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  1. mr Hornby was interviewed by Hornby magazine in their latest video he couldn’t keep a straight face when asked about mk 4 rolling stock
  2. I thought Hornby were doing quite well getting the new products out all things considered.
  3. Rocket was returned for the second time. I received it back to me within the week. Loco now running perfectly.Hornby 6 pin decoder in the barrel now. I always judge a company about how they handle things when they go wrong. So far Hornby have not let me down,
  4. Just wow, I am so pleased I am a paid up member of this club. A TPE and two lowland Edinburgh for me. Now if I could only afford a 92 as well. it would be rude not to I suppose.
  5. As I said earlier they are that sort of company. I have phoned about my rocket and they will have it back for a second time no issue
  6. I haven’t apportioned blame at all at any time and understand it’s none of my business. But most of the stuff that is commented on on forums is no one else’s business. I was agreeing with your comments about rails maybe only getting half an allocation but i thought if it was the same as the rocket scenario they would have emailed customers saying that the items would be dispatched later but that hasn’t happened this time.
  7. The same as 12mm ply in b&q then I’ve waited months to extend the baseboard.
  8. But Rails would know that I presume and informed the customers that they were holding over supplies until a full order was able to be filled. I watched a video on YouTube from an American HO company they filled a container at the factory and waved it goodbye as it left. I presume Hornby would do the same sort of thing minus the waving in other words I’m mostly agreeing with you.
  9. I think the moderators can get away with saying Offensive things (Nigerian princes) that the rest of us wouldn’t get away with. I was recently banned Without warning from a topic for pointing out things that others could find offensive. I expect to be banned again for this.
  10. Thanks, it fried two decoders before it went back. But worked perfectly on dc. Hornby have replaced these. If it fried another they could replace it again. In my view it is their responsibility to do this. The only evidence of any work being done on it is the now broken detailing on the chimney. I am one of Hornby’s biggest defenders and I am sure they will get this loco going properly.
  11. Ok, I’m still not bitter however, my items have been returned today. The elite has been replaced with a new one it says tested- ok. The two fried decoders have been replaced. It says rocket wiring repaired, tested ok, but the loco is still dead. I took it out of the packet placed it on the rails on dc- nothing. I put in the decoder, nothing. I made sure the controller was working - it was. I tried rocket again, still dead. I phoned Hornby, lines are closed. Open Monday to Wednesday 9 - 1. I want to growl and rant but I am reminded of my previous post. it is what it is :(
  12. Doh it was my lockdown repairs being returned, but I’ll comment on that in the rant thread
  13. I’ve got a parcel from Hornby being delivered today,I wonder what it could be?
  14. Maybe that is what was wrong with mine, ran fine on dc, then fried 2 Hornby 6 pin decoders after that it wouldn’t run, I’m not experienced enough with dcc diagnostics to be able to know the problem. It has gone back to Hornby.
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