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  1. I did try contacting Ragstone models about whether they might reduce some of their 7mm versions to 4mm but to no avail. Does anyone have a drawing or know of one surviving for the tender with 43435?
  2. No, the trap just means if you try to go without the road it traps you and puts you in the dirt with a lot of explaining.
  3. Also remember some hated the greasetops and threw them away. One of my friends who worked out of Rose Grove still wears a knotted hanky. Standard issue was blue bib and brace with jacket (the BR ones are better as they have inside pockets (pointless trivia))
  4. Depends on many things, what day of the week, what time of day and how long they have had the overalls. Being washed in very hot water to get rid of the oil and dirt they gradually change from a dark blue to very light blue. Trouser bottoms always seem to get more dirty more quickly due to the use of the pep pipe, although from stories some drivers did not like their use. The dirt never really gets all over, elbows, bottom etc seem to be the places. I know one crew who went out in white overalls just to prove they could stay clean all day.
  5. Unless its the one fitted to 43435 - In which case that one seems slightly different again.
  6. How are you getting on with your D20 with the tender with what looked like a J39 tender. The last comment was you had found a drawing?
  7. This is all that came up I'm afraid. There is a drawing of Arley station in Barry Geens book on that station
  8. So far all that has been found are some ground plans, elsewhere I have got a drawing of the differences between the stations north and south of Bridgnorth. At the moment it looks like there 'might' not be any elevation plans. The only way to be sure would be to write to SVR Holdings to find out. I will post what has been found by those who work on the railway.
  9. You have answered your own question as to why. Many firms have been experiencing problems with the supply chain for over 12 months. That Crecy have now taken a decision to not send anything else to the printers illustrates they were probably hoping the situation would improve hence moving the dates back. However they have come to the conclusion that things are not improving so have stopped sending things. I'm not quite sure what advantage 'knowing' would have and it would use quite a bit of their time explaining something which at the end of the day is a commercial decision.
  10. The SVR stations all have a pattern to them with small differences for example stations south of Bridgnorth are slightly different to those south of there. I will ask on the staff forum if anyone knows of any drawings and who best to contact, if, there are drawings which could copies could be purchased. Duncan
  11. I can't answer your question, but it is not a kit you really should just insist on a refund as it is not as advertised.
  12. You have not said if its the class 2 or 4 , which would help people. If you find class 4 it would be good to purchase some for a scratch build
  13. Ta, I was surprised when John said he and Dave were down there this weekend as I did not remember anything about the tent going up.
  14. Here is the thing, we have as with so many threads about traders only one side and interpretation of the story. All the orders I have placed have been without issue.
  15. It looks great, have you heard any more on the when you might be progressing with the Q7?
  16. Branchlines, P.O. Box 4293, WESTBURY, BA13 9AA, UK Tel./Fax: +44(0)1373 822231 Mon.-Thurs. 9.30-13.00, 14.00-18.00 I have attached their most up to date list having just ordered from Brian. What fab service. Not sure if its of interest or relevance but I've also attached the Branchlines parts. Their service is great. NuCast list 09.21.pdfNuCast list 09.21.pdf Cat 4mm Loco Accessories pdf 01.21.pdf
  17. Ooo a Stanier hooter, can we have one when she comes back into service, much nicer when giving a blast for Fisherman' s (i'll get my coat)
  18. When Bradley comes back it will have a smaller tender, a shame in some ways as with the 4000 gallon tender you stay a bit warmer and dryer in inclement weather, lol.
  19. Perhaps it would be best to wait for what the RAIB say, rather than speculating etc on the matter.
  20. If my clicking on the cross to get rid of the adds gets money to pay for me to enjoy this site then I will do it all day long. What's the other options in the long run either 1) everyone has to pay or 2) no site at all.
  21. That's as may be but a coach body with nothing else that becomes 80 with the add on's before the postage is just lunacy.
  22. Shapeways is now simply the province of the rich which is such a shame as it defeats the object. Hopefully someone will pop up in the UK with a better pricing strategy. £66 for a coach body without frames that turns into 80 plus postage is just plain silly.
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