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  1. Would I be correct in guessing that this was the Ticket Office to the right as you entered. I can only recall it being used very occasionally - but there again, I just used the train occasionally. The boarding to the left of the photograph probably would be the start of the entrance to the subway to the Up platform. My memory of the main (?) Ticket Office was to the left on entering - it had an LNER map to the right with a large arrow (presumably pointing to Hawick). It was on this map that I saw for the first time the tramway to Stobs Camp. I last saw the map in Ha
  2. The late Willie McKnight phoned me on the evening of Tuesday 31 March 1970 to say that a train carrying contractors would be running next day. I thought he was leg pulling, but sure enough there was the train at Hawick station and I took some photos of it travelling south. I didn’t hear it come down the line back north. Fast forward almost 40 years to 2010 The report/mention of a Hallade recorder in the railway press comes to light again. Fast forward almost 50 years to 2019. I am involved in the disposal of a collection of books:
  3. About the ECS DMU working on a Saturday, I believe it originated from Appleby. Bill's studies shows that it worked into Waverley on the Sunday which answers the question: could you travel the length of the Waverley Route on the same DMU? If you travelled from Waverley on the Sunday using this DMU to Hawick, spent the night in Hawick, and then caught the DMU from Hawick to Carlisle on the Monday morning, this would do the trick! Or ... https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/55/921/ (I think that ran because of some dispute). Bruce
  4. The Scotsman of September 1932 carries a report of an explosion which occurred in the electric power house. According to it: "the power-house, engines, batteries &c were practically destroyed as a result of the explosion, as well as a store containing permanent way material and a blacksmith's shop." Frank Porter, signalman was severely burned and taken to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. I wonder what the electricity was generated for? I'm sure I can recall a Border TV program in the early 60s about the arrival of mains electricity. I'd a holiday job with a radio/
  5. I think the description will be changed soon! I have never had a holiday cottage near Riccarton. Iain's conjecture must be along the right lines. Bruce
  6. I have a collection of some 92 railway books and booklets to dispose of. Most are in fine condition and all have a Scottish connection. Five contain the word "Waverley" in the title; nine contain the word "Border". .............................................. Books have been disposed of. Bruce
  7. I submitted a piece for the WHRA magazine about my own experience in the shadow of Shankend Viaduct in the early 1960s. It doesn't have ghosts or ghoulies but it was weird! At that time, my summer school holiday job was working with a radio/tv shop in Hawick. Tuesdays, being half-day in Hawick was aerial erection day and many 1960s photos of Shankend station house shows off their work - it was a straightforward job with first class reception. However the WRHA article will show that wasn't always the case! [This is a no-spoiler posting!] I had no knowledge of unusua
  8. I understand that Chipperfields Circus parade in September 1958 started at Hawick station.
  9. May I add another most wanted? A photo of NCB loco 10269 passing light engine through Hawick (en route for Fife) at 3.53pm on 21 August 1967. And there I was thinking that the ex-GWR tank locos sent to Dornoch were real rarities! Bruce
  10. Oh, he saw Tornado as well in both directions - and earlier in the year 45493 at Hawick 26/09/67 and 70011 7/11/67 - amongst the dozens of diesels noted. Trouble is that KAG's 20 or so pages of notes are typed and don't OCR at all well as they have smudged through time. Bruce
  11. D8323 passed LE through Hawick 23/10/67 towards Edinburgh. D8317+D8324+D8318 passed through Hawick 15/11/67 towards Edinburgh at 3.48am. Extract from late KA Gray's notes. Bruce
  12. Thank you 'Chard. May I just add a little? Relaxed, sitting in his well-worn armchair in Hawick, stroking my Border Terrier's ear, Kenneth said to me: "You know, I like to think that perhaps when being pushed in my pram in Hawick, I actually saw an NBR Atlantic." Bruce.
  13. https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/23/18/ Shows one on a Langholm working in September 1967. If only I'd hung about a few more minutes as the loco derailed and the crane from Kingmoor came to re-rail the loco. This bridge, in common with the branch's imposing viaducts, has gone along with much of the embankment. However, this one really was a hazard for the A7 motorist. Unlike the Tarras viaduct, which as so unsafe that it needed two attempts to blow it up, this single arched bridge was conventionally dismantled. Bruce.
  14. I've finished off my past couple of talks on the Waverley Route with a photo of Donald Trump, mentioning the possibility of golf course, hotel, leisure complex &c at Mosspaul and suggesting that he sponsors the double track line from Hawick to Carlisle to service the thronging multitude of visitors to 'Trump Mosspaul'. ... well, I can dream! Bruce. Langholm.
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