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  1. What a great set of photo's Nick, very realistic and giving a great feel of the 'Peak' line. ..... I almost feel I can nip down from Tidza' and catch a train ! Joe
  2. Having just 'finally' completed the body of my Coal Tank kit, long after Bachmann released 'their Coal Tank, I need to find it a number.... It would appear 64 loco's passed in to BR ownership in '48 ( source Wikipedia) , and were numbered in the 58880 range upwards... As PWS above has confirmed, 7757 was allocated to Buxton, although very briefly, so this will be my chosen engine - becoming 58915 under BR. Unfortunately, in this incredibly slow kit build, I have moved house and the 'Slancote' layout is no more.... But Slancote V2, is currently being planned
  3. Good evening, I am trying to find out information on Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0ST "Joe", built in 1899. Works number 2431. Having recently bought one of its Name plates, I am now looking for photo's of it life in the quarries. I have a photo of it in Hartley Quarry where it finished its working life. I am hoping to join the Industrial Locomotive Society to see if they have any info, but wondered if anyone on RMWeb may know anything of its history or has photo's? thanks Joe
  4. That's a great set of signals you've produced so far Jonathan, great work. Love the flow of the trackwork in the photo's as well... Excellent. Joe
  5. Good to see you back Al. Great to see you're modelling again, especially modelling a bit of C&HPR, my favourite railway. One of the most unique railways ever built I think. Looks of quirky features, from signals to inclines, incredibly sharp bends etc ! A bit of everything. good luck with your new adventure... joe
  6. After building this layout over several years, an imminent house move has forced the closure of the line. Can't blame 'Mr Beeching' for this one ! When a new property is found, I'm sure a new layout will be built...... so for the time being, points are being recovered and electrical equipment stored, ready for the future. I plan to make my next layout with the running of Hornby live steam a priority. Many things have been learnt and much information gained from fellow RMwebbers, so hopefully the next layout will be another step forward. joe
  7. Have you checked your internet download speed? I've been having on line chat with TalkTalk this evening, as our broadband is VERY slow and the symptoms are slow loading pictures. Main page loads ok ( but slow) but pictures take much longer. regards Joe
  8. Yes, I've used them over several years, both for use with parts for constructing my layout and recently, for cable and connectors for a solar panel install on a Motorhome - I found them excellent. joe
  9. Two years later ! !... and finally the signals are solenoid operated. Just been in the shed wiring up the coils to a 'Center Off' SPST switch. I can use this to select the signals to go with the train direction. A bit basic, but it works.... whats been happening in two years? Not a lot to be honest, but really enjoy running Hornbys Live Steam locomotives.... joe
  10. Does this help?? joe Bachmann Products List.pdf
  11. Think its 30% commission for Internet bidders...... worth remembering....before getting carried away !
  12. Whilst contracting at a Watercress factory in Hampshire, I came across the photo of how they used to transport the watercress to the factory.... But thought it might be a source of info/inspiration ! I just love the gentleman driver! Perhaps he was the owner? sorry for the quality, its a phone picture of a photograph. joe
  13. Hi, a friends late Dad had this "Hassop" key in his collection of Model railway / Railwayana - is it possible that the " Hassop" key is Railway related. If I search for Signal box key, the images are always for much more 'modern' looking items. This appears to be much older, seems strange to have a key marked 'Hassop'. Amy thoughts / help on if it it you think it could be related to the railway infrastructure at Hassop station, in Derbyshire. I don't have the key in my possession, so can't currently answer any specific questions about its detail, but I shall see it next
  14. Layouts that have great looking realistic track work, but then have left those great big blobs of plastic on the ends of the Peco Tie bar ! - ( obviously applies to layouts with electrically / mechanically operated points )
  15. Hi, you could ask here maybe.....?? https://www.threlkeldquarryandminingmuseum.co.uk/vintage-excavator-trust/ regards Joe
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