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  1. I have had mine refunded by s75. It is a "commercial" decision as they do not believe there is sufficient evidence to prove their liability.
  2. Would love to see the finished photos when you are done, and also if you got any of the lighting board themself?
  3. Thanks to Charlie for swapping my 156 with no quibbles - great service, and I am now very excited to get it running!
  4. Very tempting. How much is standard non sound DCC?
  5. Looks like I will be after another 3. My poor bank balance!
  6. Hi Charlie Just a normal DCC ready one although I might be interested in taking a couple of DCC decoders from you at the show
  7. Brilliant, thank you. I have noted there is a slight curve in the chassis, and that when you try to clip in one end, the other pops back out. I am wondering if this may be the issue. Also one loose and one missing screw on the interior when compared to other carriage. The model is of 156 410 Nottingham - Skegness, please save me one in case of replacement as I wanted these destinations. Many thanks.
  8. Hi, thanks for response. I have looked at it in detail and there is nothing fouling the holes for the clips. I have also made sure all wires etc are tidied up and not protruding from the interior. It is so loose that if you pick it up by the body the chassis literally slips out the bottom. I will return to Kernow as I can't see any way of securing it. Hopefully they still have stock for a replacement.
  9. Received mine today. Excellent looking model but one issue with mine - the chassis on one car does not seem to be fixed in to the body - if you pick it up it starts to drop out at the cab end. I've tried to click it in to place but it just doesn't seem to want to. Any suggestions? I'd rather not go through the aggro of returning it as otherwise it appears faultless subject to actually getting it on a layout.
  10. Spoke too soon - have received my acknowledgement today!
  11. Hi guys I paid my balance before receiving my invoice (paid 24 Nov - not yet received an invoice). I wanted to check this has been received as it has been over a week and there has been no acknowledgement?
  12. Will the provincial/older versions have the correct WIPAC light clusters?
  13. Earlier Bachmann 37s aren't fitted with tail lights, if this is an early release that will explain the missing lights.
  14. Should I have been billed for the second payment yet? I read that payment would be taken once they enter production, and then that they are now in production?
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