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  1. No facts just constant speculation. Maybe production runs are now so small there is just not enough to go around and in the sense of being fair they are being shared around. Hornby must be scared of items ending up in the bargain bins of Hattons like they used to.
  2. Hello i replaced my P2’s motor with a five pole type. I bought it from eBay X6199 I believe it’s the same motor as you need. It says it’s for the 2800 but it fits. It doesn’t have the fly wheel though. Hope this helps
  3. I am so pleased that I have two lowland Caledonian sleeper sets and a tpe set paid for and a class 68 on order from rails. Good times ahead
  4. Why would you wish that? It’s only business, Hattons knew that when they purposely went up against Bachmanns 66. There is room in the market for all these variations.
  5. I think the market is probably big enough for both
  6. Thank you for your advice. I didn’t mean for my words to be harsh my account is moderated and i am thankful the moderator didn’t think I was being rude. I also know that raf96 is a tester for railmaster but I was genuinely asking what he knew that was different to the advice I was given by a major dcc Manufacturer after I had to contact them after i was having issues with their products. I have been using the car bulb for a year and a half without issue. The bulb gives a very visual indication of the short until it’s cleared. It is placed so not to cause the issues you talk about. I did use a
  7. Sorry but this was the recommended way of dealing with shorts given to me last year from the technical support guy at dcc concepts. How do you know better than him please?
  8. Please help I too have a tts 66 issue. I have bought the Hornby Tom Moore the loco was run in on dcc and performed well so I fitted it with a TTS chip it ran ok but it juddered on certain parts of my layout. I have since replaced the speaker with one from west wagon works, still a judder, i fitted lights using the illumination models kit and I have attached a stay alive to the tts decoder using strathpeffer junctions YouTube video as a guide. To try to cure the judder but it hasn’t helped. I have also removed the capacitor from the motor bogie. the stay alive works well I know bec
  9. I am sure it uses the same under frame as the 1st class coach as well
  10. scumcat

    2021 hopes

    How about scale length silver jubilee coaches, I can see that happening now they are doing the coronation Scot. They have made enough silver a4’s in the past.
  11. I’ve started watching the Crewe station railcams YouTube from about 23.35 onwards just to see the Caledonian sleeper arrive and leave. It may be a bit sad but I love it
  12. My were also ordered on the 1st of July I’ve not had an email yet or payment taken. And I am skint this week
  13. When I was about 6 a elderly gentleman who’s house I used to go too to watch trains run around the garden always said “it has to look good from 6ft away lad” and I still think that’s true,
  14. On the original crawl test my wife noted the front wheels were not turning so you maybe right.
  15. I just enjoy watching sams videos with my kids, I am old enough (53) to take some parts of reviews with the pinch of salt, other areas such as design and build quality he generally gets right. I also have had problems with coreless motors. In the Oxford dean goods bought two one was great (ROD) one was terrible (GWR) that motor was replaced for a Hornby 5 pole out of a J36
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