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  1. Here’s an even more accurate photo
  2. Even on Diesel they are an improvement over HST’s on frequent stopping services such as North Cotswold services. I don’t doubt that flat out on a longer run a HST would have an IET for breakfast when in diesel mode. The rapid acceleration out of stations and better braking does cut delay minutes that HST’s would always incur normally due to slam doors or getting held outside waiting for a platform and then crawling in and crawling out. I’d draw more comparisons to a voyager rather than a HST in terms of acceleration. I just hope the December timetable hasn’t set the bar too high and it will be back to business as usual with no flexibility as you mentioned.
  3. Indeed and they are still running to a HST timetable and not being used to their full potential as of yet. The December timetable change will cut out Reading on several long distance services with many services running fast. This will give long distance passengers more chance of a seat and plenty of room. Also it will give the trolleys a longer stretch without pausing for station stops or getting blocked in by standing commuters only going to Reading. Azuma’s seem to get a better press than the GWR IET’s but I guess time will tell once HST’s and Mk4 sets are gone from the ECML.
  4. Everybody said similar things about the HST's when they were refurbished. I recall complaints such as claustrophobic, cramped, cold colour scheme, lightning too bright, lack of tables, seats too upright and high backed making it hard to spot vacant seats amongst other niggles such as plug sockets on tables being unsuitable for larger plugs. The IET seats are a tad firm (I'm yet to try the new sleeper seats) but I believe they are designed to aid posture as well as having more tables, more legroom, more seats overall with lower backs and more natural lighting. The overheads are designed lower to accommodate larger items of luggage as well as the vestibule end ones and dual purpose bike racks. Probably explains the staff rearranging luggage (the trolley won't get through if passengers block the aisles and is a fire/trip hazard). Regarding temperature it's supposed to be self adjusting according to loadings but can also be electronically turned up or down if you mention it to the train manager. Catering wise only new recruits on the newer contracts are Sunday's inclusive of the working week and those that opted for the higher pay package after the restructuring. Existing members of staff are still Sunday's out leading to some shortages. This was the same with HST's and sometimes led to buffets being closed for the entire journey. If single manned now staff have to serve first class first before doing the whole train or do a static service if the train becomes too busy. Sunday Coverage will improve with new intakes on the new contracts. Crates of water and biscuits are also kept onboard in the emergency cupboard in the event of aircon failure, breakdowns etc or lack of catering. Lead Catering staff are required as the second man on 5+5 formations so if anything is going to go uncovered on a Sunday it will be 9 car work. Revenue wise tickets are checked periodically throughout the journey by the train manager only (first class being the priority) and if running a busy 5+5 formation can take a while. This involves crews swapping ends if short staffed. (neither unit is to be left unstaffed whilst in motion). Weekends always seem carnage compared to the more predictable weekday commuter rushes. Many times in the past I've seen HST's with people sat up the aisle in first class on weekends nothing unique to IET's.
  5. The dark lenses are easily corrected by adding a small bit of white pair around the outside then reassemble.
  6. Lovely model and fits in lovely with the others in my collection.
  7. they’d be mad not to do a ScotRail HST and a GWR celebrity power car set with the option of TTS sound
  8. I’ve been tinkering with my mk3’s again. This time I’ve been tackling Hornbys second release of FGW dynamic lines livery which we’re sold through concession outlets only. To be honest this second batch were not good enough. The first batch were ok and the third batch excellent. . The windows were clear and the printing of the decals and yellow stripe were very washed out with no electric blue in the swirls and the pink doors too dark. First I tinted the windows from the inside using Tamiya smoke then added a new yellow cantrail stripe and brighter Dynamic lines decals to finish it off. I haven’t touched the doors for the time being but the coach is now looking a lot better than it did out of the box. Now it matches the quality of the third batch a bit better. Before: After:
  9. This happens when a 10 car IET replaces a service booked for a HST. Coaches D and E have traditionally been standard class carriages on a HST but on a 10 car IET they are first class carriages causing confusion. To further confuse matters coaches D and E do not even exist on 9 a car IET hence why GWR have been abolishing seat reservations on services where the allocated stock does not match the revervations.It must have been some jobsworth revenue protection inspector you encountered as I cannot see a train manager not being familiar with the layout of his train.
  10. Electronic seat reservations will not work if the train is booked for a 9 car and replaced by a 10 car or vice versa. 9 and 10 car electronic seat reservations are not compatible with each other. GWR are re-lettering coaches E and F on HST's to H and J in the event of a HST replacing an IET. Providing the sets arrive on time paper labels are normally used in place of electronic.
  11. This is normally the result of having no competent crew member for the front set resulting in the rear set being locked out of use. GWR IETs when running in multiple formation have to have a competent member of staff in each end (usually a train manager and lead customer host). They are not allowed to carry passengers with no competent member of staff present.
  12. a recent list of all the GWR IET’s with diesel only restrictions 800001 800002 800012 800015 800022 800028 800030 800035 800036 800308 800310
  13. Actually Paddington has its own Pullman crew along with Plymouth and Swansea. They work 1C83 13:03 PAD-PLY and 1A97 18:03 PLY-PAD (16:00 PNZ-PAD). London living allowance on top of a decent basic salary ensures there are no recruitment problems. Standards wise the Pullman is the only part of GWR catering that hasn't taken a backwards step. The crews provide an excellent welcoming experience for passengers and this continues on IET's. Standard class passengers are of course still welcome too if the restaurant isn't fully reserved. 407xx catering vehicles today are old and poorly maintained and this sometimes impacts on the service when appliances are faulty. All of the pots and pans and table top equipment etc are the same that's used on HST's so taste wise passengers won't notice any change. Providing IET kitchen equipment doesn't develope any teething problems like the trains themselves have suffered there shouldn't be any problem keeping standards high.
  14. I wouldn't go as far as to say the first class catering is an improvement over the HST. The product range is exactly the same offered on both trains with the only difference being that the coffee is filtered on IET's and instant on HST's. Also the airline cart used on IET's is a lot more compact than the stainless steel trolley used on a HST meaning it can't carry as much stock. The less luxurious seating passengers will notice the most and find it harder to justify the premium price. The Pullman restaurant services should be easier to implement now that the service can be offered on any IET set. Unlike the HST having several types of catering vehicles with many non compatible for Pullman's resulting in set swap needed.
  15. Anybody have a Bachman class 166 turbo for sale in latest FGW livery? Not Thames trains or link
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