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  1. For this evening we return to Radcliffe on Trent, this time mostly by the river, just across the Trent from Rectory Junction. One of the photos is taken from Cliff Walk in Radcliffe on Trent and shows the Trent in flood. The locations where the other photos near the river were taken from were underwater when that one was taken. Radcliffe on Trent Class 37 westbound freight 25th Feb 77 C3227.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Grantham to Nottingham April 78 J5997.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Grantham to Nottingham Aug 78 C4096.jpg Radcliffe on Trent 56070 empties to Cotgrave April 80 J6838.jpg Radcliffe on Trent 156429 Harwich to Liverpool 10th April 90 C14276.jpg David
  2. I think one does have a green upper body colour - I think there was a Centro livery like this for a time. Edit This is a second attempt to add information, it seemed to save but obviously did not. West Midlands PTE was established in 1969, from 1990 it operated as Centro, and used that name for rail services operated by British Rail in its area. According to the sources I have found the livery with the green upper part was adopted at the start of 1990, the one in my photo must be a very early repaint. David
  3. This morning's photos were taken at Butterley in the late 70s and early 80s. Butterley 673 May 78 J6090 Butterley Barclay Stanton No24 and BR Class 5 73129 Caprotti valve gear May 78 J6092.jpg Butterley 3FT 16440 May 78 J6100 Butterley 4F 44027 Jan 80 J6759 Butterley MR 2-4-0 158A April 80 J6850 Butterley D4 Aug 82 J7728 David
  4. Trent Lane crossing today, just east of the site of Trent station on the line to Nottingham. One photos is from 1983, the others are from December 1989 - I can't remember what I was doing there in 1989, I presume I must have been visiting relatives. Trent Lane crossing 43086 St Pancras to Sheffield July 83 J8023.jpg Trent Lane crossing 150129 Derby to Skegness 22nd Dec 89 C13868.jpg Trent Lane crossing 150113 to Birmingham 22nd Dec 89 C14117.jpg Trent Lane crossing Class 47 up l e 22nd Dec 89 C14119.jpg Trent Lane crossing Class 101 up 22nd Dec 89 C14124.jpg David
  5. Views along the Newcastle to Carlisle line for this afternoon's photos. Corbridge 143023 Sunderland to Hexham August 87 J9102.jpg Fourstones 156431 Newcastle to Carlisle 26th Aug 92 C17957.jpg Haltwhistle 60023 limestone Hardendale to Teesside 28th April 93 C18515.jpg Cowran Hills cutting 29th March 94 C19371.jpg Cowran Hills cutting 142037 down ecs 1st June 94 C19466 David
  6. Newcastle again today with dates between 1980 and 1991. Newcastle from Tyne Bridge Feb 80 J6779.jpg Newcastle 08578 Feb 89 J9790.jpg Newcastle 31260 down cable train Feb 89 J9792.jpg Newcastle 43076 Kings X to Edinburgh June 89 J09925.jpg Newcastle 3x Class 47 l e 18th Feb 91 C15587.jpg David
  7. Another batch of photos from Manchester Oxford Road for today. Manchester Oxford Road 47471 Newcastle to Liverpool and Class 108 to Stockport 3rd March 90 C14066.jpg Manchester Oxford Road 304015 Crewe to Altrincham 3rd March 90 C14070.jpg Manchester Oxford Road 150225 to Stockport 3rd March 90 C14075.jpg Manchester Oxford Road 304010 Altrincham to Alderley Edge via Styal 3rd March 90 C14078.jpg Manchester Oxford Road 304010 Altrincham to Alderley Edge via Styal 3rd March 90 C14079.jpg David
  8. Photos on the ECML between Newark and Retford today. Cromwell crossing 254022 up Sept 79 J6646.jpg Carlton on Trent Class 254 up May 79 J6447.jpg Gamston 55007 up June 79 J6519 Gamston 254019 up June 79 J6520.jpg Gamston Class 55 55015 down June 79 J6522 David
