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  1. Or E, replace the rubbish corless motor with a five pole Hornby motor that usually goes in the J36 as I described on the previous page. This then gives the reliability and running you would need, as long as the gearing and pickups are good. You don’t need to buy the expensive early model. Mine is now an excellent model and can pull a decent load
  2. I completely agree and I am in the process of holding Hornby to account over a faulty Rocket that has fried two of their 6 pin decoders and now won’t even run on dc. It is sold out at the supplier So Hornby have agreed to take it back for repair or replacement. The dean goods was different , i had already bought the ROD that ran fine and in all honesty the reviews of the ROD version do seem to be an improvement over previous great western versions. So I went for the great western version knowing that I may face issues. The eBay seller was off loading huge amounts of very cheap oxford rail stock described as new. And both locos appeared to be brand new when they arrived. The gwr one survived dc running in and about three hours of dcc running when it suddenly stopped. It didn’t fry the chip just the motor. I contacted the eBay seller twice and probably could of returned it but this was mid apocalypse and I decided I would just get on with it.
  3. My Hornby replacement motor was £7 making a total of £57 for a deans good with a 5 pole scew wound motor. I wouldn’t call that expensive. In fact a bargain.
  4. It sounds like the same seller and to be fair on them I emailed with my issue they said they would source a spair motor. I emailed them about 3 weeks later they replied they hadn’t forgotten about me and that was it. So I found a replacement motor myself. I knew about the deans issues and problems before purchase as I had read this thread but took the plunge. The ROD version I got first was great straight out of the box, I wasn’t so lucky with the great western.
  5. He’s been there for months, my ROD and great western both came from him for around £50. However beware he was less than helpful when the motor of the great western one gave up after a few days. Promised a replacement but it never appeared that’s why I had to source a viable alternative . In the long run it worked out as I am happy with my more reliable Hornby 5 pole replacement. The ROD version I have not had any problems with.
  6. scumcat

    New Hornby Rocket

    Rocket blew out its second Hornby decoder this morning. I contacted Hornby so it’s now in the queue to go back to them along with my elite and the two decoders☹️
  7. scumcat

    New Hornby Rocket

    Thanks for this, you would expect a Hornby loco to happily take a Hornby decoder. I’ll check the new one tomorrow on my day off
  8. scumcat

    New Hornby Rocket

    Ok have received mine from trains 4u and it is a fantastic runner on my sons dc loop. I have tried to put a Hornby 6 pin Dcc decoder in it and it kept shorting out. The decoder was it the right way too. So my wife said put it in the other way. Last time I listen to her as there was a puff of smoke, a smell of fish and a new decoder in the bin. I have ordered another decoder in the hope the first one was faulty. Has anyone had this problem where it runs on dc but shorts out when a chip is put in it, help please if possible,
  9. I personally think lion and these coaches would have been for 2021 but rails have forced their hand.
  10. I have found in the past that if the collector wipers get stuck between the spokes of the wheels this will appear as if the motor is seized.
  11. I imagine you could. I didn’t have one so didn’t fit any. The model has run and run for hours now. It is smooth and responsive and crawls if needed. I am very happy at last. I may try to buy a spare motor just in case.
  12. Hello are the tooling samples still due at the end of May or has this date slipped?
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