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  1. Today's photos are from Teesside. I am not very impressed with the attempts of weathering on the fence in the first two photos. Tees Yard Class 156 down 3rd Dec 94 C19880.jpg Tees Yard 56126 up empty coal 3rd Dec 94 C19884.jpg Tees Yard 3rd Dec 94 C19882 Middlesbrough Docks Junction 156469 up14th April 93 C18448.jpg Grangetown Junction Class 153 to Saltburn and Class 37 up freight 14th April 93 C18468.jpg David
  2. I'll say Grantham as I spent a lot of time there trainspotting in the late 50s/early 60s. David
  3. On Tuesday I posted some photos of Swayfield and mentioned it was worth looking at them to see the changes that took place there in the 1970s. I don't think anyone mentioned the position of the signals which changed. David
  4. It was before I had a car so I travelled around with Dad on his photographic expeditions. He was often only free on Saturday afternoons when we usually went to the main line , often at Pilmoor. If he had a whole day free it was usually a trip to the S&C. David
  5. I lived in Harrogate from 1965 to 1968, about 100 yards from where the third photo was taken, so I could easily go to watch trains. I much prefer the old 1st generation dmus to Pacers. Of course in my time there you could also see Deltics, Class 40s, Class 37 and Class 25s - as well as steam locos - mainly B1s, Class 5s and a few others as can be seen in both this thread and my black and white photo thread here. David
  6. It has to be Stratford, always so much to see whenever I visited. David
  7. A few photos around Harrogate today. Harrogate 144017 York to Leeds 11th April 90 C14308.jpg Harrogate Class 141 Harrogate to Leeds Sept 87 J9273.jpg Harrogate Class 141 Leeds to York going away May 87 J8928.jpg Crimple viaduct Aug 65 J1469 Crimple viaduct trackbed of Y&NMR Leeds to Starbeck line Aug 65 J1471.jpg Taken looking along the trackbed from under Crimple viaduct. David
  8. Many thanks for all the good wishes for my birthday yesterday. I had an enjoyable day. Today's photos are from Glasgow Central between 1990 and 1995. All the visits were on journeys to and from Glasgow Exhibition. I usually travelled there by train, often from Newcastle via Carlisle and the Glasgow and South Western route just to go a different way. At one time I drove there from Northumberland but gave that up after getting stuck for several hours in a traffic jam when the A69 was closed by snow. Another year I only just managed to get home as the A74 was badly affected by snow. After that I used the train. Glasgow Central 303047 17th Feb 90 C13976.jpg Glasgow Central 90021 down arriving 2nd March 91 C15630.jpg Glasgow Central 43068 29th Feb 92 C16705.jpg Glasgow Central 2 Class 156 and 2 Class 303 24th Feb 95 C19960.jpg Glasgow Central 101688 24th Feb 95 C19976.jpg David
  9. I'll go for Morpeth today - but my time machine would have deposited me there a very long time ago, perhaps pre WW1. Reasons: I might just have stayed on the staion and watched the trains go by. At one time I could have caught a local train from there to go home at the end of the day. From Morpeth I could have travelled to Rothbury or gone to Reedsmouth and then to Riccarton Junction or Hexham, all on the North British Railway. Or I could have explored the Blyth and Tyne system, starting by catching a train to Bedlington. David
  10. Russ, I can often remember what else I did on the days I took the photos. As you suggest, it really does feel like yesterday when I took them. David
  11. Today is my 71st birthday, so I thought we would go back in time to when I was a young man for this afternoon's photos of the ECML in the 1970s at Swayfield. Swayfield was one of my favourite locations at the time. Since I moved to Northumberland some 40 years ago I have't been back very often, I'm not sure what it is like now, though I have seen it with the OHLE in place. It's worth studying the photos to see the changes that occured during the 1970s. Swayfield Class 55 9006 up Oct 71 J2781.jpg 08.00 Edinburgh to Kings X Swayfield Class 47 up ex pass Sept 72 C1142.jpg 11.32 Bradford to Kings X (Saturday) Swayfield Class 55 9021 down Feb 73 J3142.jpg 11.00 Kings X to Newcastle Swayfield Class 55 up 1st April 78 C3765.jpg 55004 1A11 08.25 Newcastle to Kings Cross Swayfield Class 47 up 1st April 78 C3766.jpg probably 47419 David
