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    EM gauge in the post steam, pre TOPS era circa 1968, EM Cambrian circa 1912, S ScaIe BR circa 1954, 3mm Finescale WR in North WaIes circa 1958, Wagon building and detailing-Diesels and DMU's Hill walking near the WAG secret lair in Snowdonia whilst drinking the odd pint of Real Ale and listening to Ska/R&B. Now where's that Parkside kit?

    Director and Chief Steward, York Model Railway Show
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  1. Hmmm.....worth a punt. Will contact Andrew at MSE/Wizard Cheers!
  2. This underframe is derived from Parkside's PC21 kit, if you can locate one! Worth trying Peco as they are now part of their range since 2017
  3. As one that dabbles in finescale 3mm I can only agree, but the Steampunk?
  4. What.....it's not out yet......
  5. Hi Am refurbishing several of the above and looking to acquire some underframe components - brake gear, door bangers levers etc Anything considered!
  6. MartinWales

    Em Gauge layout

    Certainly worth a try, and maybe worth putting an advert in the EMGS Journal-copy date is 5th March
  7. Hi I wrote an article for the Modeller (May 2009) about this very subject. The Red Panda 10' chassis is still available, if you look hard enough!! If you are really struggling to locate one, maybe a look on Ebay might source one, otherwise PM me
  8. MartinWales

    Em Gauge layout

    Are you looking at anything in particular? BLT, shunting layout??
  9. That will give the kick I need to do mine! Cheers Mark!!
  10. You've not seen the line up for EM North (oops.. Autumn!)yet....
  11. John was a great help to me when starting out in EM some 20+ years ago, with valuable practical advice delivered with a sneer!! RIP Mr Sneyd.Gone but certainly not forgotten!
  12. Yeh! C'mon Marc, pull your finger out!! You do inspire others in turn, you know!
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