  9. Class 37s at Morpeth in the late 1980s for today. Morpeth 37133 down freight 3rd July 87 C8597.jpg Morpeth 37014 up freight 3rd July 87 C8599.jpg Morpeth 37167 up Aug 88 J9636.jpg Morpeth 37049 down dolofines Oct 88 J9692.jpg Morpeth 37057 and 37012 down goods in loop 16th Feb 89 C11645.jpg David
  10. For this evening we have one from Kingmoor and four from Carlisle station on various dates. Kingmoor 86404 up ecs 22nd April 87 C8413 Carlisle Class 85 up freight 27th Oct 89 C13820 Carlisle Class 143 Carlisle to Barrow 24th Oct 90 C15410.jpg Carlisle left 37293 and 37040 up steel and right pw down 24th Oct 90 C15414.jpg Carlisle Class 47 up sleepers 14th March 92 C16730.jpg David
  11. It's been a long time since I've posted any photos taken at Bressingham, so here are some from 1972 plus one from 1973. Bressingham 10.25 inch gauge Royal Scot class Aug 72 C1126.jpg Bressingham Hudswell Clarke Bronllwyd Aug 72 C1131.jpg Bressingham LSWR B4 30102 Aug 72 J3083.jpg Bressingham Britannia 70013 Oliver Cromwell Aug 72 J3087.jpg Bressingham Hunslet Gwynedd Aug 72 J3095.jpg Bressingham 6100 Royal Scot Sept 73 C1390.jpg David
  12. Back to 29th May 1991 with a trip southwards to North Lincolnshire. Much of the day was spent at Barnetby. As you might expect with a pre planned day out there was no sun, just lots of cloud. Barnetby 56081 eastbound empties 29th May 91 C15851.jpg Barnetby 150107 to Cleethorpes 29th May 91 C15856.jpg Barnetby 37359 Norsk Hydro vans 29th May 91 C15881.jpg Barnetby 47518 eastbound tanks 29th May 91 C15883.jpg Barnetby 60027 eastbound tanks 29th May 91 C15894.jpg Edited to remove a duplicate image - I've no idea how it got there. Oh dear, the edit didn't work so I'l just leave it in. Third edit. For some reason one image had uploaded twice - Very odd. Duplicate now removed (again). David
  13. Trains in 1992 and 1993 at Longhirst today. As you all probably know already Longhirst on the ECML between Morpeth and Alnmouth in Northumberland. It's not far from home so I often went there on Saturday mornings and on days when I wasn't working. Longhirst 37501 down pipes 23rd May 92 C16860.jpg Longhirst 37885 down pipes12th Sept 92 C18046.jpg Longhirst 43094 Aberdeen to Kings X 17th Oct 92 C18071.jpg Longhirst 56126 empties to Butterwell 24th July 93 C18732.jpg The train is almost at Ulgham Lane crossing, just north of Longhirst. Longhirst 56126 up coal and Class 90 down 24th July 93 C18738.jpg The Class 56 is returning south with loaded wagons from the loader at Buterwell. David
  14. Mainly freight trains around Teesside in 1993 and 1994 for today. Teesport 37415 empties 14th April 93 C18464.jpg Grangetown Junction 142056 to Saltburn 14th April 93 C18466.jpg Grangetown BSC 269 14th April 93 C18470.jpg Grangetown Junction 60052 limestone 8th May 93 C18518.jpg Teesport 47344 up l e 7th May 94 C19423.jpg Teesport Class 56 VTG vans 7th May 94 C19431.jpg David
  15. A few photos on the Southern this afternoon, this time at Clapham Junction. The ones from November 1987 were taken on a very gloomy day with not much light. I'd travelled to London with some friends on an excursion train from Newcastle with the intention of spending the day taking railway photos. The ones in July 1988 were taken in some free time before staying overnight in London and then flying to Switzerland for a month's holiday looking at Swiss Railways. I wonder if I've got the emu classes right this time? Clapham Junction Class 455 5801 up pass 21st Nov 87 C9258.jpg Clapham Junction 73142 Victoria to Gatwick 21st Nov 87 C9272.jpg Clapham Junction Class 455 5805 Victoria to Sutton 21st Nov 87 C9275.jpg Clapham Junction Class 422 up 27th July 88 C09564.jpg Clapham Junction Class 455 5735 to Guildford 27th July 88 C09573.jpg David
