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  1. 37506 put straight into traffic after being sound fitted, two more packed up ready to be posted, Will will soon be having a Dutch 37 with sound and a 37/4 Regional Railways.
  2. Ouch that's was £160 gone on trees. MBR are fantastic though if you are looking for realistic trees.
  3. Simon, is your layouts on here? I would be interested in reading through. Thanks
  4. Good morning Simon, Thanks for the message, yes Ive been told about the cradles and you can purchase brass kits for 00, Im not used to brass so I will more than likely try to knock something up from plastic, hopefully the other three will be arriving today as showing despatched. I would have liked a longer train but fiddle yard restraints. I wanted Scimtars but really hard to find.
  5. From a few days ago, Class 66 struggles with a short train.
  6. Had 37506 back from having sound fitted, usually do my own but very impressed by Richard Croft's work. More to go off soon. Have a listen to the rumble form South Wales, pleasure to my ears.
  7. 1st arrives, 3 more on order.
  8. Building up a M.O.D train over the last week, hazechem decals from Railtech for the VGA’s and some Warrior vehicles for the warwells. 1:72 scale.
  9. Bit of trainspotting over the weekend. 47345 Civil Engineers livery from Immingham returns some ECS to London area. 60090 Trainload coal with empty HAA wagons. 47194 Railfreight Distribution with the daily Speedlink service. 56040 Original Railfreight livery with empty fuel TTA's. 47194 Rfd on mixed speedlink servive. 37406 & 37415 light engine movement. 37035 Civil Engineers delivering new PFA Cawoods wagons. 37406 & 415 on the vans. 08481 light engine movement. 37711 "Tremorfa Steelworks" with two ex works steel wagons. 60064 Trainload Petroleum, light engine movement. 56044 "Cardiff Canton" light engine to service point. 47612 "Titan" with HST Barrier wagon to Landore,
  10. Hello. I should be saving and buying sound chips, for some reason I bought my tenth Class 37 and second Civil Engineers Dutch. I just can't seem the resist when a Canton Loco comes up for sale. 37046 joins 37035. The split headcode machine has already made silent runs with coaching stock. Another one to add to the list of "sound to get" Must be a Bank holiday with three Engineer locos on shed.
  11. Thanks Mark, Got time to play now, house sold so no point working on the layout anymore...
  12. Railfreight 37406 on an ECS move diverted off the mainline for engineering works.
  13. A quick grab with the iphone, two Howes Class 37 V5 decoders fitted. Working in consit. Delivering some new Cawoods Coal Containers.
  14. Just fitted the two Howes V5 sound chips in. One went into 37406 Rfd Livery the second in 37415 livery, paired them up into a consit for some nice thrash ! 6 moe class 37's to do.
  15. My two Howes Class 37 sound decoders have arrived, I just now need to decide what locos to fit them into. Can't be 37035 as that's an unrefurbished version.
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