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  1. This morning's photos are from a visit to the Norfolk Railway in October 1977 - the only time I've been there. A few more photos taken that day will appear in due course. Sheringham Fowler 0-4-0DM Dr Harry Hunslet 0-6-0ST Ring Haw Oct 77 C3587.jpg Sheringham GER J15 564 Oct 77 C3590.jpg Sheringham Hawthorn Leslie Pony and Kitson Colywn Oct 77 C3592.jpg Sheringham Kitson 45 Colwyn Hawthorn Leslie Pony GER J15 564 BR railbus Oct 77 C3584.jpg Sheringham Peckett No 5 and
  2. More from the Blyth and Tyne today, on the section from Winning to Cambois and North Blyth. Freemans crossing 56006 down l e May 85 J8290.jpg The bridge caries the A189 spine road. Cambois A4 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley with support coach Gateshead to Cambois 10th April 95 C20033.jpg Cambois wagon repair road July 90 J11002.jpg The three grey wagons are Alcan hoppers. Cambois Blyth west staithes July 80 J7033.jpg This is the section between the yard and the working part of the staithes over the h
  3. Trains at York for today. York Class 47 1764 Newcastle to Liverpool Nov 71 C744.jpg York Class 254 43095 Newcastle to Kings X 3rd Aug 86 C7858.jpg York Class 101 York to Selby July 87 J9052.jpg York 150234 Scarborough to Manchester 13th July 87 C8671.jpg York 156479 Liverpool to Scarborough 28th Aug 90 C15366.jpg David
  4. The Metro has never used the bay platforms but the site is now kept much tidier. I don't have a particluarly recent photo handy just now. David
  5. A bit later than usual today. Another look at the Tyne and Wear Metro today. The photos run in a clockwise direction starting at Backworth and end at Ouseburn, on the way back into Newcastle. The link is to a schematic map for those who do not know the system, along with some other information. https://newcastlegateshead.com/plan-your-visit/maps/nexus-tyne-and-wear-metro-map Backworth 4027 St James to Pelaw 21st Feb 96 C20764.jpg Whitley Bay Pelaw to St James Feb 92 J12996.jpg
  6. Views along the Newcastle to Carlisle line for this afternoon. Prudhoe 156443 Carlisle to Middlesbrough 31st Dec 93 C19258.jpg Dilston crossing east of 4771 Green Arrow Hexham to Darlington via the coast 5th July 87 C8627.jpg Fourstones Class 156 Carlisle to Midllsebrough Aug 92 J13309.jpg Greenhead Class 156 Sunderland to Carlisle 29th Aug 95 C20539.jpg Haltwhistle view east 26th Feb 94 C19307.jpg David
  7. Thanks very much for the very kind comment Andy. I hadn't noticed that we are on page 800 until I read your post! David
  8. Bridges over the River Tyne at Newcastle again for today. Newcastle Metro on QE2 bridge 18th Feb 91 C15591.jpg Newcastle King Edward Bridge up Class 91 18th Nov 95 C20642.jpg Newcastle King Edward Bridge Class56 up empties 18th Nov 95 C20647.jpg Newcastle King Edward Bridge HST down 18th Nov 95 C20650.jpg Newcastle Metro on QE2 bridge and Class 156 on King Edward Bridge 18th Nov 95 C20632.jpg David
  9. Around Ulgham Lane crosssing in Northumberland again today, over a 7 year period. Ulgham Lane crossing 43064 up 19th March 88 C9359.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 37083 down dolofines 19th March 88 C9360.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 37506 down pipes 13th Feb 93 C18274.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing Class 56 down empties May 93 J13873.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 91005 down16th Dec 95 C20667.jpg David
  10. A selection of photos from Tyne Yard this afernoon taken from 1982 to 1995. Tyne Yard Lamesley Class 254 HST up Aug 82 C5829.jpg Tyne Yard 47321 down dolofines 17th July 90 C14562.jpg Tyne Yard 56039 and 60023 3rd Sept 94 C19802.jpg Tyne Yard HST up 29th May 95 C20185.jpg Tyne Yard 90019 up mail 10th Aug 95 C20438.jpg David
  11. Three visits to Steamtown at Carnforth today, in 1976, 1979 and 1987. Carnforth LYR 1122 5th June 76 C2753.jpg Carnforth Steamtown Hunslet 6 Aug 79 J6587.jpg Hudswell Clarke PLA class S102 withn thanks to Nigel - Avonside 1563 Carnforth frames of LMS Class 5 8th Aug 87 C8808.jpg Carnforth Wigan Coal and Iron Co Lindsay 8th Aug 87 C8817.jpg Carnforth BR Class 2MT 6441 8th Aug 87 C8824.jpg Carnforth saloon Loch Eil and GWR saloon 9400 8th Aug
  12. Another selection from various dates at Carlisle today. Carlisle 85021 up empties 12th April 88 C9415.jpg Carlisle 47418 Leeds to Carlisle 30th May 90 C14499.jpg Carlisle 82120 Glasgow to Euston 30th May 90 C14535.jpg Carlisle 37682 and 37718 empty coal down 25th Oct 95 C20599.jpg Carlisle 86234 Birmingham to Glasgow C 25th Oct 95 C20603.jpg David
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