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  1. Andy and all others involved, thank you very much for providing so much enjoyment over the weekend It has been well worth all your hard work. I've enjoyed the layouts, a number of the events and even did the quizzes and jigsaws. Can I have the record for the slowest completer of today's jigsaw - 3.5 hours? I got interrupted by going to Mum's to cook her dinner and then cutting down some roses after an arch collapsed in the gale. David
  2. This afternoon's photos are five taken in Newcastle, but not all from the usual viewpoints. Those who know the city will have no problem working out the exact locations, others may find Google Earth (or a good map) useful. Although I worked in Newcastle (full time) for 25 years and a further 8 years part time after I retired early (though then usually working at home), I didn't often go into the city centre. I had intended that after I completely retired (now 6 years ago) I would take a set of photos of the present railways in the city plus the remains of closed ones, but it still remains on the "to do" list. A note about the Scotswood Bridge photo. This bridge carried the Newcastle to Carlisle line across the Tyne so that it entered the station at the west end without using the King Kdward Bridge. The line over the bridge closed in October 1982 when trains were rerouted past the Metro Cantre (which now has its own station) and Dunston before entering Newcastle over the King Edward Bridge. Edited several times for spelling mistakes. Newcastle Class 254 Inverness to Kings X on Castle Garth viaduct June 88 J9544.jpg Newcastle during a fire drill June 89 J10044.jpg Newcastle High Level Bridge Class 91 up14th Nov 92 C18168.jpg Newcastle Quayside branch tunnel mouth 14th July 93 C18621.jpg Scotswood bridge 28th Aug 89 C13862.jpg David
  3. I've just made my coffee so it's time to put some photos up before I go to try to sort out an almost collapsed arch in the garden which has two very big climbing roses attached to it. I don't like summer gales! This morning's photos feature the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway and were taken in 1975, 1979 and 1987. Hopefully they are in the order of a journey along the line. Ravenglass Bassett Lowke Synolda 22nd April 87 C8376.jpg Ravenglass River Esk Aug 79 J6599 Miteside Loop Lady Wakefield Dalegarth to Ravenglass 7th Aug 87 C8769.jpg Irton Road Northern Rock Dalegarth to Ravenglass 7th Aug 87 C8786.jpg Fisherground Loop River Mite taking water Ravenglass to Dalegarth 7th Aug 87 C8773.jpg Dalegarth 6 River Esk Aug 75 J4647.jpg David
  4. Andy, I'm enjoying both the layout and the other content a greta deal - ideal for a damp dull Saturday! Many thanks to all involved for their hard work setting this up. Is there a problem with the link for the 3.15pm diesle gallery photos - I get "page not found"? David Edit - It's working now (15.33), many thanks.
  5. Trains in and passing Tyne Yard 1990 to 1995 today. They were all taken in the afternoon or early evening. Tyne Yard 37223 down coal 17th July 90 C14557.jpg Tyne Yard 47378 down Speedlink 17th July 90 C14559.jpg Tyne Yard 31422 down p w 19th June 91 C15953.jpg Tyne Yard 60038 down steel11th March 95 C20009.jpg Tyne Yard 43114 up Aberdeen to Kings X 10th Aug 95 C20441.jpg David
  6. Mainly ex LNWR lines today. I think they are all places we haven't visited recently. Hillmorton Class 86 E3199 down April 72 J2892.jpg Hillmorton 87017 up Aug 80 J7170 Hillmorton 87013 up Aug 80 J7172.jpg Birmingham International 86221 down Oct 80 J7262.jpg Chester dmus 19th April 86 C7459.jpg Not one of my better photos. David
  7. Photos from visits to Grantham today. For some reason the weather was poor on each of these visits, my memory of Grantham is that the sun usually shone. Grantham Class 47 Parkeston Quay to Manchester July 80 J6994.jpg Grantham Class 254 up May 81 C5360.jpg Grantham 150148 Nottingham to Skegness May 87 J8910.jpg Grantham 43099 up 8th Jan 89 C11768.jpg Grantham 43097 down 8th Jan 89 C11769.jpg David
  8. Today's photos were taken just to the north of Lucker, so we are still on the ECML in Northumberland. There was a station at Lucker which closed in 1953, it had a very ornate building for a tiny village station. Goods facilities closed in 1965. There were also water troughs here. Information on Lucker station is available at: http://disused-stations.org.uk/l/lucker/index.shtml Lucker Class 254 up Aug 82 J7666.jpg Lucker 37528 and 47371 down l e 31st March 89 C11836.jpg Lucker 47816 up special April 89 J9860.jpg Lucker 91020 at rear and DVT up 30th Aug 91 C16578.jpg Lucker Class 43 down 7th April 93 C18413.jpg David
