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  1. As far as I know it is. The long jib crane is apparently a Lima 1201 diesel crane from Buckminster Quarries used to lift up the parts as Marion was dismantled to be moved (information from the book mentioned below). There are a few more (brief) details in Eric Tonks' book "The Ironstone Quaries of the Midlands - Part VIII South Lincolnshire. David
  2. Rather later than usual again today. Today's photos are probably best described as "to do with the Great Western". Hereford Hunslet Cyder Queen Ruston 1 Woodpecker 57xx 5786 Kitson Carnarvon Sept 73 J3406.jpg Hereford Bulmers King Class 6000 Sept 73 J3413.jpg Paddington 27th July 88 C09588.jpg Bristol Temple Meads 43183 to Paddington 1st July 89 C12121.jpg Bristol Temple Meads 156467 Bristol to Cardiff 1st July 89 C12127.jpg David
  3. It's another case of "if only I'd taken a few more photos while I was there I might have seen what the Class 90 was doing". David
  4. Manchester Oxford Road and Piccadilly in 1990 for this afternoon. Manchester Oxford Road Class 108 to Warrington Central 3rd March 90 C14076.jpg Manchester Oxford Road Class 142 142058 to Blackpool North 3rd March 90 C14068.jpg Manchester Oxford Road 150213 to Blackpool North 8th Sept 90 C15376.jpg Manchester Oxford Road 304041 to Crewe 8th Sept 90 C15374.jpg Manchester Piccadilly 156469 Manchester to Hull 8th Sept 90 C15385.jpg Manchester Piccadilly 156497 Manchester to Scarborough 8th Sept 90 C15386.jpg David
  5. Grantham in the late 1980s for today. The first three photos are Dad's, he must have been visiting friends for a few days as by 1987 he had lived in Northumberland for several years. The last two were taken by me, I remember the day well as I was on the way to the funeral of a relative. Grantham 150148 Nottingham to Skegness May 87 J8909.jpg Grantham 47578 Hull to Kings X May 87 J8914.jpg Grantham Class 31 l e May 87 J8915.jpg Grantham 156407 to Cambridge 8th Jan 89 C11770.jpg Grantham 43063 Kings X to Leeds 8th Jan 89 C11771.jpg David
  6. A selective quote above to avoid taking up too much space. I too had always thought that "3" on LNER carriage doors ended at the latest during the war. Then some time ago I came across this photo which Dad had noted as being taken by him at Cambridge in 1948 when he was there as a student. It is something of a mystery to me. Cambridge F6 7236 ecs 1948 JVol1219 David
  7. I saw a number of 7 car sets over the years, in the early days it was often one of the catering coaches that was mssing. David
  8. Some ECML photos for today taken between Grantham and Retford. Dry Doddington Class 55 down May 78 J6055 Dry Doddington Class 47 up April 79 J6414 Dry Doddington 254035 down March 83 J7821 Carlton on Trent 254014 up May 78 J6065 GamstonClass 254 up June 79 J6524 David
  9. Tioday we travel to the High Dyke branch, off the ECML south of Grantham, along with its associated iron ore quarries and lines. I think it has been some time since our last visit. High Dyke Pendennis Castle light engine Market Overton to Carnforth Oct 74 J4062.jpg Taken very early on a dull damp morning. Colsterworth No 2 quarry looking towards Woolsthorpe, you can also see part of one of the drills to prepare for blasting and the tipping point J2789.jpg Skillington Road Junction Class 31 5673 iron ore from Sproxton July 72 C1024.jpg Woolsthorpe Lane level crossing Class 31 5675 down light engine Nov 71 J2797.jpg Near Sewstern North yard point being removed to realign to a 10 chain radius curve for express engine (i.e. Pendennis Castle and Flying Scotsman) Sept 73 J3386.jpg ex British Steel line. David
  10. It appears not. The Foxfield page on Wikipedia only lists one of them - No. 37519. Howvere I think their ex LTSR PMV No.1 may be one of them (38268) in my post.
