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  1. Here is one of Dousland for you then again from my neg collection
  2. Would you be thinking of our friend Gostude amongst others?
  3. As promised a long time ago here are a few views from the branch.The colour ones are all from the same day in 1962 as they are all on the same file. Sadly those at Lauceston are really dark so I have not posted (at the moment) They all were on the same film by the look of it. There is one of Yelverton and the last train to Princetown.
  4. No, but it would be good to know so will watch with interest
  5. The same for the connection at Bridgewater
  6. Our Payroll and HR system which is run by a large company goes off line for a whole day when a new release is added so there are more databases in the same boat. What is a few hours without it anyway.
  7. The 0-8-0 is an interesting beast. The round window is really odd. Did they always stay like that, the reason for asking is I have a negative of one in GWR days, but with a different cab.
  8. Hi Jerry, I have got both, will need to check the 7F as to which tender it has. Drop me a PM Kind regards Duncan
  9. The irons go over one or other of the hooks to hold them in place
  10. Thanks for another clear explanation, great for building confidence to have a go
  11. What is the JPL one like, is it any good?
  12. Simple they are heavy and if you don't need to move it, you don't. The law of sod says if you did not have it you would need it. They are useful for getting a baffle out of the box when its fallen in. Then would come the questions of why did you take it off and leave it behind.
  13. It is, but if you could / can get it through the bars without having to use it then all the better, The shovels are a pain to use. In the past there are lots of stories about shortages of fire irons so they would have taken what they had. The pricker and the bar with an angle (brain has failed) are the ones of choice and tend to live in the cab.
  14. Yes, apart from the pricker bar which has a channel which often hangs from a hook on the firemans side roof and a dart which has a channel across the back of the cab inside which it goes inside. They tend to be the two you would go for on the road to sort things out.
  15. Isn't that what the wish list poll is for. Personally a C7, C10, or B16 /2 or 3 would be my preferences.
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