  9. A few taken around Cadeby some 50 or more years ago. The Rector there was Rev E R "Teddy" Boston who owned both a Foster traction engine "Fiery Elias", and an Aveling and Porter steam roller "Thistledown". He also had a 2 foot gauge railway in the vicarage garden on which ran "Pixie", a Bagnall 0-4-0ST along with other locos. There was his very extensive 00 gauge GWR model railway in a "shed" in the garden as well. I spent many happy days at Cadeby along with Mum and Dad when I was a teenager and in my twenties. From time to time I was able to steer Fiery Elias and Thistledown and sometimes drive them. I remember that Mum was very good at steering traction engines at rallies. 3 of the photos show Teddy's engines, the others were visiting engines. Cadeby Foster engine Fiery Elias Sept 64 JRV022.jpg Cadeby Foster Fiery Elias and Aveling Porter Thistledown on rectory drive Sept 70 C458.jpg Cadeby Foster Fiery Elias hauling Pixie from low loader back onto track Sept 70 J2295.jpg Cadeby traction engine, thresher and car in tow June 70 C430.jpg Cadeby Aveling and Porter steam roller Lord Elpus August 1968 C Scan-131130-0008.jpg David
  10. The ECML in Northumberland this afternoon. The photos are taken around Ulgham Lane crossing, north of Morpeth. Ulgham Lane crossing Class 37 down coal empties July 85 J8320.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing HST Aberdeen to Kings X August 87 J9136.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 31409 Berwick to Newcastle August 87 J9148.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 37510 up cement 7th May 88 C9447.jpg Ulgham Lane 43081 down 9th Sept 89 C13766.jpg David
  11. I manage to be able to recognise my photographs quite easily and I have considerably more than 5,000. David
  12. Mainly multiple units at York today in the late 80s and early 90s. York 141116 2nd July 89 C13850.jpg York 156490 28th Aug 90 C15367.jpg York 142077 York to Harrogate 8th Sept 90 C15394.jpg York 158769 down 3rd June 92 C16892.jpg York 43102 up NE to SW 17th June 94 C19498.jpg David
  13. If someone asks me permission to repost one of my images I will normally agree to it. If an image of mine is reposted without my permission then I take such steps as may be required to have the image removed and would not hesitate to seek redress if it was appropriate. There have been times when one of my images has been reposted without permission, in each case I have contacted the owner of the site and the image has been removed forthwith, usually with a written apology to me. That has applied when the poster has simply been a member of a forum or whatever but the site owner has taken the action to remove the image. David
  14. Still in Scotland for this afternoon's photos, this time at Beattock Summit and Carstairs. Carstairs 37693 7th Aug 95 C20364.jpg Carstairs 305 517 down ecs 7th Aug 95 C20365.jpg Beattock Summit 86226 Glasgow C to Paddington 7th Aug 95 C20412.jpg Beattock Summit 43159 Penzance to Glasgow to Edinburgh 7th Aug 95 C20413.jpg going away Beattock Summit Class86 Euston to Glasgow C 7th Aug 95 C20414.jpg David
  15. For this morning's coffee time photos we are in Scotland on a dismal cold and wet day in February 1990. The photos are of the Ayrshire Railway Preservation Groups' collection, then at Minniveny Colliery, near Dalmellington. It is now known as the Scottish Industrial Railway Centre and has been relocated since the photos were taken. The collection is now at Dunaskin Heritage Centre. A link to their website: http://www.scottishindustrialrailwaycentre.org.uk/ (In my browser there is a note saying the site is not secure). Dalmellington Miniveny colliery Barclay 18th Feb 90 C14137.jpg Dalmellington Miniveny colliery Barclay 7 ex BP Grangemouth 18th Feb 90 C14128.jpg Dalmellington Miniveny colliery Barclay 8 and Barclay 19 and steam crane 18th Feb 90 C14135.jpg Dalmellington Miniveny colliery Barclays 8 and 16 18th Feb 90 C14136.jpg Dalmellington Miniveny colliery Hunsle t3 foot gauge 18th Feb 90 C14126.jpg Dalmellington Miniveny colliery Ruston and Hornsby loco 2 foot gauge 18th Feb 90 C14127.jpg David
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