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  1. Talking of childhood memories, the lovely colour of the water in that pond takes me back to summer days over 50 years ago to when my friends and I used to go net fishing for newts and sticklebacks in the lovely cool waters in the ponds behind the old quarry behind our houses - all gone now, covered in landfill... This is an absolutely lovely piece of modelling Bob, really very atmospheric - cracking stuff! Keith
  2. Looks good Chris - can I ask how you did the rivets? Impressed through on the reverse of the card or....? Keith
  3. keefr2

    Dock Green

    Ah well, I'll be nowhere near Worthing Chaz, so will have missed my chance! Still, I've really enjoyed watching the layout develop through this excellent thread and thank you for taking the time and effort to update it. If you have a chance a small video of the layout's final appearance would be good! Keith
  4. Only found this thread a few days back Tom and have really enjoyed going through it - absolutely superb weathering work on display. I have to agree that the latest A4 is really stunning - could I ask that when you say 'weathered from a photo dated July 1938', is that a rare colour photo from that time, or are you able to interpret weathering from black and white pics? Keith
  5. I guess it's too obvious to call it Thomas? I've got my coat, and I'm off... Keith
  6. keefr2

    Dock Green

    I'm gutted that I'll miss seeing your marvellous layout 'for real' now Chaz, but like others have said I've thoroughly enjoyed following your thread and thank you for taking the time to post and allow us all to see it develop. I do wish I had both the cash and space to give it a new home, but I can only hope to win the lottery for that to happen. Looking forward to your next project! Keith
  7. That brings back happy memories! I wonder where my suspension bridge went.... Keith
  8. What a marvellous locomotive - most excellent modelling Chris! Keith
  9. That would be the one the mercenary Welsh archers used to demonstrate they still had the fingers required to draw the string of their longbows back? I also get the error message on Faceache Chris... Keith
  10. keefr2

    Dock Green

    Wonderful, my all time favourite steam loco!! (yes, really!) Keith
  11. keefr2

    Dock Green

    They all look a bit different to me Chaz - especially the first and last pics - and I especially like that last one! Keith
  12. keefr2

    Dock Green

    I still like 'em Chaz! Keith
  13. I like the second, only because you see less of a shadow cast on your wonderful backscene (but then I guess the layouts final lighting set up might change that?) But they're both lovely little trees and both look good where they're growing! Keith
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