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  1. Once again a bit early today as the pharmacy has rung to ask if I would like to have my flu jab this afternoon rather than in a few days time. Today's photos are once again from Buston Barns, on the ECML south of Alnmouth. Buston Barns 45104 down p w Oct 87 J9321 Buston Barns 43159 up 4th Nov 89 C13837 Buston Barns 91004 down Dec 91 J12972 Buston Barns 143608 Newcastle to Alnmouth Dec 91 J12975 Buston Barns 47833 down charter 26th Nov 94 C19874 David
  2. Nothing to do with railways, but odd things one sees. I was at Mum's today and happened to look out of her kitchen window and saw a sailing ship passing by (under power) moving up the harbour. It made a nice change from small bulk carriers, container ships and offshore support ships. Actually it does have to do with railways, I can see a railway from the same window as well as the route of an early waggonway to the harbour. Newcastle Central today. Just a random selection of photos over the years. Newcastle 142021 Sunderland to Newcastle 7th March 89 C11780 Just arrived, passengers waiting to get on to to Sunderland. Newcastle 47444 Liverpool to Newcastle June 89 J09923 Newcastle 43093 down 17th Aug 90 C15269 Newcastle 08578 May 91 J11928 Another photo of this loco. Newcastle 43096 down 10th May 95 C20137 David
  3. A few Settle and Carlisle photos today. Note the changes to the platform at Langwathby between photos three and five. Ribblehead viaduct July 82 C5686 a Kirkby Stephen Class 156 487 Leeds to Carlisle 15th Aug 06 SIMG_2548 Langwathby156482 Carlisle to Leeds March 93 J13735 Langwathby156482 Carlisle to Leeds March 93 J13736 m Langwathby 156479 Carlisle to Leeds 30th July 02 C26095 David
  4. Riding Mill and Stocksfield on the Newcastle to Carlisle line this afternoon. Some of the photos show diverted HSTs on days when the ECML was closed between Newcastle and Edinburgh. Riding Mill 43119 Kings X to Edinburgh diverted via Carlisle April 89 J09886 Stocksfield 43046 diverted Aberdeen to Kings X March 91 J11793 Stocksfield 37070 Alcan North Blyth to Fort William March 91 J11796 Stocksfield 156451 Girvan to Newcastle "The Tyne Trader" Aug 92 J13301 Stocksfield 153317 and 143611 Middlesbrough to Carlisle Aug 92 J13304 David
  5. A few more photos from the Talyllyn Railway this morning. Tywyn Wharf Barclay 0-4-2ST ex Irish Turf Board awaiting rebuilding as Tom Rolt Aug 69 J1839 Tywyn Wharf No 3 Sir Haydn 1st Aug 76 C2941 Tywyn Pendre 31st Aug 69 C074 Brynglas 3 Sir Hadyn Abergynolwyn to Tywyn Aug 72 J3063 Brynglas 3 Sir Hadyn Aug 72 J3054 Brynglas 4 Edward Thomas Abergynolwyn to Tywyn Wharf Aug 72 C1088 Brynglas Aug 72 J3062 David
  6. North Blyth for this afternoon, featuring the alumina import terminal. The sea is on the east side of the line and the harbour is on the west side. It is built on the site of the old Blyth south staithes. North Blyth 56133 Alcan empties Fort William to North Blyth March 89 J9848 North Blyth about to run round 55022 Royal Scots Grey Alcan Lynemouth to North Blyth 11Apr 2011 North Blyth Alcan alumina silos Aug 85 J8341 North Blyth Alcan terminal 4th Sept 95 C20510 North Blyth Class 37 shunting 1st Sept 94 C19797 David
  7. Some photos of Dad's today, taken around 1954/5 at Daybrook station. Daybrook was on the Great Northern Railway Derbyshire and Staffordshire extension from the Grantham to Nottingham line at Colwick. Passenger trains could run into Nottingham via Netherfield and Colwick or over the Nottingham Suburban Railway. The junction for this was just east of Daybrook station. The suburban railway closed completely in 1951, having been closed to through traffic since 1941 following bomb damage near Trent Lane Junction. Daybrook station closed in 1960 because of mining subsidence in Mapperley Tunnel. Edit - Dad had a track permit for the area, he was not trespassing. Daybrook WD down goods c1954 JVol3078 Daybrook K2 61738 up goods note smokebox handrail March 55 JVol7055 Daybrook K3 61833 down goods c1954 JVol7207 Daybrook L1 67746 Basford North to Nottingham Victoria via Netherfield March 55 JVol7056 Daybrook O4 eastbound coal c1954 Vol7384 David
