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  1. Why not try LNWR in the provinces-North Wales or Cumberland/Westmorland?
  2. As a fellow director, I second that!
  3. No! You might trample the box!!
  4. Went to this excellent show yesterday morning and spent a happy three hours catching up with all the usual suspects. Great balance of layouts from Chris and the team. Superb!!
  5. Ohh, missed that! Pray tell more.....
  6. Why not, Triang used to do it!
  7. A bit crusty perhaps?
  8. Or more likely CBA-could'nt be arsed!
  9. If you like that sort of thing.....
  10. And about £79 too much.....
  11. Heard about Owen's passing yesterday-one of the few people on the circuit I could have a conversation with in Welsh. Byth dy anghofio!
  12. The sign may be a bit of a giveaway......
  13. Errr, yes! Hence the post!!!!!
  14. So good he listed twice.....?
  15. What are ewe talking about?
  16. You could always add a fishy smell to it. That would really make it [email protected] [email protected]@K!
  17. Funny that you should mention that, as it's the commercial ones that tend not to leave it..... I seem to get a lot of repeat buyers who do leave it immediately once received-it's always good to know that the item is appreciated!
  18. Phew! Thought it was just me! Am forever 'reminding' people to leave feedback, especially the large multi item sales that are made to one purchaser!
  19. Indeed! Wigan is ALWAYS worth a visit!
  20. Think the clue is in the ebay ID-CRAZY!
  21. A bin bag would be a better idea....
  22. Don't remember Meat Loaf singing that one.....
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