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  1. Spent many happy hours in wet Welsh forests, usually in the early hours of the morning, waiting to get showered in wet Welsh gravel by a passing sideways rally car. And occasionally jumping into water filled roadside ditches to help push one out when sideways became backwards into the scenery.... Happy days....!!! Keith
  2. I believe most pizza's have now become environmentally friendly and use cardboard. However I think the previously used plastic is known as Depron, sheets of which can be bought from flea bay and the like. There was an article in MRJ a few years back with some magnificent buildings made out of the stuff. Unfortunately my MRJ's have been banished to the loft so possibly somebody more organised might be able to find out the relevant issue.... Keith
  3. HI Rob, That's why I mentioned not sealing it. I've often fully removed weathering powders from coc...er, mucked up weathering jobs on aircraft and armour kits by gently rubbing them off with cotton buds soaked in soapy water. But I do have to say I've never actually used white powders so they might be more difficult.... Keith
  4. I wonder if you could maybe use small blobs of white tac, possibly coated in micro balloons to simulate the remnants of snow on bogies etc in a non permanent way? I don't see the lack of snow on vehicle roofs as a major distraction - most of it might have blown off as the train moved along. Some suggestion of remaining snow could be done with non sealed weathering powders which could again be removed later if required....? Keith
  5. Apologies in advance Rob as I know you'll have mentioned it, but can I ask what Ikea baseboard this latest epic is taking shape on, and what are the dimensions please? Keith
  6. With apologies to Rob for continuing this off topic Mumbles Railway strand, my wife's 99 year old aunt passed away recently, and 'er indoors brought home a couple of books that she thought I might like - one of which is 'Rocking Rolling Riding - A pictorial tribute to the Mumbles Railway' by David Beynon, Bryngold Books 2007, ISBN 978-1-905900-01-5. Given the age of the pics, they aren't digital quality, but there are some fascinating pictures from the start with the horse drawn carriages, through steam from 1878 to 1929, then the electric trams till the end in 1960. The changes in infrastructure to today are also fascinating to see. What a tourism asset it would be today had it survived.... Keith
  7. I think a new update to the thread title is needed Rob, to include the works forecat's new young apprentice in the adventures! And what a dashing young whippersnapper young George looks! Good luck getting whatever recalcitrant loco is currently residing on your bench to work properly - there's been so many lately I've lost track (no pun intended) of what variety of model it is! Other projects have meant I've done no more on my embryonic OO layout and I'm now seriously thinking of scrapping it (again!) and sticking with the N gauge diesels I have....!! Keith
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