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  1. Work has started on the scenics
  2. New Blue & Grey rolling stock. starting to like my loco hauled trains now after watching YouTube clips of Inverness in the 80’s & 90’s
  3. Thank you David. Had a bit of time off due to not having enough time but trying to fit some in. All wired up now and running good which has spurred me on. spent the evening building up the hill on the layout entrance and building a few walls. Some new Blue & Grey coaching stock arrived too.
  4. Picked up some new stock today and have a few coaches due via the post this week. Work has started on the scenery working from left to right..
  5. Hello, Been a while. Track has been wired up and all signals too. Will be updating more. Picked up a nice Class 121 from Lord & Butler today and a few open wagons for the Speedlink service.
  6. Just thought I would set up a Youtube channel documenting the progress of the layout build, i'm hoping this will be the last build so would like to capture the process. Im no Youtube expert as you can see, maybe over time I can add more bells and whistles....
  7. A bit of time spent laying the cork under the trackwork. Starting at the ten road fiddle yard.
  8. Work started on the entrance to the layout. The exit will be crossed by a motorway or hill. Also dug out the canal or feeder which will run along the front of the layout.
  9. A RES/Parcels 47 from Crew Depot rests between duties with a pair of South Wales workhorses.
  10. First picture showing the freight yard. It will be four tracks in total. A daily Speedlink service will arrive in the morning and depart in the late afternoon. Engineers trains and other freight stock may also stable in the yard. The tracks will have the impression they continue under the motorway. Second photo shows a class 47 in the station. Third photo a pair of Trainload Coal 37,s on the stable point.
  11. Hello. Overall view of the scenic part of the layout, looks a bit like Didcot, station with stable point and yard.
  12. Getting on with adding the backboards. I will see how they undercoat first before deciding if they need a paper covering of if I can get away with a light blue coat of paint. This is the Station and yard end so will need a board added on the end also.
  13. Good morning all. Fitted the layout leg supports last night. Bit of tweaking then I can lay the cork and track work. I didn't realise track from the big boys are hard to get at the moment, had to pay a bit extra to get all the points on order. There will be a small yard where the HAA wagons are in the 1st picture. A station where the rake of Intercity coaches are in the 2nd picture. It's fantastic having a well lit temp controlled room, no more climbing up into the attic.
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