  12. It has to be Newcastle Central. David
  13. Photos taken at Alnmouth fopr this afternoon. Alnmouth was the junction for Alnwick. Alnmouth 91006 Kings X to Glasgow C 15th April 92 C16752.jpg Alnmouth 142525 Newcastle to Alnmouth18th June 94 C19516.jpg Alnmouth Class 101 Berwick to Newcastle Aug 87 J9196.jpg Alnmouth 43152 Kings X to Edinburgh Nov 87 J9360.jpg Alnmouth Class 254 down Aug 80 J7117.jpg David
  14. This afternoon's photos feature locations along the line from Newcastle to Carlisle. Derwentheugh 142020 Newcastle to Hexham 1st July 95 C20309.jpg Fourstones 156437 Newcastle to Stranraer 30th Jan 93 C18272.jpg Fourstones Class 5 5305 SRPS Falkirk to Glasgow via Newcatsle and GSW Mar 87 J8795.jpg Haltwhistle 156463 Newcastle to Carlisle 20th April 92 C16781.jpg Haltwhistle 60047 tanks Stanlow to Jarrow 12th April 95 C20088.jpg David
  15. Some more photos from the Keighley and Worth Valley for this morning. Keighley BR Class 4MT 75078 Aug 83 C6241.jpg Mytholmes Ivatt 2MTT 41241 April 71 C537.jpg Haworth W&M railbus Oct 81 C5569.jpg Haworth USA 72 Feb 73 C1216.jpg Oxenhope Austerity Fred Dec 75 C2566.jpg Oxenhope English Electric D0226 ecs Sept 74 J4049.jpg David
  16. In Northumberland this afternoon, wth some more trains at Cramlington. The photos go from north to south. Cramlington 43080 up 31st May 91 C15900.jpg Cramlington DVT up 24th Dec 92 C18195.jpg Cramlington 153315 Morpeth to Newcastle 8th Oct 94 C19841.jpg Cramlington site of old station building 24th Feb 93 C18352.jpg Cramlington 143018 Berwick to Newcastle Nov 88 J9710.jpg Cramlington 43094 down 25th May 88 C9460.jpg David
  17. I'll go for Garsdale/Hawes Junction. David
  18. I remember seeing a lot of jointed flat bottomed rail on concrete sleepers, but it was less common by the time of this photo. Remember that the S&C was considered to be a secondary route for a long time. David
  19. It's a lovely day here on the Northumberland coast, blue sky, blue sea, a nice sea breeze with the thermometer in my garden reading 20. I notice from other threads that it is much hotter elesewhere - I don't like it very hot. Today's photos are another batch from the Tyne and Wear Metro system. Whitley Bay 4048 Pelaw to St James 18th Jan 92 C16679.jpg Whitley Bay Metro 4008 and 4037 Pelaw to St James 30th May 89 C11918.jpg Tynemouth Metros 15th Jan 94 C19268.jpg The benches had been turned upside down for maintenance. Willington Quay Metro broken down 28th Dec 89 C13884.jpg Willington Quay Metro broken down being pushed by following train 28th Dec 89 C13888.jpg David
  20. I'll go for Carlisle too. Even in BR and more recent days it is a fascinating place. I would love to have seen it pre 1914. David
  21. A few Settle and Carlsile photos today, from a range of dates. Kirkby Stephen damaged Class 156 15th April 99 C24396.jpg Culgaith 4th April 97 C21739 Langwathby 80080 Carlisle to Kirkby Stephen 22nd Feb 93 C18282.jpg Langwathby A2 60532 Blue Peter special The Waverley Newcastle Leeds Carlisle and back 6th March 93 C18338.jpg Low House Crossing Class 158 Carlisle to Leeds 30th April 08 NDSC_4296.jpg David
  22. Another vote for Crewe from me. I have happy memories of visits there in the early 70s. David
  23. It was replaced, as can be seen in photo of Cramlington taken later on. It was done a few weeks before the power was switched on David
  24. We are still in Northumberland today, still on the ECML but a few miles to the south at Cramlington. Cramlington Class 143 Morpeth to Newcastle 25th May 88 C9461.jpg Cramlington Class 101 51521 Morpeth to Newcastle 27th Aug 88 C11503.jpg Cramlington 143008 Berwick to Newcastle Nov 88 J9712.jpg Cramlington 47804 Dorset Scot Aberdeen to Poole 12th Jan 91 C15546.jpg Cramlington Class 91 up 24th Dec 92 C18196.jpg probably 91007 David
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