  8. Photos around Warkworth and Widdrington Station on the ECML in Northumberland. Please note, Widdrington Station is a village as well as a station which is still open. Widdrington is a short distance away. Warkworth had a station which closed to passengers in 1958. Widdrington Station Class 254 HST 43089 up July 83 C6104 Widdrington Station Class 91 up 19th Feb 94 C19280 The train is just entering the station, the building with chimneys is the station building. Warkworth Class 91 up 300 miles from Kings X June 93 J13912 Warkworth Class 91 Glasgow C to Kings X 29th May 93 C18574 This is just south of the level crossing and site of the station, a few yards over 300 miles from Kings Cross. Warkworth DVT up 4th May 96 C20886 The building in the background is the old station building. David
  9. More from the ECML in Northumberland for today. The photos run from south to north. Cramlington 43195 Glasgow to Kings X Nov 87 J9351 Longhirst 37235 down pipes May 92 J13135 Chevington Class 254 down Aug 85 J8356 Buston Barns 91017 down 16th Jan 93 C18248 Beal Class 254 up Aug 80 J7099 David
  10. Newcastle and Grantham for me, though I have to accept that the down side building at Grantham is a replacement. David
  11. Back to the black and white days for this batch. Some have been in another thread before. They are on the Great Central between Nottingham Victoria and Loughborough Central. The first three were taken by Dad, the dates are about right, he didn't always date his photos in his notes. The rest are mine. Hotchley Hill (the British Plaster Board works) is at Rushcliffe Halt, between Ruddington and East Leake. Nottingham Victoria B1 up passenger c1949 JBWP171 Nottingham Victoria K3 up vans c1950 JBWP174 Loughborough Central B1 1123 down pass 1948 JVol1453 Hotchley Hill gypsum works Class 20 D8046 shunting 1968 DMImageT06 East Leake Class 20 D8046 goods 1968 DMImageS05 East Leake Class 108 Rugby to Arkwright Street 1968 DMImageT04 David
  12. Some more from the Tyne and Wear Metro today. You may wonder why I don't post any photos from stations on the system. It's simple - photography on Metro stations is not allowed. Howden viaduct Metro St James to Pelaw 14th Nov 92 C18169 Tynemouth 4079 St James to Pelaw April 93 J13823 heading towards Tynemoouth station from North Shields Tynemouth 4010 and 4046 Pelaw to St James 9th May 92 C16834 Passing the park to the north of Tynemouth station. Tynemouth Metro St James to Pelaw Dec 92 J13632 The building on the right is the Park Hotel. The Sea Life Centre is out of shot further to the right. Behind me is the sea. Shiremoor Metro 4023 Pelaw to St James 16th Aug 95 C20458 David
  13. That looks good. Simple and effective. Edit - Nick C got there before me! David
  14. We stay at Carnforth for the first three photos this afternoon, taken in August 2003. A few weeks after this I used up my stock of slide film and from then only took digital photos. I quickly sold my Minolta 35mm SLR camera and lenses while there was still a market for them. The rest of the photos were taken further north, at Penrith, in March 1993. Carnforth 175113 Manchester to Barrow 28th July 03 C26365 b Carnforth390002 on test 28th July 03 C26366 Carnforth 175101 Barrow to Manchester 28th July 03 C26367 Penrith 86425 Birmingham to Glasgow C March 93 J13714 Penrith 87025 Euston to Glasgow C March 93 J13718 Penrith 43086 Plymouth to Aberdeen March 93 J13720 David
  15. A few more photos of Steamtown Carnforth for this morning to go with your coffee. For some reason I didn't make a note of the identity of the loco in the first photo. Does anyone know what it is? a Steamtown 0-4-0ST Feb 73 C1184 Bagnall 0-6-0ST Works number 2668 of 1942 "Cranford No.2" Carnforth B1 61306 Mayflower Feb 73 C1180 Carnforth Steamtown Barclay 0-4-0ST Cooke and Nuttall Aug 79 J6584 Carnforth Barclays John Howe and Coronation 8th Aug 87 C8821 Carnforth Barclay John Howe and clutter 8th Aug 87 C8820 Carnforth Barclay Lord Levenshulme 8th Aug 87 C8812 David
  16. Having lived in Northumberland for over 40 years I have got used to them and take care going over them. They are very severe! I might add that in the county there are many other bridges, usually over rivers and streams, which are flat but very narrow, often only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. It does slow the tourists down though. David
