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  1. No, it really is up as it is going away from me (you can see the red lights on the loco) heading south on the nearest track.
  2. Ulgham Lane, north of Morpeth on the ECML in Northumberland for this afternoon. Ulgham Lane crossing 56127 up coal Aug 85 J8422.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing Class 101 Newcastle to Alnmouth Aug 85 J8430.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing HST up Jan 86 J8512.jpg Really a bit nearer to Longhirst than the level crossing - the road turns right when it gets to the railway, the level crossing is a few hundred yards further north. UlghamLane crossing 91024 up 28th Aug 92 C17963.jpg UlghamLan
  3. This afternoon's photos are along the ECML heading north between Darlington and Newcastle. Croxdale Class 43 Aberdeen to Kings X 30th May 95 C20204.jpg Deerness Valley Junction Reilly Mill view north 22nd April 89 C12088.jpg Plawsworth Class 47 up parcels 28th Oct 92 C18115.jpg Tyne Yard Class 56 up empties 10th Aug 95 C20437.jpg Low Fell 47424 Liverpool to Newcastle 28th June 88 C09556.jpg David
  4. The EX GNR Grantham to Nottingham line again today with photos taken around Radcliffe on Trent. Note that the last one is a very distant view of a train Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Grantham to Nottingham Oct 76 J5454.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Nottingham to Grantham July 79 J6530.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Grantham to Nottingham Dec 79 J6707.jpg Rectory Junction rebuilding bridge over River Trent April 80 J6828.jpg The final stage. Rectory Junct
  5. Newcastle Central for this afternoon. Newcastle 23rd Oct 84 C C6609.jpg Newcastle 03066 29th July 86 C7680.jpg Newcastle 43065 down 1st Sept 87 C9142.jpg Newcastle 20903 weedkilling train and Class 143 ecs 29th June 89 C12095.jpg Newcastle 47424 Liverpool to Newcastle 13th March 90 C14145.jpg David
  6. Cleaned the shelves where the spare rolling stock lives, a lot of dust had accumulated. Then I ran some trains.
  7. Now for this afternoon's photos, taken on the Newcastle to Middlesbrough line . I do know there are only four photos this afternoon. When I sorted them out for today a few weeks ago there was a reason - but I can't remember it now. Boldon Colliery/Brockley Whins Class 143 Newcastle to Sunderland April 86 J8521.jpg Brockley Whins 142022 Newcastle to Sunderland 25th March 95 C20020.jpg Brockley Whins 143617 Newcastle to Sunderland 28th March 92 C16746.jpg Easington Class 143 Middlesbr
  8. First the ones I didn't get posted this morning, taken at the Tanfield Railway. Marley Hill Hudswell Clarke Irwell 16th April 90 C14353.jpg Marley Hill Hawthorn Leslie 2 goods Sunniside to Andrews House 28th Aug 89 C13739.jpg Marley Hill 16th April 90 C14359.jpg Andrews House RSH Cochrane 28th Aug 89 C13729.jpg Andrews House Hawthorn Leslie 2 28th Aug 89 C13726.jpg Causey Arch Tanfield Railway 22nd Oct 86 C8119.jpg David
  9. Here iis a very grainy and not quite sharp photo Dad took of it at Brighton. Brighton Works H1 32039 Hartland Point fitted with sleeve valves JVol4149.jpg David
  10. Photos taken around the Tyne and Wear Metro system for this afternoon. Shiremoor Metro 4023 and 4075 16th Aug 95 C20459.jpg Backworth Junction Metro 4036 St James to Pelaw 16th Aug 95 C20488.jpg Backworth Junction Metro 4040 Pelaw to St James 16th Aug 95 C20463.jpg Benton Metro Pelaw to St James16th Aug 95 C20489.jpg The line in the foreground is the ECML. South Shields Metro Kenton Bankfoot to South Shilelds 2nd April 86 C7359.jpg David
  11. Back to York for today's photos. York 43187 up 28th July 86 C7670.jpg York V2 4771 Scarborough Spa Express 3rd Aug 86 C7873.jpg York 150212 Manchester Victoria to Scarborough July 87 J9056.jpg York 144001 York Harrogate Leeds July 87 J9067.jpg York 156454 Liverpool to Scarborough and Class 108 3rd March 90 C14095.jpg David
  12. Photos at Bottesford on the Nottingham to Grantham line today. Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Grantham May 81 J7384.jpg Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Grantham May 82 C5669.jpg Bottesford Class 47 Parkeston Quay to Glasgow C Sept 83 J8074.jpg Bottesford 156403 Crewe to Skegness 9th June 95 C20244.jpg Bottesford South Junction view east towards Bottesford East Junction Aug 83 C6124.jpg This was the Great Northern and London and North Wesern Joint line line from M
  13. The Great Central between Nottingham and Loughborough today with a few more photos than usual. Two were taken while the line was still in full use, the others much later after closure of the line which initially meant trains ran between Weekday Cross and British Platerboard at Rushcliffe Halt. Later British Plasterboard and the MoD at Ruddington were served by a new connection to the GCR at Loughborough. Note: There are a lot more photos of the line in balck and white days in my black and white photo thread Nottingham Victoria rema
  14. A few more photos from Pilmoor today, on the ECML north of York. There is one black and white and four in colour, some don't have a train. However, they are all worthy of study, especially the ones showing the overbridge with its mix of brick and concrete. I hope the others will be of interest to those who like infrastructure, as well as those who need detail photos. They are in order from south to north. Pilmoor Class 43 43110 Kings x to Aberdeen Sept 87 J9270.jpg Pilmoor A4 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley special
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