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  1. Liking the final arrival to the fleet, thats my list complete now.
  2. Must be at least two years since I started this, at last former 37/5 gets some grey on the way to Canton Metals machine 37711. Side window had been filled to represent a heavyweight. Railmatch paint not a good match so some more work needed with the airbrush today. I already have the Depot plaques and names ready to fit.
  3. Thank you, not my work though its a second hand purchase. Last loco due soon and then that should be everything covered from a running point of view. I can then concentrate on weathering and sound fitting them all.
  4. No work on the layout of late as I have been trying to get the fleet complete. Last loco is on its way a Dutch Class 37 for engineering trains. Very heavily work stained 47245 "The Institute of Export" is seen in South Wales from Tinsley more than likely working Speedlink services. Even the ballast is cleaner than this loco.
  5. Railfreight 47245 arrived in the post today pretty battered so will have to see how it runs. Dent to the roof and all buffers broken.
  6. TTS decoder Fitted to Class 60086, pretty happy with the sound for the price, may look to improve the speaker. Also is stops the body clipping into place so a smaller one is needed.
  7. Second Class 60 in two days has arrived in South Wales, this time in the form of 090. Eventually this will be rebranded into a Trainload Metals loco. Seen with sister loco 60086 and then pulling finished steel in VGA,s.
  8. Nice to see 090, I should have one arriving today to link up with 086 that just arrived, although 090 will become a South Wales steel pool loco I think.
  9. Brilliant shot of two heavyweight Class 56's working hard. Can almost hear and smell them.
  10. Wow loving the set up have got David, keep up the good work really enjoyed.
  11. Trainload Coal 60086 Schiehallion takes a break between duties.
  12. Three new locomotives on the way to South Wales over the next few days. First to arrive is heavyweight Class 60086 in Trainload Coal. Seen stabled with sister loco 60062. Sound chips are on order. Soon the class 60 allocation will be 4 with 3 class 56’s so plenty of power available.
  13. Thank you, Looking to get on with some more work soon, still got the fencing wire to add. Been away for a few weeks and enjoying the weather on the weekends.
  14. Not layout related sorry but nice to see this loco at Cardiff Docks today.
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