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  1. If the coal was like the Russian batch we had just before Christmas it was not so much forming clinker as sitting on the bars, not going through so the fire bed was building up with the very top layer burning, but everything underneath was ash.  We had a box full of fire (with a West Country) and no heat and at midnight we were digging it out to get air through. So I feel for the crew. 


    We have had Russian since then which has been great, I think we are still on Russian at the moment, reasonable heat, not too much smoke or clinker. Similarly back in the 90s we had a batch of coal from Poland (I seem to remember) which flashed up quickly with a lot of heat, then cooled then got hot again.  That year and potentially that coal brought together a perfect storm of boiler problems, those of whom worked through it would rather forget. 


    To add to some of the earlier comments, you cannot tell how good or bad the coal is going to be looking at it. 


    I remember us taking a tender of coke once as an experiment (again on a West Country) after 72 miles she sat down and we had to dig it out. Again, not clinker just hot ash that did not break down and just sat there. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, RailWest said:

    I would have to point out, of course, that although the known lack of a shed at Shillingstone by that time means that it is not Shillingstone, that does not automatically mean that it must therefore be SN.


    Of more concern is the point made by becasse about the sunlight (?) on the RH end, because if it IS Sturminster then that end would be facing north.


    Having said that, it does appear overall to be a shed in the same style as other brick goods sheds on the 'Dorset'.....



    Working our way south, the land on the other side falls away at Wincanton, at Templecombe we would see the shed behind and the land does not rise like that. 


    The shed at Shillingstone according to the Midland Railway plans of 1921suggests the shed was much smaller with not much side to either side of the rails. I have not been able to match the trees at Shillingstone either.  The Sturminster museum have a model of the station and again the shed matches most of what we see. We cannot though see the extension to the south end that would have for me clinched it. 

  3. This is a wonderful photo and is definitely the rear of Sturminster Goods shed for a few reasons. 


    Firstly the land rising behind the goods shed with the trees behind is consistent with Sturminster Newton, secondly the shed at Shillingstone appears to have gone by the time of closure with only the concreate sheds remaining. 


    A very rare view, thanks for sharing it. 

  4. Of my 20 or so thousand negs I only know the photographers name for probably 5%. Therefore all mine are just named as my collection.  There are some who have 'borrowed' original slides from on dealer, copied them returned them to said dealer who sold them to me without mentioning this. Then you see said images appearing in books which is frustrating, but there is not much you can really do. 



  5. This feels a bit odd writing this here but it has been bothering my anxiety since reading the comments about HR further up the thread. 


    I've worked in HR all my career and there is another side. I'll give you some examples that maybe you might just give a little bit more thought to a different view. 


    In one company I worked in the Production Director was an unpleasant man. He had lights outside his office red, do no enter, green enter. If he did not like what you said he would bang his fists on his desk and shout at you. More to the point disagreeing with him only got one result. He and and MD said they wanted someone sacking. I pointed out the legal reasons why they could not and what they would need to do. Suffice to say shortly afterwards 'I did not fit in' . The one good thing there was with any disciplinary the Shop Stewart and I would have had a 'boiler room chat' discussed the merits and he would help me to keep the manager on the right lines and in fairness both agreed on where we thought it should end up. He wanted to see fair play too. 


    In that same firm another Director did not think one of their managers was performing and again was making their live uncomfortable, whilst still being friends with them on Facebook. As all of this was behind doors I could not say anything to the person, which did not sit well with me and felt like being two faced. 


    I moved to another company and things were good for quite a few years. Some places did what they wanted and then conveniently said 'HR had told them' even though they had never spoken to or emailed me! 


    Things were fine till a new manager arrived who then did not like that I had supported an employee in a disciplinary who said they had depression. That resulted in a complaint and me being taken out of that job.  Now I just get micro managed at times. 


    We are 'used' as excuses sometimes by managers who want an easy way out. I don't miss doing HR and the politics that goes with it and which can be exhausting. You are expected to do the company's bidding and just get on with it, all the time of course there is no one you can talk to. 


    So please give some slack not all are bad.  All I know is whilst having written this has set my anxiety off in relation to some of the things in the past both near and far at least I have given a different side.


    Now back to madness 


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  6. 2 hours ago, Jack Benson said:

    Taking a lead from Richard, four 24mm Romfords are inbound, the rest of the wheels will appear as and when but the motordrive components will have to wait until HighLevel return to the fray.


    If it is of any use, the S11 online gallery will receive updates when I can find new images, unfortunately no cab views but things might improve.


    This is going to be an adventure with Richard leading the charge.





    I think the cab layout  would have been very similar to a T9 (or that's my assumption anyway based on the side on GA) 

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  7. Thankyou for the tips, I have struggled with gearboxes and stayed with old fashioned motor mounts as a result. Your text has helped me to understand where things went wrong and why. Now to build a gearbox using the tips you have done. 

  8. If they are that bad there is a surely a simple answer, build one. There are plenty Alexander Models ones around, the Nucast one hopefully coming back and the superlative Dave Bradwell one, although that one looks like it takes a long time to build. 

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  9. 8 hours ago, Jack Benson said:



    That is very good news indeed. Thank you.



    And there is me having already stripped a T9, removed the boiler to use on an L11, cut out the cab / splasher sides, cut out the splasher tops / cab front, a set of frames and got a friend to 3d print the chimney as it has to be one of the original ones to do 404. Lol. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Jack Benson said:

    Despite making utterances about no more locos, the S11 is a particular favourite and many years ago  I acquired an wide cab T9 from SEF together with a tatty BEC 6w tender with an intention to have a go. I will be following this with interest.



    PDK have indicated they are going to do both an S11 and L12. 

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  11. On 07/02/2021 at 10:59, nebnoswal said:

    Second draft (ver 2B).  This has seen some refinement to the verandah, adding a name board, a a stove in the interior and some thought towards a lever-frame and other furniture.  I've also drawn the vestibule and steps as separate items, so that I can have easier access to paint.


    Stur Sig Box 2b (2).jpg

    All three parts.  Still need a window on the vestibule side wall and and also add balustrade on the end of the verandah. 


    Stur Sig Box 2b_assembled (2).jpg

    All assembled.  Even with the phone camera, all the blemish's show out.  The angle brackets under the verandah will need some thickening.  Am quite happy with how the sign turnout.  I've quickly painted it to see it turned out.


    Stur_comparision (2).jpg

    Here we have the original scratchbuilt (circa 2013), first 3D print and then the second.  Still some more refinement to go.  I think I will stick with roof I have, it works, or until such time as when I figure out how to do it.  In the background is version 2a, which didn't print properly.


    Ben of Oz

    You will probably find some might want to buy that from you either in N or OO - it looks great.

  12. On 28/02/2021 at 21:30, DLT said:

    Current task is finishing Jack Benson's DJH 0395 class.  Then less said about the kit the better, but what has been done so far is a very nice joint effort by Jack and Captain Kernow.

    My job is to finish the detailing and paint it as 30581.  Here it is with boiler-top injector pipework and handrails added:



    Still various bits to add.

    Your building is always inspirational and such a brilliant help when you are looking to model the same class to see the things you have improved. My apologies for going back to an old post. Is this dome tall or short Adams dome.? I have the remains of a DJH 0395 which will become 30566, but cannot find any information on which dome went on which engine. 

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