  17. Photos around the Blyth and Tyne today. New Hartley trackbed of Avenue branch along foreground fence and hedge May 87 J8926 This line used to run from Hartley to Monkseaton. South Newsham 56116 up empty coal Dec 90 J11688 South Newsham Class 56 56112 up l e March 91 J11781 South Newsham nameplate of 56131 May 91 J11919 Bedlington River Blyth viaduct Class 5 44767 Santa special Newcastle circular 28th Dec 94 C19935 Out via the Blyth and Tyne, back along the ECML from Morpeth. David
  18. Trains at Newcastle again for today. Newcastle 43107 ecs 10th July 87 C8648 Newcastle 47837 Poole to Aberdeen 11th June 91 C15914 Newcastle 43183 Newcastle to Plymouth April 92 J13104 Newcastle 142022 and Class 156 10th May 95 C20135 Newcastle 153360 1st Sept 92 C18093 David
  19. I think you'll have seen a few photos captioned as "Butterwell Junction" in this thread, just to the north od Ulgham Lane crossing. In other words, north of Morpeth on the ECML in Northumberland. The line curving off to the north east at the junction went to Butterwell opencast loader, but it alsdo went beyond there, originally servibg a number of pits. On it's way it went over Potland level crossing and then used to go on to join the Blyth and Tyne at Ashington. In recent times there was an opencast loading point just south of Potland level crossing. The photos start at Butterwell Junction and then move to the level crossing. Butterwell Junction 43085 up April 82 J7638 Potland level crossing 56132 coal to Blyth Power station May 85 J8297 Potland LC 37030 down empties to Butterwell April 82 J7640 Potland LC 37030 down empties to Butterwell April 82 J7639 Potland level crossing view south Dec 80 J7306 The opencast loading point was just south of here. The buildings in the distance are at Ashington pit. David
  20. A few trains at Morpeth in the 1990s today. I have just realised I forgot to crop the first one - Sorry. Morpeth 56117 up coal and Class 43 down 20th Dec 91 C16886 Morpeth 91010 Kings X to Glasgow C 6th April 93 C18407 Morpeth 56120 up coal 20th Dec 93 C19242 Morpeth 90024 Kings X to Edinburgh 26th July 95 C20325 Morpeth 142019 Morpeth to Newcastle and DVT down 20th Jan 96 J20740 David
  21. A trip to the former East Germany in August 1992 for today to look at the Harzquerbahn between Wernigerode and Drei Annen Hohne. The Harzquerbahn is metre gauge and forms a network in the Harz mountains area The line to the summit of the Brocken had reopened a few weeks earlier, traffic was very heavy. In East German times the Brocken was a closed area. This was my second visit, the first having been in the summer of 1991. Wernigerode 99 7234 9th Aug 92 C17685 Wernigerode 99 7234 9th Aug 92 C17699 Wernigerode 99 7244 waiting to leave for Nordhausen 9th Aug 92 C17679 Wernigerode Westerntor 199 877 9th Aug 92 C17667 The line's workshops are situated here. Drei Annen Hohne 99 7241 Wernigerode to Nordhausen 6th Aug 92 C17469 Drei Annen Hohne 199 879 Brocken to Wernigerode 8th Aug 92 C17637 Drei Annen Hohne Class 99 to Wernigerode and 199 877 to Nordhausen 8th Aug 92 C17622 The line to the Brocken is in the foreground, the other line is to Nordhausen. The Class 199 diesel is in the station. David
  22. Tyne and Wear Metro photos today. Cullercoats Metro St James to Pelaw 20th May 95 C20158 Whitley Bay 4029 Pelaw to St James Feb 92 J12993 Taken from the public footbridge by the station. Backworth Metro 4066 Pelaw to St James 21st Feb 96 C20761 Backworth 4027 St James to Pelaw 21st Feb 96 C20764 Pelaw Junction T&W Metro to South Shields 1st Aug 85 C7029 David
  23. Photos along the Durham Coast line again, going north from Hartlepool for this afternoon. Once again the passenger trains are all Pacers. Hartlepool 143011 Middlesbrough to Newcastle April 87 J8826 Hart 60013 down l e June 93 J13919 Hart view north 14th Feb 89 C11636 East Boldon 142525 Sunderland to Metro Centre April 93 J13773 East Boldon 142019 Metro Centre to Sunderland April 93 J13783 David
  24. The Great Central at Loughborough and Quorn today, mainly loco portraits. Loughborough Central Class 08 3101 and Ruston Hornsby Qwag 10th June 89 C11999 Loughborough Central Bagnall 3 March 75 J4162 Quorn Littleton No 5 March 76 C2645 Loughborough N2 4744 Loughborough to Rothley March 83 J7864 Loughborough Central LNER B1 1306 Sept 81 J7589 Loughborough Central GCR 11F 506 April 79 J6426 David
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