  16. York in 1987 and 1988 for this afternoon. York 2 Class 37s up steel coil July 87 J9049 York 142074 York to Manchester Victoria and Class 114 York to Sheffield July 87 J9063.jpg York 43074 Newcastle to Kings X July 87 J9071.jpg York 142073 and 150264 York to Scarborough 26th June 88 C9538.jpg York 31260 down freight 26th June 88 C9540 David
  17. Back to Bottesford again today for some more photos between Grantham and Nottingham in the 1980s. Bottesford Class 114 Grantham to Nottingham July 81 C5458.jpg Bottesford Class 105 Nottingham to Skegness Nov 82 J7753.jpg Bottesford Class 47 Glasgow to Parkeston Quay July 83 J8038.jpg Bottesford cranes laying tack Nov 83 J8092 Bottesford 150105 Grantham to Crewe May 87 J8904.jpg David
  18. This afternoon we are back on the East Coast Main Line heading north from Darlington. Ferryhill Class 37 up l e 1st Dec 90 C15499.jpg Hett Mill Class 43 down Note taken from the road side of the fence 16th Oct 93 C19130.jpg Durham HST down 16th Oct 93 C19150.jpg Durham 153307 up 16th Oct 93 C19148 Plawsworth 47297 up ICI tanks Oct 87 J9337 David
  19. The Ffestiniog Railway for today's preserved railway photos. Porthmadog Blanche 22nd Aug 70 C258 Porthmadog Earl of Merioneth 22nd Aug 70 C259 Penrhyndeudraeth Fairlie Earl of Merioneth Aug 72 J3068.jpg Tan y Grisiau Merddyn Emrys Portmadog to Tan y Grisiau 6th Aug 79 C4699.jpg Tan y Grisiau Hunslet Blanche Tan y Grisiau to Porthmadog 6th Aug 79 C4695.jpg Tan y Grisiau Linda and Blanche hauling a 16 coach train Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog 19th April 86 C7480.jpg David
  20. The Cumbrian Coast again for today. The photos are in order from north to south. Dalston Class 153 up 1st June 94 C19457 Aspatria 153359 and 153360 Carlisle to Barrow 25th Aug 92 C17950.jpg Ravenglass bridge over River Mite 7th Aug 87 C8761.jpg Wraysholme Crossing Class 108 Lancaster to Carlisle 8th Aug 87 C8859.jpg Wraysholme Crossing Class 142 ecs 9th Aug 87 C8898.jpg David
  21. A look at Aviemore in October 1988 this afternoon. Aviemore 47602 WBHS special Hexham to Aviemore 15th Oct 88 C11549.jpg Aviemore 47570 down 15th Oct 88 C11572.jpg Aviemore 15th Oct 88 C11573 Aviemore 47602 WBHS special Aviemore to Hexham 15th Oct 88 C11575.jpg Aviemore 15th Oct 88 C11576 David
  22. Today's photos are of Brockley Whins (formerly Boldon Colliery) and East Boldon, both on the line from Newcastle to Sunderland. Boldon Colliery Class 101 Middlesbrough to Newcastle April 86 J8518.jpg Boldon Colliery 143029 driver training April 86 J8519.jpg Boldon Colliery Brockley Whins A4 4468 Mallard 50th anniversary of speed record 16th July 88 C9614.jpg East Boldon 142025 Sunderland to Metro Centre 27th March 93 C18390.jpg East Boldon 142019 Metro Centre to Sunderland 27th March 93 C18392.jpg David
  23. Nearer home my today so we are in Northumberland looking at trains passing through Cramlington. Cramlington is between Newcastle and Morpeth. The trees have grown a lot since the photos were taken and the station building has been demolished. Cramlington 47585 royal train 18th July 86 J8636.jpg Cramlington 56116 up empties 13th April 88 C9442.jpg Cramlington 43071 down 27th Aug 88 C11502.jpg Cramlington 142518 Newcastle to Morpeth 2nd May 92 C16829.jpg Cramlington 153319 Newcastle to Morpeth 24th Dec 92 C18199.jpg David
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