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  1. Sadly Falcon Brass stopped producing kits a number of years ago, so in essence its a moribund site and goodness knows why it stays up. As you may know the kits were and are really hard work, although they did have some nice turnings. The Clan, and Clan Goods sounds like a challenge for Mike Edge, as an engine it could be made much easier with more fold ups like the splashers and cab for example. Best wishes Duncan
  2. Just pulled off a good one, A miss labelled lot of a DJH 0395, Triang 3f, SR coach possibly Roxey and 5 kit built wagons for just over £20, Definitely a good one.
  3. I went to place bid and it went loopy not letting it happen. Really odd.
  4. That's fantastic, shame more engines weren't fitted like that. When shunting being able to pole is better and when running a screw is better.
  5. The reverser is interesting does that mean it could be used like a lever or a screw type?
  6. Thanks, will bear that in mind once drawings for West Moors are finished.
  7. What sort of drawing do you need, that sort of service could be very useful?
  8. One of my friends who was a fireman at Rose Grove always threw them away and just wore a knotted hanky, even now when he comes on the footplate he does the same
  9. Don't be so sure on the grease top - I have a very old one stamped GWR Swindon 1946- not that it gets much use anymore.
  10. If i post to Facebook or here the images tend to be low res so they could not be printed, but can be enjoyed as you cannot control them once they are out there. I put higher res ones on Flickr which whilst it cannot be downloaded directly as others have said there are ways of saving images, which if for personal use is fine. The only things that nark me is where some take one off Flickr and then repost without a credit. The reason behind the credit is just that odd time someone might want to put something in a book.
  11. I do love Goathland for the accuracy to how it was. the quiet apart from the stream and then the sound of a train climbing the bank. Lots of very good memories from days and nights there and meeting my now wife at a 40th birthday bash at the Goathland with a 'Yorkshire' buffet. . I also love Bridgnorth, especially when disposal is finished and I can buy my fireman a good pint of beer and put the world to rights. Hope we get to do it all again soon.
  12. These look fantastic and a potential game changer for more people building their own great looking track.
  13. Thanks Roger, that's very kind. As there are 2 sets of running boards, I may yet order 2 lots of the missing parts and have 2. Best wishes Duncan
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