it doesn't have the thin wire for powering the frog to a microswitch. Is it possible to add the wire and where is the best place to solder it too.? Thanks Johna
  6. Adrian Thanks for your reply and the measurements. Its a cracking layout. Johna
  7. Hi Adrian, Just found your wonderful micro layout. Those Series 3 landrovers bring back so many memories when i worked with them 40 years ago. Can I ask what size is the layout and use some of your ideas and track plan please? Johna
  8. Would anyone have a copy of the template that's used for mounting the Peco PL- 1000 point motor please? Thanks Johna
  9. Work has started repairing the damage to the layout. I have repainted the background and will be adding new greenery and wooden fences. I am starting to acquire new locos and rolling stock. Johna
  10. I am really enjoyed the exhibition yesterday and have even entered some competitions. I am following Phil Parker's build of Ferness Quay but what I would like to know is the length of each siding as I would like to have a go at building it myself. Cheers Johna
  11. Hi Would 6mm plywood be too thin for making a oo gauge baseboard.? I haven't been able to get out due to Covid-19
  12. I built this a while ago and it's nearly the same track plan. I have a shuttle timer fitted but haven't gotten any further as I couldn't decide what buildings to use.
  13. I am looking a power supply to use with Peco point motors and was wondering if I can use one from an old laptop?. I think it's 19v. Johna
  14. What would be the acceptable distance between the edge of the platform and inner rail in N gauge please?. I seem to recall 10mm but just want to check. Thanks Johna
  15. Hi Like most folks, I am finding Peco products hard to find so would anyone have or know where I could get a SL-E91 code 100 RH point please? Thanks Johna
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