  11. I've just had a look at steam '77, the ARPS Yearbook and steam guide. In the entry for the Foxfield Railway it states they have 4 LMS bogie scenery vans, Nos. 37508, 37518, 37519 and 38268. It states two had been converted into observation cioaches and one is used as a refreshment van. One of the photos states that they did indeed come from Boots who had presumably bought them from the LMSR or BR at some time. Some further details from "Preserved Railway Carriages", Lloyd and Brown, published by SLP. 38268 was built by the Midland Railway at Derby in 1922 as a PMV MR Number 228 to Diagram No. 1198, lot no. 969. Withdrawn by BR and sold to Boots in 1955, preserved in 1968. 37508 a CCTscenery van built by the LMSR at Derby in 1925 as No 46 renumbered in 1933. Diagram 1875 lot no. 160 Preserved in 1968. 37518 a CCT scenery van built by the LMSR at Derby in 1927, original number 4700. Diagram 1882 lot no. 308 Preserved in 1968 37519 a CCT scenery van built by the LMSR at Derby in 1927, original number 4714. Diagram 1882 lot no.308 Preserved in 1968 David
  12. Those Foxfield Railway carriages were, I believe, converted from scenery vans. David
  13. I might be busy this afternon so I am posting the second batch now. Once again they are at Bottesford, between Grantham and Nottingham. Bottesford Class 105 Nottingham to Boston Oct 81 J7595.jpg Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Skegness Jan 83 J7774.jpg Bottesford Feb 83 J7798.jpg The road to the station in winter Bottesford Class 47 Parkeston Quay to Glasgow The European July 83 J7990.jpg probably 47588 Bottesford Class 120 Skegness to Derby July 83 J8032.jpg David
  14. Getting back to trains now with some photos of the Foxfield Railway in the late 1970s. Dilhorne Avonside Robert July 76 C2894.jpg Dilhorne Bagnall J T Daly July 76 C2889.jpg Hill Crossing Bagnall Hawarden Blyth Bridge to Dilhorne July 76 C2919.jpg Dilhorne Hunslet Wimblebury May 78 J6112.jpg Dilhorne Bagnall J T Daly and Bagnall Lewisham May 78 J6115.jpg Dilhorne Peckett 11 May 78 J6120.jpg David
  15. Thinking of D4 in 1970 here are a couple of photos of it passing the brickworks at Hathern, taken at the same time by Dad and I standing next to each other. March 1970. HathernClass 44 D4 up up March 70 J2070 Hathern Class 44 D4 Great Gable up coal March 70 C206.jpg David
  16. Does this one help at all, taken by my Dad? He has it noted as being taken in March 1967. Normanton on Soar Class 44 D4 down empties March 67 J0838.jpg David
  17. Thanks for the comments, especially about the freightliner train yesterday. You nearly didn't get to see the photo as the original slide was not really sharp. I only kept it as it is (I think) the only freightliner I ever photographed doubled headed by 2 Class 47s. Then when scanned the photos I nearly didn't bother as it took ages to get a reasonable image file. Now for today's photos which are some more from the ECML in Northumberland. Widdrington station is both a station and the name of the village by the station, Widdrington is another village a short distance away. Wooden Gates Class 90 Glasgow C to Kings x 11th Dec 93 C19233.jpg Widdrington station 43117 up July 84 J8153.jpg Widdrington station 37519 up l e 19th Feb 94 C19278.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 60075 down coal 23rd Jan 93 C18262.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 56131 up coal June 87 J8999.jpg David
  18. Some photos of the West Coast Main Line in Cumbria for this afternoon. They are in date order. Newbiggin hall Cumbria Class 47 and Class 47 down freightliner March 81 C5285.jpg Penrith Class 43 Aberdeen to Penzance 6th March 93 C18342.jpg Penrith Class 43 Aberdeen to Penzance 6th March 93 C18343.jpg Penrith view south 6th March 93 C18346 Penrith 6th March 93 C18363 Clifton Class 86 down 29th March 94 C19366 David
  19. I can't remember the date but the line to the south of South Newsham signal box was singled, I think between the dates of the photos, so I except the changes happened then. Although I quite often use the road across the crossing I sadly don't always take as much notice as I should of changes which take place. David
  20. The Blyth and Tyne in Northumberland for this afternoon at South Newsham, Bebside and Bedlington. South Newsham Class 254 up diverted via Blyth and Tyne because of derailment near Cramlington April 84 J8116.jpg South Newsham 56112 l e 22nd Feb 91 C15611.jpg Bebside Class 101 charter The Chevy Chase Newcastle to Blyth and Tyne etc April 86 J8541.jpg Bedlington station 56117 empty coal to Butterwell 18th July 92 C16977.jpg Bedlington Junction Class 37 le and brake to Cambois Feb 87 J8752.jpg probably 37259 David
  21. Back to Carlisle for today's photos, with a mix of diesels and electrics over the years. Carlisle 08808 April 87 J8803 Carlisle 37185 down oil tanks April 87 J8870 Carlisle 85007 down freight April 87 J8874 Carlisle 47005 up pw 24th Oct 90 C15421.jpg Carlisle 86210 Paddington to Edinburgh 22nd Feb 93 C18309.jpg David
  22. I usually a keep about 4 weeks of photos ready captioned and in sets of five or six so that all I need to do is sleect the image batch and add them. So it doesn't take too long each day (usually). David
  23. Trains on the Newcastle to Carlisle line today. Hexham 143024 Sunderland to Hexham Feb 87 J8769.jpg Fourstones 47289 up freight 26th Aug 92 C17960.jpg Denton Mains (near Low Row) Class 56 down vans 1st June 94 C19470.jpg Cowran Hills cutting 60061 oil empties 1st June 94 C19468.jpg Cowran Hills cutting 156451 Carlisle to Newcastle 29th March 94 C19372.jpg David
  24. I've begun to see the funny side of the last few days, at least in some respects, though my chat with my GP about my arthritis remains the least pleasant bit. Yesterday I got to church well before the early service to get things ready and found there was no heating, naturally the error number was not in the instructions. Eventualy I got it started, fortunately it is being serviced soon. Then at Mum's found her arthritis and Crohn's disease were both worse than usual. Next "search" on my PC didn't work - apparently a known issue in Windows 10 1909 (but Microsoft do not seem to admit it). I found some useful web pages after a while. Then my central heating went off - fortunately it was simple to sort out - the pressure had dropped so it just needed water adding. This morning I went to see Mum as usual and found her door lock had got stuck - eventually I got it opened. Her cleaner/carer had cleaned the door last week and seems to have squirted kitchen cleaner into the lock, removing all the lubricant. The rain and grit driven by the wind yesterday had done the rest. It has now been lubricated and I have my fingers crossed it will now work reliably. Now for today's photos: Once again they are around Newcastle on various dates in the 1980s. Today I think the captions match the images. Gateshead King Edward Bridge Class 254 up Aug 82 J7682.jpg Taken during a thunderstorm. Newburn level crossing view east 14th Sept 85 C7185.jpg Newcastle 08797 empty parcels shunt July 88 J9606.jpg Newcastle 37035 and 47302 down l e June 89 J09926.jpg Newcastle 31221 and 31282 down l e June 89 J09927.jpg David
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