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  1. A couple of different shots, sorry I don't know how to post the image with the link through as it just gives me a red box. Wigan North Western showing the back of the box, these sorts of views always seem rare Wigan North Western Severn Sisters between Ingham and Barnham. Closed early 1933 and replaced by a ground frame Queen Adelaide crossing Peterborough road not sure if this counts being a crossing. Finally for now the incredibly tall box at Duffryn Rhondda Colliery Duncan
  2. Originally it swung around and the sound was much louder with every chance of catching some occasional 'industrial language' In fairness having looked at it closely when it first came on it is not possible to generally identify people. There were some 'fuzzy' bits due to security concerns, but I can't think off hand what they are now on the footbridge.
  3. Generally unless it is very wet, the first thing you do in the day is open the window fully that does open, so the one not being there is more accurate anyway.
  4. You can't have money paid to paypal now, only to a bank account. There is a separate thread on what quite a few people think. Personally I've just cancelled all 856 of my listings and will not do any selling on there for a while to see what happens.
  5. They normally sell though at about £25 to £30 so the seller is being ambitious.
  6. Isn't the tender on Repton all but identical to that on Blundells?
  7. The Millholme 4 was ok if hard work in places. I've got one built, to get rid of and another waiting as you can't really justify too many. On the subject of Millholme has anyone ever built the GCR Q1. A part built kit has come in with some others and its do you try to finish it or sell it? Thanks Duncan
  8. It was lovely to see people on and enjoying the station today, especially when our passengers had a look round whilst waiting for 43106 when delayed due to the fire brigade in attendance at Eardington. We just bailed and enjoyed sitting on the grassy bank
  9. The other thing to say is the bell relies on the batteries in both the coach and the AWS on the loco. We are all keeping our fingers crossed the 14xx is restored quickly,
  10. The way round would be to use a savings account linked to your main account. You can move money out so it does not have too much in there and more to the point it is not possible to take a savings account into the red so adds protection if someone breaks into Ebay, again.
  11. I promise with only one coach there is quite a lot of play in the linkage and you need to push the regulator to at least notch 3 to get even a small amount of movement on the regulator in the cab. More than 2 would have probably pushed that beyond its limit.
  12. Ah, I mainly look at photos / negatives which normally do not vary much. Down from an average of about 2,000 per day to about 600.
  13. It is interesting as the number of items for sale in some categories is now really tailing off. You have to wonder if there are quite a few sellers dropping off.
  14. The changes on eBay just make it an easier decision to cut back / stop doing things on there. Its too much hassle.
  15. From a crew perspective any saving in running round is always appreciated. It means the fireman does not have to do as much coupling / uncoupling and means the crew get a better break. When you say cab showing linkage are you meaning the GW system as the SR system was air and the LMS vacuum. If its the GW the linkage is not visible in the driving cab really , but is in the connections and of course on the loco cab where the two operating rods come up through the floor.
  16. I dropped John an email this afternoon referencing this thread. He has replied and said he has been busy with other things. From memory Brassmasters is something on top of his normal job.
  17. I had to chase 3 times to an email to get a response, hopefully just teething troubles.
  18. There is comment on the Scalefour forum from various members that they have received orders. One was also going to draw that thread and yours on here to John's attention.
  19. For your S11 could you take at Hornby T9, re-wheel it, take the boiler out and replace maybe Arun Sharma might do a casting of the L12 boiler and fittings for you and then scratch build the cab and splashers?
  20. So I have taken the plunge and signed up for the trial. I've started looking around, does it take a period of time for RM web to update to see the extra features to see if they are for me or do you only see that if you have signed up and paid? Thanks in advance
  21. Has someone stolen Bob's engine, he is looking very serious, which does not happen all the time.
  22. I understand that is the intention that they are only 'live' and you cannot go back in time. I do not remember them going back but only looked for the first time about a week after they went live. Duncan
  23. Moedleu does really good chimneys, gutters etc Link to Modelu page on gutters Intendu do nice self adessive slates Duncan
  24. Looks really good. Thanks for the suggestion on Librecad too. Duncan
  25. What about PDK might they offer it as a spare part. Brassmasters as Dave says will probably also sell you a set. Duncan
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