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  1. There is also the file I put together back in 2016 https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=678022 which has all the photographic evidence at the time I could find on the class. Some lost or gained keyholes, domeless occasionally changed to domed, the tank vents sometimes changed to against the cab and strips appeared on the back of the bunkers (although this is a BR thing from the evidence and I did not at the time record that one the workbook)
  2. I have nothing to do with the WSR, but wanted to share the post as it seemed to me to be fair for their view to be put out. It is a strong reminder to all that whether we like it or not running railways with increasing legislation and crossover makes it ever more costly and challenging. Standing still or taking your eyes off the ball even for a short time is no option
  3. I am not a member of the WSR but thought this piece was interesting and gives a different side. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-50481869?fbclid=IwAR07UL-52tp4jCKrHRxutgdmsdnRp3RWD-pflDQ5NbztGwUXj4tKNyWPS5s# For the avoidance of doubt there is no doubt in my mind ......... I wasn’t going to post but given the speed of social media on this subject I felt I needed too or more so wanted too. I also needed to share some thoughts with you as I do monitor some of the comments being made namely with rocks being thrown, those made by people who proclaim to support us, I believe the truth is demonstrated on just how and what these individuals are as behaviour highlights many attributes of individuals. What there purpose in life is to carry on and behave in such way is beyond many of us and when you come to see our true WSR teams around the WSR I can assure you we are all in a good place. As many of you will know the WSR has had many years of trouble, the latter years have not only seen in-fighting but a poor level of Managment leading to interest being shown by the ORR & latterly the lid off the box on the disastrous accounting issues. I joined the board September last year and begun what could be commented as a fairly hard ball approach to life, I made decisions that has affected individuals careers and life as we turned around these issues on our journey now as reported on in readiness for our annual AGM. I have lost friends through those periods with decisions made but these were simply commercial with no emotion. My one aim has been to protect our Railway had to see it prosper, the journey of recovery has been tough to say the least. We still have a number and this is a small number who throw stones, and hurl abuse to our Railway, some even personal. Those people are not welcome, I represent a Railway that has over 1200 loyal volunteers, to tell you we have some extremely special people those who give me the personal fight to do this!!! As a family we will not allow those that talk Ill of our WSR to succeed and quite frankly it’s becoming boring now listening to those who desire to live there life in such ways. Their records continue to spin with many scratches as it has done for many troubled years - one day soon I am sure that will stop. The accounting period closes the door for me on the past - yes we have been honest! Surely that’s good, it’s a terrible set of accounts and we knew it would be!! It doesn’t represent where we stand today though but it does summarise what a mess some pushed this into, those some who then still think they can return and do it again? The facts are out there and that’s the truth on the matter. Maybe the some that chose to ignore the truth will now except the situation, I can tell you all this hasn’t been done for fun! Looking at what we have done this year, we have had a extremely good season, sat a year ago would you think we would of nearly touched as we stand today with a million pounds cash reserve in our bank for example? You have a P & L account that prospers sanity, the Railway is fully in control! We operate a profitable business, a safe Railway, a good Railway, a Railway that completed two further overhauls, committed over 500k in the last 12 months to track through two closed periods, increased the number of events, attracted new volunteers and above most encouraged the youngsters! They for me are the future and we will encourage them to build a bright future, no more holding them back! Set the legacy today and build. To say that I am very proud is a understatement - I just hope that now as we approach the AGM we allow the changes to bed down and please allow the old girl to breathe again. Thank you all for your support, you are all very special to me and keep that love within the WSR! You all do a wonderful job - please never forget that and be proud of Your Railway!!! I also wish to that our small board who have stuck together well, we look forward to the recruitment drive to increase the portfolio holders for 2020 and welcoming our new GM in time, It will all come together ladies and gents. JJP Chairman WSR
  4. I see one of these has shown up on Ebay (not my listing) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jidenco-Models-Stanier-3500-Gal-Straight-High-Sided-Tender-4mm-Scale/333410387743?hash=item4da0cec71f:g:CkwAAOSwTh1d2IB0
  5. That tender is seriously nice, I will just have to hope one day you do some more.
  6. If you do the sides for the tender, if you have any spares, please could I buy one ? BTW are you at Warley this year?
  7. I seem to remember a couple of our coaches on the SVR are still fitted with Dean Cylinders.
  8. Is it that time of year already.... I'll get my coat, TAXI !
  9. The absorbed classes again have interesting points. Some of the RODs had Dreadnought brakes. On the 56 and 66xx engines due to their shunting duties they were fitted with a separate small ejector for this purpose. I cannot find any preserved example which is fitted with a small ejector, just relying on the pump. Unless anyone knows any different.
  10. The best way to think about it is that our vaccum cylinder has two sides to it above the piston is called the reservoir and below it is the train pipe. When we create vaccum on the engine we do this by sending steam down a converging cone which causes it to increase in speed. This then causes a drop in air pressure beyond the end of the jet and like water the air pressure in the pipe which is a higher pressure moves towards the cone and is then ejected through the chimney. You can hear the ejector when it is working. With the vacuum brake cylinder when we are removing air pressure from our train pipe which connects all of the cylinders together the air pressure is removed from both sides of our piston. In coaches and waggons fitted this is, as has already been said due to the non return valve opening to allow air pressure to come out of both sides. However once we stop ejecting the non return valve closes. In an engine cylinder there is an india rubber ring which is pulled in when ejecting which allows air pressure to be removed from both sides of our piston, this expands again when the ejector is closed. Because we have lowered the air pressure below and above our piston, gravity takes over and our brake piston falls under its effect. When we put the brake on we allow air pressure to travel down the train pipe it can only go to the bottom of the pistons (train pipe side). We now have a higher vacuum above the piston than below it. With the increase in air pressure below it is this which pushes our piston up and applies the brake. In terms of wagons, as most have said few waggons were vacuum fitted at that time, most just having hand brakes. If it was vacuum fitted depending on how long it had stood the vacuum would probably have bled off . Any crew would connect the bags and blow up. If there were only a couple of vans it would only be a few seconds to create. In 1930 there were certainly pannier tanks which were not fitted with vacuum and just had a steam brake. As already said for speed though for many shunting moves the vacuum would not be used with wagons and vans where fitted as it takes longer to bag up and also take them apart.
  11. Hi Arthur, glad you are feeling better. Is the Q7 still on track for next year hopefully? and then that C6 you have spoken about which would give loads of useful parts for a C7? Duncan
  12. They are brilliant drawings, thanks for sharing them Dana.
  13. I'll do a scan, what file size do you need? - It wont be till Sunday though due to pressure of work and driving on the SVR on Saturday
  14. I might be able to help. A good few years ago when visiting Sturminster they allowed me to see the layout, although not on public view and I took some photos. As you say the back of the Goods shed is I think non existent. Although from the model its like the back of Wincanton. I've also attached the drawing I did of the station building, which I hope helps you.
  15. The boxes were mainly based on LSWR designs, with the exception of Blandford what used Midland window frames by the look of it. Will dig out my attempt at a drawing of Blandford - although I never finished it off or the window frames.
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