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  1. A mixed bag of photos for today, taken at Ainsdale and Southport. The only information about them has come from Dad's slide catalogue. I know he and Mum had friends living in the area so I can only assume they had gone to visit them and he had taken some photos while he was there. Ainsdale 507001 Liverpool to Southport Oct 82 J7749.jpg Ainsdale 507005 Southport to Liverpool Oct 82 J7751.jpg Southport Pier Bo Bo diesel June 83 J7982 Steamport Southport Hunslet Kinsley and Class 24 and Class 5 44806 and Peckett Agecroft No2 June 83 J7973.jpg Steamport Southport LMS Class 5 44806 Magpie and Class 24 24081 June 83 J7976.jpg David
  2. Photos taken at Prudhoe on the Newcastle to Carlisle line for today. They were taken in 1989 and 1993. Prudhoe 143007 Hexham to Newcastle 11th March 89 C11672.jpg Prudhoe 143015 Sunderland to Hexham March 89 J9804.jpg Prudhoe 37713 down oil tanks 31st Dec 93 C19257.jpg Prudhoe 56074 coal Plenmeller to Blyth 31st Dec 93 C19259.jpg Prudhoe 156463 Sunderland to Carlisle 31st Dec 93 C19262.jpg David
  3. Northumberland again today, this time on the ECML at Lucker over an 11 year period. The photos were taken a short distance to the north of the site of the old station. Lucker Class 254 down Aug 82 J7665.jpg Lucker 37521 and 473(?)78 down l e April 89 J9862. Lucker 91031 Kings X to Glasgow C 30th Aug 91 C16577.jpg Lucker 90016 down 7th April 93 C18409 The Class 90 was substituting for a Class 91. Lucker 56095 up empties 7th April 93 C18414 David
  4. The Great Central Railway today with one photo from East Leake in 1983 and the rest from Marylebone in July 1988. East Leake Tunnel Class 31 up le Feb 83 J7803.jpg Marylebone Class 115 51674 being filmed 27th July 88 C9581.jpg Marylebone so called GWR coaches 27th July 88 C9582.jpg Marylebone Class 115 51674 being filmed 27th July 88 C9583.jpg Marylebone 27th July 88 C9584.jpg David
  5. There are a lot of photos of the trains scattered through my photo thread on RMWeb at: The photos are also on flickr, mainly in my Grantham to Nottingham album at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidwf2009/albums/72157626279144040 I am afraid you will have to go through a lot of photos to find the ones you want!. David
  6. I've had a very peaceful day with no internet or landline. All good things come to an end and normality has now been restored, so I can post some photos. A long time ago I posted photos of an arranged visit made by myself with a group of friends to Heaton depot in January 1990. Having recently been working on Dad's photos from 1990 I can now post his photos of the visit. Heaton Depot 43095 and ano Jan 1990 J10604.jpg Heaton Depot 142516 Jan 1990 J10609.jpg Heaton Depot 56124 up coal Jan 1990 J10618.jpg Heaton Depot some of the group visiting the depot Jan 1990 J10622.jpg Heaton Depot Class 254 wheelsets Jan 1990 J10624.jpg David
  7. I don't think we've had any photos on the Nottingham to Lincoln line for a long time, so here are some at Lowdham and one at Sneinton Junction, in Nottingham. Sneinton Junction view east Nov 78 J6348 Lowdham Class 116 Nottingham to Lincoln 9th June 89 C11973.jpg Lowdham 2 Class 31 down oil tanks April 90 J10766.jpg Lowdham 47223 up oil tanks April 90 J10767 Lowdham view towards Nottingham 10th April 90 C14280.jpg David
  8. Back to Teesside this afternoon for photos taken in April and May 1993. Grangetown BSC 258 14th April 93 C18467 Grangetown Junction 60052 down empties 14th April 93 C18472.jpg Grangetown Junction 37426 empty potash to Boulby 14th April 93 C18477.jpg Grangetown Junction 56087 steel empties 14th April 93 C18497.jpg Grangetown Junction 156454 Middlesbrough to Saltburn 8th May 93 C18520.jpg Grangetown BSC 37506 8th May 93 C18523. David
  9. This morning we have some more photos from the Tanfield Railway from 1980 to 1990. Marley Hill RSH Cochrane Marley Hill to Sunnside Aug 80 J7089.jpg Marley Hill RSH 38 Aug 82 J7694.jpg Marley Hill turntable 28th May 89 C11904.jpg Marley Hill Hudswell Clarke Irwell 16th April 90 C14358.jpg Marley Hill RSH Progress demo freight 28th May 90 C14471.jpg Sunniside HL 2 and Hudswell Clarke Irwell 30th Aug 87 C9072.jpg David
  10. More photos taken at Carlisle station in 1987 and 1990 for this evening. Carlisle 86213 Glasgow C to Penzance April 87 J8810.jpg Carlisle 47404 Middlesbrough to Carlisle April 87 J8856.jpg Carlisle 81020 up BOC tanks April 87 J8859 Carlisle 37035 down oil May 90 J10936 Carlisle 08910 shunting Motorail vans 30th May 90 C14521.jpg David
  11. The 153 might have had as many as ten people on board. Alnmouth station is much busier nowadays. David
  12. Northumberland again today with trains on the ECML at Alnmouth, Buston Barns and Chevington. Alnmouth 37080 down oil 22nd Aug 89 C13721 Alnmouth 43050 up 22nd Aug 89 C13723 Buston Barns 153352 Alnmouth to Newcastle 3rd Sept 92 C18027 Buston Barns Class 90 Glasgow C to Kings X 25th Feb 94 C19304.jpg Chevington Class 101 Newcastle to Berwick Feb 87 J8762.jpg David
  13. Many thanks, Ive altered the caption on the Peak photo. Also the Parkeston Quay to Glasgow and Edinburgh. I don't know which day of the week the 20s were photographed, Dad worked from home a lot at that time. David
  14. A mix of dmus and loco hauled trains at Bottesford on the Nottingham to Grantham line for today. Bottesford Class 104 Grantham to Nottingham Nov 80 J7291.jpg Bottesford Class 114 Grantham to Nottingham Dec 81 J7614.jpg Bottesford 20147 and 20113 Leicester to Skegness Aug 82 J7737.jpg Bottesford 45135 Derby to Skegness2nd July 83 J7985.jpg Bottesford 47457 Parkeston Quay to Glasgow July 83 J8029.jpg David
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